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Cloudways offers managed cloud hosting for any size business to host a website or complex web applications.

Legal tech solutions help law professionals or firms streamline processes and focus on case proceedings, not clerical tasks.

Since most industries are going through digital transformation, why should the legal market be left alone? Instead, legal processes can benefit more from technology-driven software products like automatic case reference searches, intelligence on opposing experts, AI-based timesheets, etc.

Discover the best-in-class legal process solutions based on advanced software development practices and AI/ML technology.      

A technology product that makes legal processes more efficient, profitable, compliant, and secure. It does so by infusing legal practice with software technology, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) database management, big data analysis, blockchain, and data security protocols.

In conventional legal firms, staff spends more time on non-productive clerical work than what matters to the firm, signing more clients and winning cases. Digitized applications ensure attorneys and paralegals invest more time in cases and clients.

Advanced software solutions for legal professionals also enable micro, small, and medium law firms to grow by leveraging the latest tech because many legal software technology solution providers have come up with subscription packages that are affordable and scalable.       

#1. Legal workflow tools assist you in removing human error from your legal documents and case proceedings. Hence, you get more time to deal with clients and their cases rather than troubleshooting errors.

#2. Client data protection is a challenging task in conventional legal practices. It is quite possible someone steals or copies client data to get an edge at any touchpoints like copyshops, courthouses, etc. You can avoid such possibilities by moving to a digital document processing system.

#3. Most legal firms need to hire teams of paralegals just to keep track of the legislative changes happening worldwide. It is a huge capital expenditure. You can invest in affordable legal data intelligence software and avoid the hefty costs of unnecessary staffing.

#4. Legal cases include thousands of penal code references, historical case citations, legal documents, administrative papers, expert notes, etc. Compiling them in one place in a clutter-free way requires many billable hours. Instead, manage all case references and files in a centralized software and access them online from a smartphone or laptop.

Now that you have got a basic understanding of how software and the legal industry work together, it is time to learn the leading applications below:      


You can manage, grow, and add value to your law firm effortlessly with a host of tools from Clio. Be it managing law practices, new and existing clients, client onboarding, and document management, you get everything in one secure cloud-based software. 

All you need is a reliable internet connection and a computer with a web browser to run Clio. Thus, it does not matter which device you are using. Every device is supported from remote or office premises. Hence, it also becomes easy for you to onboard the digital transformation era by using this legal tech tool.

Clio offers two different software for small, medium, and large legal firms. These are Clio Manage for the core tasks of a legal firm like managing cases, billing, task management, law firm insights, data analytics, etc. On the other hand, Clio Grow is for clients, relationship management, document processing and management, appointment booking, etc.   


Everlaw is an online legal management tool. Corporations, law firms, government agencies, state and local law enforcement authorities, etc., use it extensively for complex legal work. Everlaw tool specializes in electronic discovery. 

E-discovery is identifying, and investigating electronically stored data, collecting electronic evidence information, tagging documents, and so on. The e-discovery module of Everlaw comes with advanced features like intelligent search capabilities and calling up relevant case documents using a prediction engine. 

Additionally, there is a multitasking screen where lawyers and investigators can visualize all linked documents in a group form. Moreover, it gives you the freedom of drag-and-drop search technology. You can simply drag search filters like the client, team member, document rating, document type, document language, etc., to get the right case documents.

Moreover, the Everlaw legal tech solution comes with predictive coding and AI/ML. These features allow the tool becomes more intelligent as you and your entire law firm interact with the application.   


Filevine is another premium, trusted, and reliable software solution for the legal fraternity. It is a cloud-hosted app deployable using a compatible website browser in minutes.

Hence, your firm does not need to waste time on software setup, server configuration, data center subscriptions, and so on. Another notable point is that Filevine uses the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform for maximum tool uptime and easy access from anywhere.

The core features of this tool are: 

  • HIPPA and SOC 2 Type II compliant data centers for maximum case data security
  • Tasks and deadlines management
  • Communication tools for clients, lawyers, witnesses, experts, and medical providers
  • Conversation recording
  • Project management
  • Case update notifications for clients

Various law firms, solo law practitioners, law associations, and law societies prefer this tool since it offers high-level customizations. Thus, you no longer waste valuable time and practice hours on testing random legal management software. Instead, the Filevine team ships you a tailor-made tool just for your team and delivered it on the cloud.      


Checkbox is a renowned web-based tool for no-code business process automation through web apps. It also has equal potential to transform any legal firms or businesses that handle various repetitive tasks.

By using this legal tech solution for process automation, you can provide high-quality consultation services to your clients. Furthermore, you can build dedicated client apps to enhance your business relationships. 

Moreover, you can re-design fixed fee and low-margin legal projects into profitable ones by upscaling your team’s capability to close projects faster through automation. Finally, some of the most useful tools you can use on this platform are smart forms, calculation engines, transcripts, document automation, dashboards, etc.   


When you scale up your law practice business to accommodate more than a hundred clients, it could become a real challenge to communicate with them. Here comes Mighty, an online web-based portal for effortless case update sharing with lienholders, medical service providers, experts, clients, and funders.

It saves you a lot of money that otherwise you need to spend on hiring additional paralegals to discuss case updates with the clients. Mighty frees up your existing paralegals so that they can focus on active cases or potential new cases.

Its key feature is an online platform where clients can check case status, upload files, request updates, etc. Furthermore, it integrates and syncs with other legal tech tools like Filevine, Clio, MyCase, etc.     

Expert Institute

Expert Institute is a popular place for sourcing expert services (expert search, case clinics, etc.) for legal cases and technology-based applications for legal practitioners and firms. For example, attorneys can subscribe to Expert Institute apps like:

  • Case Management for consulting with experts, collecting insights, and accumulating data to strengthen your case.
  • Expert Radar that feeds you insights on expert professionals hired by the counterparty
  • Transcript Network gives you access to existing expert transcripts on similar cases.

On the contrary, if you are an expert in your field and want to earn money by reviewing cases, you can join Expert Institute or get paid on a daily case-by-case basis.   

Time by Ping

IT leaders, firm managers, and finance leaders have been using Time by Ping for a long time to record time, produce timesheets, bill clients effortlessly, and make their businesses grow. It is time for you to shift your law firm’s timekeeping work to Time by Ping rather than doing it manually.

Whenever your attorneys, legal staff, and paralegal employees work on something related to a case, the tool’s AI programming automatically captures the time and work and categorizes it too.

Furthermore, it can efficiently track activities on apps running on your Windows PCs and links the task to its corresponding case or client. This outstanding legal tech timekeeping tool can track law practice management apps, Microsoft Word, Outlook, Google Chrome, case research websites, and many more.        


If your legal practicing team or firm focuses on personal injury, bankruptcy, estate planning, criminal law, divorce, litigation, etc., you must try out the PracticePanther. Many small, medium and large law firms prefer this legal management software for its simple and intuitive user interface (UI).

It is a web-based app, and hence you can run the app on most computers. The core features include: 

  • Case management
  • Document management
  • Contact management
  • Calendaring and docketing
  • Time tracking, invoicing, and billing

Furthermore, for mobility and remote work, there are Android and iOS apps. Thus, you can sync your work from computer to smartphone and access case files while commuting.    


Various law firms and professional law practitioners use the MyCase legal management solution to perform daily legal case workflows and communicate effectively with their business clients. The cloud-based app also provides beneficial functionalities like client meeting scheduling and accounting.

It also offers standard features like case document management, digital timekeeping for billing purposes, docketing cases, and business contact management. Furthermore, there are schedule and calendar syncing functionalities that enable law practitioners, paralegals, and clients to collaborate on an active case.    


If you’re looking for a centralized legal case management solution to eliminate duplicates, double entries, and allied work culture, you can try out CosmoLex. It is a cloud-hosted web app, so no set up needed.

Some of its prominent features are: 

  • Time and expense capture
  • Batch email invoice and one-click billing
  • Law Office Accounting
  • Legal trust accounting
  • Case document management
  • Secured web portal for clients
  • Case calendar and task management

The toll also makes your tasks easier by integrating with third-party tools like Google Drive, Dropbox, and WeTransfer.   

Rocket Matter

Rocket Matter is yet another popular and robust legal practice management tool for legal matters and cases of all kinds. Also, the tool is perfect for any size of legal work entity like solo legal practitioners, big law firms, mid-sized firms, and so on.

It brings all the following programs in one application: 

  • Timekeeping and timesheets
  • Automatic document processing
  • Legal contacts management
  • Case management
  • Tasks, schedules, and calendars
  • Collaboration and smartphone apps

This legal tech tool is the only software you need to run a legal business process. Thus, you save on applications, additional staffing, papers, and other components that increase the capital expenditure of your firm.   


Introduce productivity, organization, and profitability by moving your legal process management to Smokeball. The tool has all the nuts and bolts needed for legal areas like family law, estate planning, personal injury, business law, civil litigation, criminal law, etc.

Its Productivity module introduces you to automatic document processing, document assembly, time tracking for accurate billing, electronic signatures, client portals, etc. On the other hand, the Organization module focuses on the core legal process like workflows, tasks, forms, emails, case management, and legal calendaring. 

Finally, use the Profitability module for acquiring new clients, gathering data insights and billing tools, managing customer accounts, and integrating Smokeball with other business apps.        


Tabs3 legal tech tool offers financials, case management, and practice management for small to mid-sized law firms in most legal practicing areas. It allows legal practitioners to manage their case matters and client meeting schedules. Furthermore, being a legal professional, you can track your time and bill from a centralized system.

Many lawyers and attorneys often regret underbilling their clients since manual timekeeping and timesheet production comes with human errors. Also, you can forget some small tasks related to the case. If you use Tabs3, its Timer module accurately tracks all the tasks associated with the cases or clients and bills them automatically.  


TimeSolv has been a popular choice of billing tool on the cloud for many professions like accountants, architects, technology consultants, freelancers, etc. Luckily, the tool has also entered the market of legal practitioners and law firms.

The toll integrates billing with legal projects and tasks. Hence, as soon as your team closes a case, TimeSolv generates a bill automatically. No more lost revenue due to late billing and clients missing payment deadlines.  

Final Words

You have learned about the best legal tech tools winning the market competition, and it should be easier for you to pick one. You can compare all the core features and the unique selling proposition of the trending software for legal practitioners.

You may also be interested in legal document templates for the businesses that matter to you.

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