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In Mobile Last updated: August 7, 2023
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If you are someone who has a long list of contacts on your device, you know the struggle of managing these contacts simultaneously. You may have to go through a large list to determine the number you want to contact.

This may be tedious and drain all your energy and time. To resolve the issue, you may need to install an iPhone contact manager on your device to help you merge and delete your contacts as and when required.

Let’s gather all the essential details and give you information about all the possible ways to accomplish the task. 


Why is a contact manager needed for iPhones?

If you are an entrepreneur, a business owner, or a salesperson, a contact manager will help you to collect and manage all your contacts in an organized manner.

These apps also help you instantly manage your contacts to search for and reach the right people. You can keep information about your contacts up to date and effectively track people. 

A good iPhone contact manager app tracks personal and professional information of your contact, such as their job classification, family details, work anniversary, etc.

You can also use them to merge duplicate contacts and search for individual contacts whenever the need arises. If you have to manage hundreds of contacts simultaneously, you need a good contacts manager app to help you manage your huge network. 

What features should an iPhone Contact Manager have?

If you plan to get an iPhone contact manager app, you must first check the required features. The app is supposed to ease your work and help you in the smooth management of your contacts.

Let’s look at some of the key features:

#1. Easy management: The iPhone contact manager should easily manage all your contacts without creating a mess. It should segregate your data as per your instructions and help you look for any contact as and when required.

#2. Smooth processing: The iPhone contact manager should function smoothly, thus making your tasks and contact management easy.

#3. Easy to operate: Using the iPhone contact manager app should not be tricky. You must be able to learn the basics and not face any trouble while using it. 

#4. Keep your data secure: Another essential feature you may look for in an iPhone contact manager is that it should not use any of your data without your consent. Leaking personal data online is a challenging issue these days. 

These are some crucial things in mind while looking for any contact manager. Let us explore some of the best iPhone contact managers to help ease your life. is one of the best spam blockers you will ever encounter. You can block unwanted phone calls and get information about the person calling. It automatically updates the spam list, so you remain safe from all the unwanted spam callers



  • Identifies spam and robocalls and blocks them for you. 
  • It also gives you the feature of seeing the photo of the caller. 
  • Updates the spammers’ database 24/7 so you always remain safe from fraud. 

Premium Features

  • Automatic syncing of your contacts in the background without opening the app. 
  • Merge the duplicate contacts and combine them into one. 
  • Back up your contacts so that they can be restored whenever needed. 

The app works wonders and makes all your tasks easy. You can use it to keep your contacts safe and access them whenever the need arises. Many other features of the app make it easy and interesting to use. 


CircleBack manages your contacts and helps you to complete your tasks without much trouble. It updates your contacts across devices, cleans the duplicates, discovers new contacts in your Microsoft inbox, and helps you scan and save information from your business cards. 



  • Updates your contacts when people in your contact list update their jobs, roles, and other information. 
  • Intelligently merges all your duplicate contacts. 
  • Discovering new contact for you through email signatures in Gmail, Microsoft, and Outlook. 
  • Groups your contacts based on favorites, old, archived, etc. 
  • Imports your contacts from Gmail, Outlook, Facebook, etc. 
  • Syncing of contacts across multiple devices and platforms. 
  • It helps you recover your deleted contacts. 

The CircleBack app helps you to stay organized and maintain productive relationships with your clients. It allows you to keep your connections alive and complete your tasks within time. You can rely on this app to manage your contacts across your devices. 

Easy Contacts

Easy Contacts is an easy-to-use contact management app for your iPhone. It helps you accomplish all your tasks easily by making the process easy. 



  • Merge your duplicate contacts with a single tap.
  • Search your contacts anytime, anywhere. 
  • Save contacts according to groups of your choice. 
  • Send group texts and emails and share the created groups with your family and friends. 
  • Easily back up all your contacts so you never lose them. 
  • Merges the duplicate contacts, contacts with duplicate names, and contacts with duplicate emails. 
  • It also removes contact without phone or email. 
  • Back up your contacts to Dropbox, Google Drive, or email. 
  • Restore your contacts from any device.
  • Make voice calls and send texts and emails with a single click. 
  • Filter the contacts by company and job title. 
  • The app is available in 15 different languages. 

Easy Contacts make your address book accessible and organized. You can use the app to save every single change across the contact details even when you are not using the app. 

Contact Mover and Account Sync

Contact Mover and Account Sync allow you to sync and move contacts across your devices. This app can merge your corporate accounts with local address books. You can also use it for syncing your Outlook account with iCloud. 



  • Sync contacts across any accounts, including Facebook, Outlook, iCloud, Yahoo, CardDAV, etc. 
  • Merge changes you made to each contact account.
  • You can select to ignore new contacts saved without a phone or an email. 
  • Add synced contacts to specific groups automatically. 
  • Override changes easily.
  • Review the results of the last 100 syncs. 
  • Sync all fields, including address, job title, name, phone number, etc. 
  • Sync contact photos.
  • 24/7 feature to sync contacts in the background. 

Contact Mover and Account Sync is your one-stop solution for all contact management needs. Whatever the situation, the app always comes in handy and helps you solve all your large data issues.

You need not spend lots of time figuring out your contacts and merging and managing them. This app will do the work for you. 

Duplicate Contacts Manager

If you are tired after managing and merging your contacts manually and wish to find a way out, you can use the Duplicate Contacts Manager app. It helps you to make your contact book light and free from all duplicate contacts. 



  • Merging and removing duplicate contacts. 
  • Backup and restore your contacts.
  • Delete contacts with no name, email, or number.

The app functions on the following category of contacts:

  1. Duplicate contacts: It is the case where all contacts are entirely identical.
  2. Similar name: It is the condition where a name is common between two or more contacts. The app merges these contacts. 
  3. Similar phone number: Same phone number between one or more contacts. The app merges the contact and makes a single contact in this case.
  4. Duplicate email: It is the condition where you see the same email id in different contacts. The app merges these contacts. 
  5. Inside duplicates: It happens when the same number is saved twice in a single contact. The app removes other numbers within a contact. 

This app is the perfect solution to all your address book troubles. It helps in easy management and merging of contacts, so you don’t have to worry about spending much time manually accomplishing the task. 

Top Contacts – Contact Manager

Top Contacts enable you to add CRM features to your contact list. You don’t need to synchronize multiple apps together.

You can store all the important information within the app, such as events, tasks, files, and important dates, and access them as and when required. The app also has an in-built calendar and a to-do list that helps you to track your activities and sync your data across various devices through iCloud. 



  • Make use of tags and color markers for easy access to contacts.
  • Set customizable filters for getting the information that you need.
  • Sort contacts according to the field, so you organize your contact list as per your will. 
  • Use the swipe menu for quickly starting a conversation, sending a message, or a mail to any of your contacts. 
  • Quickly access the contacts you had recent interactions with. 
  • Link related contacts together. 
  • Add custom fields and delete the undesirable ones. 
  • Organize the fields based on different sections. 
  • Generate a calendar and to-do list for all contacts. 
  • Reminder and follow-up for important events.
  • Attach documents to your contacts. 
  • Sync across devices using iCloud. 

The app also allows you to mark your top contacts so you can get in touch with them within a fraction of a second. Get the app and introduce yourself to a world of seamless contact management. 

Contacts+ | Address Book

Contacts+ | Address Book aims to make contact management easy for you. The app helps you sync your contacts across various devices and accounts. 



  • Collect all the available information about contacts at a place without worrying about mix-ups or missing bits of information. 
  • Cross-device syncing.
  • Upload pictures of scanned business cards and transcribe them into your address book. 
  • Create custom groupings of your contact and add notes for context. 
  • Enrich contact information from content available around the Web. 
  • Block unwanted spammers and telemarketers. 
  • Get the premium version with more added features, including syncing multiple contacts. 

You may get the app and sync all your contacts while getting help managing, merging, and gathering information about your contacts. 

A2Z Contacts

A2Z Contacts work as complete contact managers. It helps you to edit, create, and delete contacts and groups on your device.

You can also use it for sending mass texts and group emails. Share and print all your contacts, get birthday notifications, create backups, and do all you wish to while managing contacts on your device. 



  • Organize your contacts into groups. 
  • Find any contact on your device with the powerful A2Z search tool. 
  • Text, email, and share information among multiple contacts. 
  • Complete various tasks with a single click on the contact card. 
  • Create a favorites list to call or quickly send messages to your favorite contacts. 
  • Send messages and emails to groups with a single click. 
  • Attach documents using Dropbox.
  • Sort all your contacts based on company name.
  • Restore the recently deleted contacts if they were deleted by mistake. 
  • Create a backup of contact groups.
  • Sync your contacts with Google Gmail, so you never lose any of your contacts. 
  • Supports English, Spanish, Italian, German, and French. 

You can use the A2Z Contacts app for creating groups of your contacts from various accounts, including Google, Outlook, iCloud, etc. You can also add and remove a particular contact from specific groups. 

Contacts Sync Pro

The Contacts Sync Pro gives you the power to sync your Google and iPhone contacts anytime, anywhere. The app is better than most apps because of its speed and ease of usage.

It works with a 2-way sync. Hence any changes made to your Gmail contacts reflect on the iPhone and vice versa. 


Another recently added feature to the app was to sync 2 Google accounts simultaneously to help you share the same contacts between your personal and work Google accounts. The app also helps in syncing contact groups with your iPhone. 


  • Offers the following sync types:
    • Gmail to iPhone
    • iPhone contacts to Gmail
    • Manual sync
  • Apply group filters to sync contacts that are a part of a specific group. 
  • Sync all fields, including name, email address, company name, events, notes, social media profile, etc. 
  • Sync contact photos and custom labels. 
  • Confirm each change before the final sync. 
  • Automatic syncing of your contacts 24×7. 
  • Prevent duplication by automatically matching your contacts between iPhone and Gmail. 
  • Offered in multiple languages, including German, French, English, Russian, Japanese, Swedish, Korean, Portuguese, Chinese, etc. 

The app has a wide range of customization and can be used in multiple ways.

Contact Cleanup

The Contact Cleanup contacts manager app helps you to manage duplicate contacts on your iPhone. It easily cleans duplicate contacts from your device, thus saving you from confusion and hassle. 



  • Merge your contacts with a duplicate phone, email, and duplicate name. 
  • Find contacts without phone numbers, names, and emails. 
  • Backup all your contacts with a single click.
  • Quick selection and deselection of contacts.
  • It makes searching for contacts easier.

You can delete duplicate contacts on your device with this app. Even more interesting is that it supports a recycle bin where you can restore the contacts if they were deleted by mistake. 


Managing a large number of contacts may be a difficult task. You may end up creating a mess, and finding a way out may seem impossible.

This is why you should take assistance from contact managing apps that may help with easy contact management on your device. Not just this, these apps come with added features that may help you in the easy accomplishment of all your tasks.

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