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Do you need to create a Notion workspace for a project and are already overwhelmed? Stop worrying about setting up a project board on Notion by using these effortless templates.

Notion is a great tool for project management for almost any business that needs to deal with information, content, workflows, etc. It is an app with overwhelming features. If you are just starting to use the tool for business or project management, it is often recommended to use a Notion template.

Find below some free and paid Notion templates you can confidently use for personal, professional, or business purposes.

What Is a Notion Project Management Template?

A project management template for Notion is nothing but a Notion workspace created for project managers and business owners.

It could come with real-world project tasks, subtasks, dependencies, timelines, project views, names of team members, and many other components. You just need to edit the fields and customize the names and tasks. 

Notion templates are of the following two types:

  • Free templates that you can duplicate and add directly to your Notion app
  • Paid templates that allow you to copy the project after you make a payment

How Does a Notion Project Management Template Help

Many project managers rely on Notion templates because these are preconfigured workspaces you can replicate to create new Notion pages, databases, content planning, etc. Find below some critical use cases of these templates:

  • You can order custom Notion templates from various independent Notion template developers.
  • Creating a Notion workspace for a new business is time-consuming and challenging. Instead, you can use paid or free templates from online sources.
  • If you manage many projects of the same business entity, then you can enforce consistency in project management using templates.
  • Notion project management templates come with tasks, calendars, schedules, events, contacts, and everything else a professional project structure will require.
  • You can learn Notion effortlessly when using templates.
  • Notion budget templates help you to manage the expenses of projects. 

Now that you know why you should use Notion templates, find below some trending Notion project management templates that you can trust:    


Notionway is a minimalistic project template. It lets you set up the right project and task management system in your Notion app. Thus, you know which tasks are pending, priority tasks, and many more so that you can always stay ahead of the project. The content of this template includes many project components, including the following:

  • A board to track project progress
  • A space to write down completed tasks
  • A task board for task management
  • Filter project tasks, content, deliverables, etc.
  • Assign tasks, requests, feedback, bugs, etc., to the project team members 

Project Management Template

The Project Management template under the Product category of Notion is a free template for managing any kind of business, non-profit, or personal project. You can copy and paste your business information into the relevant fields to get started with the project. The template includes primary Notion elements like Boards, Tables, Lists, etc. 

There is a Documents section where you can keep business files for Pre Planning, Project Plans, Timelines, Updates, Research, etc. Under the Project Team column, you can save the names of key persons of the project, like the Project Manager, Tech Lead, Designer, etc.

Looking to try an alternative to Notion?


Notion Everything

This is a simple project management workspace template for Notion from Notion Everything. You can buy and copy the template to your Notion workspace to manage a small to medium team for various projects like content creation, marketing, ad campaign management, social media management, etc.

The template includes the following major elements:

  • Project dashboards for unlimited projects
  • Create and assign unlimited tasks
  • Track project status
  • Different types of project visualizations like Kanban, Timeline, and Gallery
  • Archive tasks and projects
  • Various task views like due, pending, overdue, today, this week, etc. 


If you work with content and other creative projects that need to deliver graphics, media, text, or code-based content regularly, you can try out this Notion template on Prototion.

The content of the template includes the following components:

  • An overview or dashboard for all projects
  • Shift tasks between cards like In Progress, Hold, Backlog, New, etc., using drag-and-drop actions
  • A task overview page that shows to be done tomorrow, to be done today, overdue, etc., tasks
  • A project progression bar that updates dynamically
  • You can create unlimited numbers of tasks and projects  

The template is useful for running a small business, website, social media campaign, or other digital side hustles.

Fronk (Keep Learning)

The Task & Project Manager Notion template by Fronk (Keep Learning) is a multi-tier template that you must try if you manage complex projects involving many stakeholders. The template comes in three different packages, but you can get value by buying all of these. For example, the packages include the following:

  • The Fundamental Package
    • Task status
    • Smart status
    • Project status
    • Task management by project and priority
  • The Complete Package
    • Three dashboards
    • Mobile version
    • Recurring tasks
  • The Complete Package Plus
    • Up to 9 productivity planners  

Project Manager Template

Project Manager is a free Notion template for business managers who need to lead different types of projects. The template is suitable if your project includes products, marketing strategies, and planning phases.

You’ll get multiple Boards, Tables, Calendars, and Galleries if you add this template to your Notion subscription.  

Notion Hub

The Project Manager template for Notion from Notion Hub is suitable for organizing tasks and responsibilities as a student and hobbyist. The template has two sections, as outlined below:

  • The main project board where you create and manage a project
  • A left-side column for productivity, focused work, brainstorming, etc. 

Both of the above sections include the Sort and Filter functionalities. Other notable template elements are:

  • Short-term project card
  • Long-term project card
  • Bulleted task list
  • A calendar for important events

Final Words

Notion is the only app you need to manage projects, businesses, employees, clients, content, etc. If you need to use Notion now, then why go through a learning curve? Simply download the Notion templates outlined here and start delivering value.

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