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Sending invoices to your clients to charge them for the services they’ve acquired is essential for maintaining a consistent cash flow.

While you can always design an invoice from scratch using word processing software, it may not be visually appealing and may damage your company’s image in front of your clients.

While there are plenty of expense management and invoicing tools available in the market that can optimize the entire invoicing process at a button click, most of the worthy ones charge hefty amounts as a monthly fee. Sadly, small businesses and freelancers cannot afford these tools to generate invoices and receive money from their customers on time.

Thanks to the democratization of the internet, several platforms have gradually emerged that offer customizable invoice templates available in Word and Excel formats. Using these pre-set invoices is a great way to save time, streamline the administrative process and provide a professional look and brand identity to the invoice. Moreover, these templates include placeholders for essential details, ensuring you do not forget to miss them while charging your customers.

It is also possible to tweak these templates to act as a receipt, and you can send out several invoices at once. So, if you want to dedicate less time to the invoice generation process and streamline the payment receivable process, it would be wise to check out such websites that showcase an extensive library of invoicing templates. These templates are either free of cost or charge a reasonable amount, making them a perfect choice for freelancers, contractors, and small companies operating with low budgets.

To save you from the headache of hunting such websites, you have listed below the most popular sources that offer pre-designed invoice sample templates compatible with Notion and Word Processor at negligible cost.

Microsoft Templates

Microsoft offers an array of professionally designed invoicing templates for MS Word and MS Excel-supported file formats. Specially designed for small businesses, these templates go a long way in optimizing the billing process of your organization.

Using these invoicing templates, the billing process is simplified to a large extent, and the time spent on administration-related work is reduced considerably, which can be spent on running other business operations. Microsoft offers invoice templates ranging from basic invoices to sales and services invoices.

Sales-based invoice templates allow you to list the purchases and calculate the total sales made apart from the discount. Similarly, in service-specific invoice templates, you need to mention the sold item and the unit cost for it. It is also possible to use this invoice as a receipt. You can download the preferred invoice template with a single click and then use them to give a professional touch to your bills and statements.

Invoice Simple

Besides offering a cloud-based invoice template, Invoice Simple offers curated invoice templates compatible with MS word. These templates are highly customizable and offer enough flexibility to create detailed invoices for your next project.

These invoices are easily downloadable, and you can modify and use them to fulfill their business needs. Apart from invoice templates for MS Word, this platform also provides templates for MS Excel and Google Sheets since they provide more freedom for customization. You have to simply click on the invoice to download them and generate a professional-looking invoice for your clients.

Invoice simple also accepts requests and recommendations for new invoice formats and designs them for you. It is also possible to modify the font and color palette of the invoice easily using MS office tools. Every template available on the platform can be printed on standard 8.5″ x 11″ printer paper. The Major Highlights of the invoice templates by Invoice Simple are:

  • Blank invoice template ready to be used
  • Fully customizable
  • Professional invoice format having the essential invoice elements
  • Standard printing size


Smartsheet is a popular work management platform offering cloud-based invoice generator software and other tools. Apart from this, it also provides free Microsoft Word Invoice Templates for users unable to afford to use paid invoice software.

The collection of templates on the platform is very comprehensive, and you can download each for free to be printed and customized later on. Apart from Microsoft Word templates, you will also find many Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets compatible invoice templates.

All MS Word compatible invoice templates are broadly classified into four categories- Blank Invoice Templates, Business related Invoice Templates, Free Service Invoice Templates, and Invoice Templates for Personal Items. You can browse and download the most preferred invoice template from the platform and customize it to calculate the total amount, fees, and other charges, thereby generating legitimate invoices for your stakeholders.


Wise, a popular platform that facilitates hassle-free business banking also offers free invoice templates for MS Word, which you can download to create professional invoices. There are three variants of invoice templates, namely Bill template, Blank invoice template, and Sample invoice template, available on this platform.

These simple templates can be customized using MS Word and fill the details in the editable fields. Generally, the invoice templates by Wise are customer-centric, giving them all the information they need in one place so that the clients can clear the payments quickly.

These templates can successfully reflect the brand image of your company. These templates have placeholders for the company logo, and the color palette of the invoice can be changed to match your brand color scheme. You can download preferred invoice templates in the .docx file format and provide all the payment details to create a simple and effective invoice for your customers.


Easlo is a popular platform frequented by users who want to discover the best notion templates and other resources for their Notion tasks, projects, and notes. It also offers a notion invoice designed keeping the minimalist approach in mind. This notion invoice template is available for free, but you have an option to donate something to the contributor.

You need to provide your email address to access this invoice template. Once verified, you can access both versions of the invoice template. You can click either of them to view these invoice templates on Notion.

Though the invoice features a clean design, it is equipped with search and sort options that you can apply to the services. This template is easy to customize, and you can share the direct download links with your customers. Once you sign up for the website, you will get lifetime access to all the updated versions of this template.

Discover more Notion templates by Easlo.

NotionPack by SuperCreative

NotionPack is the complete package containing all the documents needed by freelancers in the form of templates compatible with Notion. Notion Pack also includes a Notion-friendly professional Invoice template that is easy to edit and customize. Apart from the invoice template, the pack includes Service Level Agreement, Non-Disclosure Agreement, Proposal and Project Timeline, and 15 other document templates.

The invoice template provided in the Notion Pack can easily save several hours you would have spent designing professional and intuitive invoices for your clients.

The invoice can be edited and customized in a few minutes to meet your brand’s guidelines. You can export the invoice as PDF or share it within Notion. The Notion Pack costs USD 49 and is available in 6 different languages: English, Spanish, French, Russian, Vietnamese, and Dutch.

Wrapping Up

These are the best platforms that provide fully customizable invoice templates, and you can opt any one depending on the invoicing purpose and industry. Using an invoice template cuts down the time you would spend on designing an invoice from scratch, thereby keeping tabs on the payments made by your clients.

Undoubtedly, Invoicing templates eliminate the need to hire extra staff to handle the business expenses. In case you are a big organization looking for full-fledged invoicing software, you can check out the list of the best invoice maker tools available in the market.

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