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In today’s fast-paced world, staying organized should be the top priority to achieve success.

It’s something that can help you in many areas of life, including productivity. An organized mind and environment have a direct relation with being productive, which can help you:

✅ Prioritize tasks

✅ Prevent procrastination

✅ Save time

✅ Reduce the great amount of stress

Since there are always two sides to a coin, it would be right to say that, in a way, technology has made it difficult and also easy for you to stay organized. For example, too many social apps are a product of technology, which can lead to many distractions if not used within the limit.

On the other side, we have the positive aspect of it that makes it easier to stay on top of your daily tasks and responsibilities.

In this post, we’ll be looking at the positive aspects of technology, and those are the best iPad apps that’ll help you stay organized throughout the day.

Let’s jump right in.


An app that’s great for individuals and teams, the Todoist app allows you to organize work and life in the most seamless manner. It helps you achieve mental clarity by helping you sort out your daily tasks and achieve more at the end of the day.

You can start by creating and organizing tasks into projects, setting due dates and reminders, bringing your team in for collaboration, and so much more.

A very cool feature of this app is that it allows you to prioritize tasks using color-coded labels. You can also sort and view tasks by the due date and utilize the visual dashboard to monitor your progress.

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You can utilize a range of very useful features from, a productivity app that’s almost like a must-have for every iPad user.

One of the key features of this app is its task management system. It allows you to create tasks, set reminders, prioritize tasks, and categorize them into folders for the most convenient access.

Another feature that I found really useful is calendar integration. It helps you stay on top of your time-sensitive appointments and tasks by allowing you to sync the app with your calendar. This makes it incredibly easy to manage your time and avoid feeling overwhelmed.

In addition, it lets you utilize grocery lists, planners, to-do lists, and so much more.


This list wouldn’t have been complete without Trello, a very popular project and workflow management app. It has everything you’d need to stay organized and productive every day.

It offers many customization options to help you use the app as per your requirements rather than following a template that isn’t personalized for you.

Here are some of the main features of Trello:

  • Visual organization dashboard to create boards for different projects
  • Collaboration option to invite team members and work on boards together
  • Progress analytics to track your journey
  • Calendar view for due dates

It’s a great app to trade traditional sticky notes for digital boards. It minimizes the load you put on your brain to remember things and helps you focus on what’s more important.

Alarm Clock

A major part of staying organized is on time, and that’s exactly what Alarm Clock will help you achieve. When I looked at what this app offers, I was slightly taken aback because the features are some of the most unique out there.

Here are some of those features that’ll change the way you use alarms:

  • Notes and to-do lists as wake-up reminders
  • Personalized theme or photo as your clock background
  • Weather and temperature right next to your alarm clock
  • Set the maximum number of times you can hit snooze
  • Create alarms for various different purposes

It also has wake-up missions that you’d need to complete to dismiss the alarm. For example, my favorite is the math puzzle that asks you math problems to solve to stop the ringing.

Alarm Clock for Me

When you install Alarm Clock for Me, there’s a high possibility that you’ll never sleep through your alarms again. It has a collection of beautifully-designed clock faces, weather details, a multifunctional timer, and a flashlight, all built into one single app.

It’s a multi-dimensional solution for when you want to wake up on time, keep a check on your work hours, perform tasks conveniently, and do other purposes.

This app has different options to turn off the alarm, including solving a math problem or simply shaking it. Besides, you can create your own wake-up playlist, change screen brightness, add notes, and go to sleep to white noise.

Pomodoro Focus Timer

As the name suggests, Pomodoro Focus Timer uses the Pomodoro technique to help you stay organized. It improves your productivity by providing you with a timer configured with your preferences, helping you focus on the given task in front of you.

Some highlights of this app are:

  • Customizable timer intervals for different durations
  • Customizable background and style
  • Integrated white noise with each timer
  • Convenient scheduling and notifications
  • Relaxing sound player

It also syncs well with your Apple Watch and iPhone.

Focus To-Do

An app that combines the Pomodoro timer with task management, Focus To-Do will help you stay motivated and focused on getting things done (it’s science-based).

If you’ve wanted to implement the Pomodoro technique while having a to-do list feature on demand, this might be the perfect app for you. It allows you to create and organize tasks into your to-do list, focus on a particular task using the timer, set reminders for important events, and so much more.

You also get detailed statistics of your progress, which includes tasks completed, time distribution, and total elapsed time on the focus timer.


Forest incorporates the Pomodoro technique very well within the app by providing a focus timer. You can use it for a variety of purposes, including the times when you want to be in the moment and enjoy the present.

I totally love the way it visualizes the entire process in the app. It starts by providing you with a seed for a tree that you’re supposed to grow by being in the present. If you accomplish the task, the tree grows fully by the end of the timer.

However, if you cannot resist the temptation of using your phone, your tree will wither, and that would be a task that failed.

It’s a very interesting concept that gives you a sense of responsibility for your own actions. If you’re disciplined, you’ll succeed; if you’re not, the tree dies down.


Used by over 20 million users worldwide, Calendars helps you stay organized by bringing your schedules, calendars, tasks, and routines together to manage them under one roof.

It helps you see the full picture and own your time by allowing you to connect calendars from Google, iCloud, or Outlook along with Google Tasks and Reminders.

Moreover, you can also create templates for the specific tasks that you frequently do, such as:

  • Working out
  • Cooking
  • Reading
  • Practicing the guitar

It’s as easy as dragging and dropping your tasks into the calendar and completing them on time without fail.

Tiny Calendar

Manage events, schedules, and tasks efficiently with Tiny Calendar, a very clean and minimal app that is actually “not so tiny” when it comes to features. You can sync your Google Calendar with it and supercharge your task management by having everything you need to accomplish within a single dashboard.

Here are some other amazing features of this app:

  • Gesture support
  • Drag and drop support
  • 9 different standard viewing options
  • Real-time sync with Google Calendar and iOS local calendar
  • Push notifications for on-time reminders

Tiny Calendar works even when you don’t have access to an internet connection, all thanks to the fact that it caches your changes and syncs them once you’re online again.


A very handy app and probably one of my favorite organization apps out there, Otter helps you with automated notes for Zoom, Google Meet, and other meeting apps. It automatically transcribes your meetings, so you don’t miss a single golden nugget that the speaker dropped while you weren’t paying attention.

It’s also super useful when you require written notes for what was said in the meeting to look back and fully absorb all the information (I am like that, too!).

One of the best things that Otter offers is their set of accessibility features targeted toward people who’re deaf, hard of hearing, and others.

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Just Press Record

Experience one-tap recording, transcription, and iCloud syncing all at once using Just Press Record. As the name suggests, all you do is hit the record button, and it’ll automatically transcribe what’s being said.

No matter if you want to capture precious moments like your child’s first time saying “mommy” or for something professional like an important meeting, it’s suitable for all the purposes out there.

After the app is done recording, you can edit and tweak a few things, such as improving the transcription if needed and cutting out the extra parts you don’t need.


Get better at building good habits, achieving your goals, and increasing your productivity with ATracker. It’s an app that helps you smash your goals, complete tasks on time, and set the perfect routine.

It has a very simple user interface, but you can see your data in visual forms, such as pie charts and bars. As you continue using this app on your iPad, the data gets collected, and your progress is visible to you.

You can manage your time efficiently with this app, and I believe this is one of those self-development apps out there that do not overwhelm you.

If becoming better than your past self is your priority, you need to download ATracker right away.


If you’re a freelancer, you’ll benefit a lot from Clockify. It’s a free time tracker app allowing you to track your time with just one tap.

Moreover, it lets you:

  • Categorize time by tags
  • Track your productivity across different areas
  • View timesheets for different tasks
  • View overall reports

Besides, it allows unlimited team members, projects, and workspaces. For a free app, Clockify provides so much more than you’d expect. In fact, if your requirement is minimal, this might just be the most suitable app for you.

Closing Thoughts

By taking advantage of the above apps, you’d be able to improve your productivity, stay on top of your tasks and ultimately, live a more organized life. And the best part? All of this is possible using just your iPad.

Next, check out these to-do apps for Android and iOS to never miss anything.

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