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A good photo editor is undoubtedly a Photographer’s best friend.

I am sure you agree with that. No matter how good of a camera we have, there is still always a need to do some retouching and leveling to make the photos perfect. It’s not a luxury but a necessity.

Dismissing the use of photo editors and opting for raw photos is like compromising the visual appeal by at least 20%. You cannot let go of that little percentage if you have the choice.

If you own an Apple Mac and you’ve been wondering which photo editing software is the best, then this article will put some light on your thoughts. You’re about to discover some of the best ones.

But first, let me tell you a little more about the importance of using photo editors.

Removes unwanted items

Ever went on a scenic place, clicked some beautiful photos, and came back home only to realize those photos got photobombed? When this happens, it puts you in second thoughts about whether to upload the photo or not.

Thankfully, with the use of photo editors, you can easily remove unwanted elements from your photos as if it was never there.

Takes ordinary to extraordinary

With the kind of editing tools we have today, it is highly possible to even transform a super-plain and boring picture into an extraordinary masterpiece. Not even exaggerating. All you need to do is change the levels of brightness, saturation, and other meters to quickly improvise your shots.

Evokes emotions

A well-edited photo, as opposed to a plain and raw one, evokes emotions on a greater level. A simple picture of a sunset with little adjusting can literally be turned a deep message for the viewers.

Without any delay, let’s explore the following software.

Luminar 4

An AI-powered photo editor, Luminar 4, is packed with strong features that can take your editing game to the next level. With their intelligent functions, you can do certain tasks instantly, which would’ve rather took you hours. For example, it can immediately change the color of the sky to match the mood of your picture.

The AI can also enhance your skin much smoother in just one click. And if you want your photo to focus on a single point by blurring the background, the AI can do that too.

Luminar 4 is available as a standalone software download or even as a plugin for Adobe and Apple products, whichever works for you.

Trust me when I say there are a lot of things you can do with this software. And the only way to try them all is by grabbing one of their plans starting at just $98.50.

Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Bundle

Adobe has been running for ages, and anything they produce comes with a sense of trust and assurance that it is going to be nothing less than great. It is the same with Adobe Creative Cloud, which is a bundle of 5 different photography-related tools. Those are:

All of this software together make a perfect toolkit for any photographer. Pricing plans start from just $9.99/month.

InPixio’s Photo Clip Mac

We all have photos that we love but couldn’t upload because of distractions in the background. It’s either a stranger, a car, or simply a dirty wall. Thankfully, there’s a way out of this.

Photo Clip Mac is editing software that specializes in removing unwanted objects from your photo. It can get rid of objects, backgrounds, and all in all, create a beautiful montage for your photos.

You can get your hands on this software, starting at just $48.

Affinity Photo

Awarded as “Apple App of the Year,” Affinity Photo is loaded with insane features that can incredibly transform your pictures. Here’s just a glimpse of what this software offers:

  • Real-time editing
  • Supports even over 1000 megapixel images
  • Loads huge photos in a whisker
  • 60FPS zoom and smooth pan
  • Various adjustment options
  • Quick and detailed retouching
  • Removes unwanted objects
  • Ability to apply filter layers without replacing the original
  • Add unlimited layers
  • Almost endless library of different brushes
  • Ability to stick different photos into one and make a panorama
  • Identifies the best areas to focus on

There’s so much more to it. You can get access to this software for just $37 after the free trial.

Movavi Photo Editor

With features like AI enhancement and section selection, Movavi Photo Editor is another brilliant option that does a splendid job of editing photos. You can make adjustments via AI with just a click of a button. Additionally, you can also apply beautiful and customizable frames.

Here are some other cool things you can do with this editor:

  • Remove unwanted objects
  • Fine-tune picture quality
  • Colorize black & white photos
  • Beautify the photo entirely

Pricing plans start from just $23, and you can even make use of the free trial.


Brilliant software that’ll automatically edit your photos with the help of their advanced Artificial Intelligence. All you have to do is drag and drop your photos and let the tool do its work. They have over 190,000 happy customers, which is for a simple reason, the software delivers.

You can grab Photolemur for just $35.


GIMP is an open-source photo editor that allows you to do various editing activities such as:

  • Manipulation
  • Retouching
  • Designing creatives

Since it is open-source software, the capabilities are very high, thanks to their customization options and 3rd party plugins. GIMP is completely free to download and use.

PhotoScape X

One of my favorites from this list, PhotoScape X, is a very user-friendly editing tool that can produce incredibly better your photos. It can do numerous tasks, such as:

  • Clone stamp
  • Apply filters
  • Apply HDR
  • Blur
  • Cut out
  • Add text and other overlays

There is like 90% more to it that you really need to discover. This version of PhotoScape is completely free to download, so there is nothing to lose.

Pixelmator Pro

Pixelmator Pro is a collection of different photo editing features packed into one package that can edit photos professionally and with ease. It also comes with an advanced painting feature that lets you enjoy a superior digital painting experience.

Apart from that, you can:

  • Retouch
  • Add filters
  • Enhance
  • Add text, shapes and various other elements

This software is currently on sale for a price of $29.99 only, which is 25% OFF the original price.


There you have it – the best photo editing tools for Mac. Irrespective of whichever software you pick, you’re sure to improve your photos further big time.

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