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In Mobile Last updated: June 20, 2023
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Like everyone, have you also started using podcasts as a source of consumption? If yes, then you’ll find some game-changing project management podcasts here.

Podcasts have revolutionized how we learn in recent years, enthralling millions of listeners and sweeping the globe. 

What makes Podcasts so appealing?


Podcasts are tremendously convenient, to begin with. You can find podcasts about any subject you can think of with a smartphone or computer. Podcasts provide a flexible educational platform that fits your busy schedule, whether traveling, exercising, or unwinding at home.

The variety of podcasts is what makes them so beautiful. There is something for everyone, from science and history to personal growth, language instruction, and beyond. Whatever your interests, podcasts deliver you the chance to learn more about a topic in-depth and in a fun, immersive way.

Additionally, podcasts have the unique potential to entertain and engage listeners simultaneously. Unlike traditional learning techniques, podcasts make learning engaging through engrossing storytelling, knowledgeable interviews, and vibrant debates.

They allow you to learn from experts in their fields, eminent academics, and fervent enthusiasts who all share their knowledge and experiences in an exciting and approachable way.

Moreover, podcasts encourage a sense of community. Numerous podcasters have developed devoted fan bases of listeners participating in debates, giving insights, and attending live events.

This sense of being part of a community and the opportunity to interact with others who share similar interests provide the learning process a vital social component.

Significance & Benefits of project management podcast for career advancement


Podcasts about project management are like an undiscovered gold mine for career advancement. Want to know why? Let’s dive in!


Podcasts offer a tonne of convenience. You can listen to them while doing home tasks, working out, or even commuting. They keep you intrigued and involved by transforming routine jobs into valuable educational opportunities.


Industry professionals and seasoned project managers who are generous with their knowledge, advice, and success stories curate these podcasts. You can access much helpful information and first-hand experiences that aren’t available from only textbooks by tuning in.

Staying up to the recent trends

Staying current with recent trends and advances is essential for professional success. Podcasts help you stay current in the project management industry by providing you with cutting-edge knowledge and techniques.

Community building

Podcasts offer a venue for professional networking and connections with like-minded individuals. Interacting with hosts and other listeners, exchanging ideas, and even posing queries is possible. It’s a nurturing environment that fosters interaction and collaboration.

With the advent of many tools, especially for learning, gaining knowledge by reading only became outdated. Moreover, those willing to learn these days can learn anywhere and everywhere, mainly from podcasts.

So, here are the top project management podcasts for advanced leadership and strategy that one should listen to en route to their journey to being a project manager and get helpful insights. 

The Project Management Podcast

A well-liked resource is The Project Management Podcast by Cornelius Fichtner, accessible on both the iOS and Android operating systems. It provides a practical solution for experts in project management to stay current and adequately hone their skills. This podcast offers insightful commentary and guidance on various project management subjects. 


The podcast, hosted by a seasoned project management specialist Cornelius Fichtner, includes discussions on best practices, analysis of real-world case studies, and conversations with business leaders.

Listeners can anticipate interesting discussions, practical advice, and the most recent developments in project management. 

The well-structured episodes make it simple to peruse and identify particular themes of interest. For project managers looking to further their careers and keep on top of their field, Cornelius Fichtner’s Project Management Podcast, which is also accessible on Spotify, is a must-have resource.

It is an intuitive and thorough podcast that guarantees listeners have the information and abilities required to succeed in their project management endeavors.

Project Management Happy Hour

Real-world project management concerns can be discussed openly and honestly at PM Happy Hour. The hosts, Kim Essendrup and Kate Anderson discuss a topic currently encountered in project management in each episode and offer helpful tips, real-world examples, and the rare project horror tale.


Project administration users can connect and interact with a lively community of project management experts through Happy Hour. They can participate in forums to share their successes, ask for help, and also trade ideas. If you listen intently and frequently, the podcasts bring you up-to-date reports on market trends, best practices, and emerging technology to keep users informed and in the know.  

Regular listeners will also learn something new with every upcoming project management podcast. You can now also listen to the Podcast on Android & iOS, while it is also available on platforms like Spotify. Overall, it is a friendly podcast that lets you learn the finesse required in project management without much hassle.

Manage This

Manage This is an esteemed project management podcast that is accessible on iOS and Android devices. It has been a favorite among project managers and professionals looking to advance their careers due to its user-friendly layout and the actual content. The podcast provides insightful analysis and helpful advice on various project management topics in a fun and relevant way.


The episodes, which seasoned project managers host, cover various topics, including best practices, market trends, case studies, and expert interviews. Listeners can anticipate learning from the hosts’ and guests’ shared experiences in the real world. The podcast’s brief format and well-organized episodes simplify listening on the go. 

It offers a well-balanced combination of fundamental ideas and cutting-edge methods, catering to newcomers and seasoned professionals. Manage This fosters communication and debate on its website and social media and is also available on Spotify.

The podcast also promotes a sense of community. It is a thorough resource for anyone looking to keep up with the most recent project management trends and techniques.

The Engineering PM Podcast

The Engineering Project Management Podcast is a must-listen for Android and iOS users interested in project management in the engineering industry. The podcast offers insightful analysis and helpful advice on how to manage engineering projects in each episode. 


The hosts, seasoned project management professionals, hold cordial and educational discussions with specialists and business titans on various subjects.

Discussions on project planning, risk management, teamwork, stakeholder engagement, and many other topics can be anticipated by listeners. The podcast offers a straightforward format that presents essential information in a simple way to understand. 

This podcast will give you practical tips to improve your project management abilities, whether you’re an experienced project manager or are just beginning your engineering career. Listen to The Engineering Project Management Podcast on Spotify to gain insightful knowledge to help your engineering projects succeed.

PM Point of View

The popular podcast, the PM Point of View, is accessible to iOS and Android users. It features insightful talks about project management from a distinctive angle and is hosted by Kendall Lott. Kendall invites subject matter experts, thought leaders and seasoned experts to share their expertise and insights in each episode.


PM Point of View maintains audience interest and motivation with its warm and engaging presentation. The succinct and precise episodes offer useful material in a respectable amount of time. This podcast gives listeners useful advice, industry best practices, and cutting-edge project management techniques.

The podcast gives helpful advice that can advance your professional career, regardless of whether you are a seasoned project manager or fresh to the position. Discover the intriguing world of project management by searching for the PM Point of View podcast on your chosen podcasting service.

The Everyday PM 

The Everyday PM podcast is an excellent resource for Android and iOS users looking for insightful information about project management. This podcast offers succinct and exciting content that fits your hectic schedule, with episodes lasting between 30 and 40 minutes.

It is presented by seasoned project managers and covers a variety of subjects, such as team management, problem-solving methods, and project planning.


The Everyday PM stands out for its welcoming and approachable tone, which helps both novice and seasoned professionals understand complicated project management ideas. The hosts give helpful advice, real-world examples, and triumph tales to motivate and encourage listeners on their project management adventures.

This podcast ensures that users can listen to it on their preferred devices by being available on Android and iOS platforms. It’s also accessible on websites like Spotify. So, tune in to this educational and entertaining podcast to enhance your project management game.

People & Projects Podcast

The People & Projects Podcast is available for both Android and iOS users. This podcast emphasizes individuals’ narratives, initiatives, and endeavors that uplift and inspire listeners. The hosts hold fascinating discussions with visitors from various professions, including business owners, artists, scientists, etc. 


Each episode emphasizes these people’s distinct travels, struggles, and lessons acquired, which makes it relatable and interesting. A well-produced podcast with excellent audio and a pleasant listening experience is what listeners can anticipate.

The People & Projects podcast offers insightful commentary and helpful guidance that can be used in various personal and professional settings.

The People & Projects podcast is a must-listen if you’re looking for motivation, want to learn from successful people, or simply appreciate exciting talks. This podcast, readily available on the Spotify platform, provides a great source of inspiration and education to its devoted audience.


Your roadmap to the future of project management is Projectified. The Project Management Institute (PMI) made this podcast for those who work in teams and lead strategic initiatives to add value to their organizations.

It offers insightful information about project management. Make sure you listen to this podcast series with all your attention.


It also includes engaging thought leaders and professionals who share their practical knowledge and expertise to educate, motivate, and help you succeed. With an episode averaging just around 15 mins, you can listen to it any time while working to commuting.

It is available on Spotify via Android & iOS devices. The podcast keeps the listener engaged till the last minute of the podcast. This helps listeners’ minds open to new horizons and opportunities that can help them grow personally and professionally.

5 Minutes Podcast with Ricardo Vargas

This podcast, hosted by the well-known Ricardo Vargas, covers various subjects, such as project management, leadership, productivity, and personal development. Each episode offers helpful advice and provocative concepts, making it extremely interesting and pertinent for people across all industries.


The podcast aims to discuss and present the most critical topics and news in the field of project management in a straightforward and usable manner. The podcast will help listeners gain insights into the deep-rooted project management world. One can always access it using Android & iOS devices and keep on learning.

The 5 Minutes Podcast with Ricardo Vargas, available on Spotify, is an invaluable tool that delivers condensed but impactful content, empowering you to improve your skills and thrive in both your personal and professional life. It is ideal for busy executives, aspiring entrepreneurs, and anyone interested in continuous learning.

Project Management on the Go

For Android and iOS users, Project Management on the Go is a must-listen podcast that provides insightful analysis and helpful advice for efficient project management. Each episode lasts about 25 minutes, so you are able to incorporate learning into your busy schedule. It provides rapid bursts of knowledge.


The hosts explore typical difficulties and ways to overcome them while also sharing their successes and failures. This podcast discusses the newest project management concepts and the latest developments in careers, innovation, and business agility.

Project Management on the Go is your go-to tool for staying current with industry trends and honing your project management skills, whether you’re a veteran project manager or new to the field. Discover the keys to successfully delivering projects by tuning in everything easily accessed from an Android or iOS smartphone on platforms like Spotify.


The podcasts mentioned above are a must-listen for all aspiring project managers and also people who are in this profession. It will broaden your mind and give you deep insights into the field of project management.

Furthermore, It may give you an edge in handling your projects in a certain way and managing time in the best possible way.

Podcasts provide a welcoming, practical, and rising, well-liked learning tool that can go along with you on your journey of lifelong learning, whether you’re looking to extend your horizons, gain knowledge in a particular profession, or engage in some compelling storytelling.

Next, check out some of the best tech podcasts.

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