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9 Proofreading Tools to Make Your Blog Post Shareable

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Shareable posts are precious to any social media campaign. Making your content even more shareable will result in a more efficient campaign.

Your message will spread quicker, and you will spend less. It’s all about reaching a bigger audience at a fast rate with no extra costs!

For this reason, several strategies and techniques have been developed. More and more bloggers are using them daily to make their blog posts more shareable.

Bloggers usually perform various tasks to ensure their content is of high quality. Such include planning, writing, proofreading, editing, and publishing, and they can be a hassle to juggle all at once.

The quality of your content will most of the time determine how shareable your blog posts are.

Having high-quality content will appeal to the elite audience; which is the one that determines how and where your posts will be published and shared. Use a variety of content enhancing tools to improve the quality of your content.

By using a professional proofreading service online, you can free up some time to focus on the more demanding tasks on your plate. This way you will have your blogs scaling through social media platforms like bush fire.

It will be rather disappointing if your posts make no sense because of minor mistakes that could have been avoided altogether. Your posts need to have flow and make sense. Proofreading services are meant to help you with that.


Fiverr lets you have access to an international cluster of professional proof-readers and editors. As you concentrate on your writing, you will have your other posts being proofread and edited.


You will be able to focus more on creating quality content as you will have more time on your hands having freed up your schedule.

You will have your posts polished up by talented proofreaders at an excellent pocket-friendly fee. There is a good security system that ensures your investment is protected no matter how small it is.

This has made Fiverr one the most trusted freelancer websites on the internet.

For the new bloggers, treasure this site and outsource here as frequently as possible. Even experienced bloggers will be impressed by how much value they can add to their sites by using services from Fiverr.


Ulysses is a  great tool is designed for bloggers with the feature of enhancing their productivity while on the move. Blogging involves a great deal of getting out of the office to collect information for your blog posts.

A challenge arises when you can’t get writing done in the field. You won’t be able to capture some of the finer details to include in your work.

Get to write in the field with this app, putting down all the details while they are fresh in your mind or better yet in front of you. This way your content will be more appealing to the audience, and your story will be vivid and more expressive.


The cross-platform abilities of this app ensure that you’re not limited to the type of device you have. You can also export your work into several formats like PDF, or export it directly to Wordpress.

Easy Word Count

As you are writing, keeping note of the word count is important. A professional writer will tell you that they cannot write without taking note of the word count.

Even if you don’t mind how long what you write turns out to be, you will always be given a limit on the number of words for every blog post.


Therefore, it’s important to know how to keep a balance here. You will be able to know how many words to use per paragraph and per line. Easy Word Count will accurately inform you of how many words you have typed.

Paste your text into the app and it will instantly give you your word count and other parameters. It has been trusted by a number of bloggers for a long time so new bloggers can use it without any worry.

Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism Checker by Small SEO Tools is a collection of proofreading and editing tools that are very handy at what they do and that can deliver premium grade services at no cost.

Notable is that the plagiarism checker is very efficient at checking your wok for plagiarism online. This will ensure you hand in authentic work even if you borrow information from articles online.

Avoid the embarrassment of having your work turned down due to plagiarism. It’s difficult to remove a stain on your reputation as a professional blogger caused by piracy. Escape this by using this free tool to ensure professional quality content.

You paste your text here, and it highlights where your work appears to have similarity with some online documents. You can edit your work online as it rechecks it. Having original content makes it more likely to be shared amongst elite readers and who wouldn’t want this audience?

Language Tool

The most shareable post must conform to a lot of grammatical rules. You either have to hire professional proofreaders or learn these rules. This tool solves this challenge for you by checking your work against more than 20 languages.


For those who don’t write in English, don’t worry, your work will be checked in English as well as in the other languages. You just paste your work into LanguageTool, and it will immediately check your work and give you instantaneous feedback.

Hemingway Editor

Hemingway editor is a great way of improving your typing skills. It allows you to identify your shortfalls in typing. Your work is analyzed, and then the errors are highlighted in different colors and displayed on the right side with empirical details.

Through this detailed analysis, you’re able to understand what and how to adjust accordingly. The multicolor presentation of errors comes in handy in highlighting different types of errors, allowing you to discern which type of errors plagues you the most easily.


By using this tool, you will be able to know exactly where to concentrate your effort – a feature that ordinary text editors don’t offer.


When you use Quill, you are given samples of their work. This will be your practicing models for your proofreading. After you complete each task, you are given a breakdown of your performance.

Where you were right, went wrong, or need some extra help will all be analyzed and showed to you automatically by the site.


The sample texts are just dummy texts that can be used several times as the system resets them after every session. You can keep doing this until your skills are perfect and you can handle the tasks that come your way.

Ginger Software

Ginger Software is a  collection of tools is very attractive to every blogger. It offers you the flexibility of having all your proofreading tools in the same package with your text editor so you can perform tasks you thought were not possible in writing.

The text editor here automatically corrects your typing errors while you keep on writing. Apart from this, it can read your article out loud and alert you about the most frequently used phrases.


This makes your work appear current and thus, interesting to your readers. This is an invaluable tool and it will significantly improve your efficiency. Create an attractive post with this tool, and you will capture your readers’ imagination.


Do you want the luxury of having your text checked anywhere without having to move it from one application to another? 1Checker has the ability to check what you are typing no matter where it is – text editors or online browsers.

Having the ability to check your work on any platform is like having the capacity to be mobile. You will experience minimum fuss with checking your posts and their value will increase. Enhancing the quality of your content, even your social media posts, with the help of instant, comprehensive tools can significantly improve how shareable your posts are.


These tools are an effective way of enhancing the quality of your posts. This is not a comprehensive list as there are many other tools out there that can work for you. While not all tools are guaranteed to work, what matters is the way in which you use them.

There is no god app out there that can perform all functions. The most efficient way of getting the most out of these tools is to use them in combination. One application will minimize the disadvantage of another while others will add to each other’s high points.

Are any of the tools that have worked for you greatly not listed here? Did any of the ones listed here disappoint you or did not perform as required? Contribute to this topic and share your opinion on how one can make their blog posts more shareable.

Written by Lory

Lori Wade is a freelance content writer for Thriving Writer who is interested in a wide range of spheres from education and online marketing to entrepreneurship. She is also an enthusiastic tutor striving to bring education to another level like we all do. If you are interested in writing, you can find her on Twitter or Google+ or find her on other social media. Read and take over Lori’s useful insights!

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