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11 Best Rust Server Hosting Providers in 2023 [Updated]

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Are you a gaming enthusiast?

If yes, you would be familiar with Rust, one of the most popular games in the video gaming industry.

Its player base is constantly increasing to surpass 60k on average, showing hardly any signs of slowing down.

The thrill, excitement, and adventure, you name it, and Rust has it all!

So, if you are a Rust player, you might have tried playing it on public servers. Now, the problem is you don’t get that much bandwidth, security, and speed that you need to emerge victorious in the game.

And you must have hated it when the server crashed, and your game was gone just before you were about to complete building your base.

Don’t you?

I can relate to it as I’m also a game enthusiast.

So, what’s the solution, you may ask?

Getting a perfect Rust server hosting.

Yeah. That’s it.

So, if you are new to server hosting or to the game itself, let’s clear a few things about Rust before we jump into uncovering the best hosting providers.

Here we go!

What is Rust?

Rust is a multiplayer-only survival game that was released in 2013 by Facepunch Studios.

It is available for macOS, Windows, and Linux. Here, you face huge competition to collect resources, build your base, and defend your properties. You can form or lose alliance and even share your base.

Multiplayer survival games differ from one game to another, but they have some common characteristics, such as:

  • Player vs. player combat (PvP)
  • Player vs. environment combat like zombies (PvE)
  • Looting
  • Base-building
  • Thirst, hunger, cold, etc.

So, what makes Rust different from other survival games is that players fight with players only. Meaning, if you are the player, then other players are your enemies, and fighting is a huge requirement.

It will be a dull game if you play friendly with each other, as you normally do when you invite your close friends and family members. Rust has beautiful graphics and some wild animals that you may have to fight, but the main theme is a player-to-player fight.

The game may include some activities that need careful monitoring, such as stealing and betrayal, of course, in the game only.

What’s the need for Rust server hosting?

Imagine you have collected some good assets and have built your base with amenities. Now, you go offline and are busy with some other work.

After a few hours, you log in again to find out that you have been betrayed, and your base has been raided.

All your efforts go in vain!

Do you want that?

Never, isn’t it?

That’s exactly why you need a rust private server, amongst its other advantages.

This is how you would be capable of playing the game without watching over it constantly and worrying while you are asleep.

Instead, you can set up your server and make it private so that nobody else can join and loot you.

The benefits of hosting your Rust server extend beyond the point explained above.

It includes:

High performance

With Rust server hosting, you get a powerful server with higher speed and greater bandwidth. Plus, they have data centers located in various places on the globe, and you will be provided with the server, which is the closest to your location.

This way, you get unmatched performance compared to the one you go for a home internet connection or public Wi-Fi.

Greater uptime and low lag

Frequent lags and game unavailability are common with a local internet connection as several players occupy the server and extract bandwidth already. Hence, you can’t make the most of the game and end up frustrating yourself.

Using the hosting service, you would experience very little or no lags in addition to high uptime. Many of the hosts also guarantee uptime with 99.9% or 100% surety.


You know how vulnerable the internet has become. So, there’s a high chance your bandwidth might be stolen along with your gaming data through constant attacks of various sorts, including DoS and DDOS.

A professional Rust hosting provider takes care of security aspects to mitigate these issues by offering a safe and secure environment for your connection. They maintain their data center at a secure facility and include firewalls and other attack-prevention techniques to provide safety.

So, are you ready for it?

If yes, let’s check out some of the best Rust hosting service providers available in the market to achieve the true delights of this game.


Choosing ScalaCube as your Rust server hosting provider, you get all the essential functionalities and speed you need to win the game.

You would get an easy-to-use control panel for the Rust dedicated server. You can configure the server, modify settings, administer the server, start, restart, shut down, change options, update the application, and more.

Here, you can also find your entire passwords needed to run the Rust server, including the admin password. You will get options such as the capacity to ban the game players based on IP address, player name, in addition to unbanning them, changing player data, and more.

Their Rust server comes with DDoS prevention, which ensures your server is online all the time, encounters low latency, and is always playable. Other features included in the ScalaCube Rust server hosting are full FTP access, free domain, and Oxide support.

You also get advanced SSD drives so you can play your game super-fast. Their servers are located in North America, Europe, and the United Kingdom.

Its pricing starts at $16/month for 100-player slots.


Launch your Rust game today by using the high-quality services of HostHavoc. They uphold and maintain high server availability through their sturdy infrastructure utilizing the industry-leading data center, having reliable links that can deliver up to 99.9% uptime.

The data centers are located in 11 locations globally, utilizing secure networks and safe facilities having true redundancy. With free DDoS protection, your applications and bandwidth are safe from source engine query exploits and UDP floods.

In addition to this, they offer 2-step authentication for better security.

If you want to go for self-management, you get FTP access along with a web file manager. You can also configure the command line of their server launch. They host their game servers only on an advanced control panel – TCAdmin v2.

This control panel is consistent, easy to use, and reliable, and they also provide custom templates tailored to each game to offer the best experience. All the gaming servers come with instant setup, 24/7 support, and a 3-day money-back guarantee.

HostHavoc’s pricing starts at $14/month for 30 slots.

Survival Servers

Survival Servers is a popular server hosting provider for many thrilling games like ARK, Minecraft, and more, including Rust.

Immediately after making the payment, you will be directed straight to manage the game server assigned to you based on your location. Hence, you can benefit from its instant server setups and custom launch parameters.

This dedicated server provider has many features to offer, such as FTP access, SSD drives, dual-CPU Xeon processors, mods, and plugins. You also get the flexibility of automated or custom server restarts, top versions of mods, Rust pre-release, server status, and switching server locations any time you wish.

For security, you get advanced protection techniques and server pass-locking or map changing. Survival Servers has an in-house control panel that lets you customize and configure your game server effectively. Using this, you can install supported maps and mods, switch locations, and change settings through their one-click form.

They have a fast global network with servers located in multiple places. It includes 5 in North America, namely, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, North Carolina, and Seattle. Other than that, they also have servers in France and Germany in Europe.

Get this server hosting at just $0.16/slot.

Indifferent Broccoli

Why host your Rust server with Indifferent Broccoli?

Because their quirky brand is backed by quality hardware (i.e. minimal lag), a custom-built control panel (plus Discord integration), and top-notch customer service.

With a game like Rust, you want a reliable server host. Indifferent Broccoli commits to providing the lag-free and crash-free experience you need. Their support team is always available through Discord or email, so if you run into issues, they are quick to respond.

They even offer a two-day free trial (no credit card required) to prove they mean business. They are convinced if you launch your Rust server with their one-click setup, experience their lag-free gameplay, and chat with their friendly support staff, you’ll stick around.

Plus, if you are a Twitch streamer or YouTuber looking for a server hosting provider, they offer a dedicated service to help you succeed. You can contact their support team for more information about their content creator partner program.

Give Indifferent Broccoli a try if you’re looking for a friendly, helpful, and effective server host for your Rust servers. They offer a two-day free trial, followed by $12 per month for a 25-player Rust server.


Fozzy is another popular Rust server hosting service provider where you can run your personalized game server. Here, you need only a few clicks to set up everything and invite your friends to join you in this survival game. 

When you choose this customizable game server for hosting, you get the freedom to set the rules according to your gaming style. It allows you to install any mods and facility to invite friends with whom you can play Rust together!


This server hosting is simple to start and easy to manage. All you have to do is to choose the plan that seems affordable to you. If necessary, you can also add more slots, processor power, RAM, and disk space.

Thanks to its built-in flexibility, it can also adapt to many mods. If someone wants to test this server as a player, they can join one of its public servers to verify the signal quality.

Fozzy also provides 24/7 DDoS protection free of cost for gaming safety. So, leave your fears aside and start hosting your game on this server.


GTXGaming is a premier Rust server hosting provider that has been offering excellent services since 2013. They are known for the impressive features, functions, and level of ease they offer you for server controls.

It includes features like easy-to-use drop-downs, text input fields, and sliders that even a beginner can use without hassles. At the same time, they also offer advanced features so you can make the most of your game server and enjoy high-speed gaming.

You can install Umod or Oxide from the mod manager in addition to any plugins through FTP or file manager. You can also schedule automatic updates for the mods and server backups through the control panel.

GTXGaming supports live maps by Rust IP and MySQL & PHPMyAdmin databases that you can install through the mod manager with a single click. The Wipe Server button helps to wipe out things and if you want to get it back, then restore it from backups. Use configurators to set up your server, and connect to RCON easily from the control panel and modify the details plus password if you need to.

It allows you to access the online backup manager, schedule a broadcast and restart message, schedule RCOM commands and steam updates. You can change the configuration using the 1-click repetition fields and add custom commands through the Start.bat configurator.

Switch games easily, protect your servers with DDoS protection, and leverage the enterprise-level hardware with SSD and i7 processors for high performance. They have data centers located in 15 global places across 4 continents to provide you with far-fetched network coverage and low latency. They also offer offsite file storage with a clone backup.

Get your server from GTXGaming starting as low as $9/month. If you are not satisfied, issue a refund within 24 hours.

Sparked Host

We had to put Sparked Host on this list. They offer fast speed, intuitive server control panels, affordability, etc. In other words, Sparked Host is the best bang for your buck. It starts at around $10 per month which is below most of the other companies on this list. Even at that price point, though, you aren’t sacrificing any quality. Their server’s hardware is fairly new and powerful.

The more we look into it the more bells and whistles we find. Here is a comprehensive list of what you can expect:

  • A fast server and modern panel to control it
  • Unlimited player slots
  • Enterprise DDoS protection
  • Virtually no downtime
  • One on one, 24/7, support
  • A 48-hour money-back guarantee
  • FTP access
  • Multiple locations
  • Instant setup

With promises like that, especially considering the money-back guarantee, we see no reason not to give the team over at Sparked Host a try. However, there is no reason you need to take our word for it. Sparked Host is one of the most reputable companies in the industry with a 4.8/5.0 star rating on Trustpilot at the time of writing this. Make a purchase with them today and see why so many people think that score is justified.


Irrespective of your expertise level, using a Rust server and administering it is easy with mTxServ hosting. They give full server access, and you can install uMod or Oxide via its control panel to add multiple mods.

They provide comprehensive documentation covering all the important points from installing mods, adding administrators, changing maps, performing data wipes, etc. You get a live console displaying the server logs and guiding you to the server management process.

Don’t be afraid of data loss as they backup your server after every 6 hours. You get FTP + web FTP access having a code editor to enable quick file modification and transfer. It comes with an API where all your actions are available.

They have data centers located in different countries globally, including France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Poland. They have data centers located on the West and East sides in North America and Canada.

mTxServ accepts payments through multiple modes, including PayPal, Credit cards, and tokens or virtual money specific to their site. The pricing of mTxServ starts at $29.26/month for up to 250 players. You can also leverage its free trial for 24 hours before buying it without a credit card.


Shockbyte is known to provide powerful hardware and a bunch of solid features that elevate your gaming experience sky-high at a relatively lower cost than most of its competitors. Since 2013, the service provider has already hosted 100k+ game servers to thousands of its happy customers.

Not only does it provide excellent service quality, but also great customer support. As soon as you buy the service, they quickly send control panel credentials along with server IP via email so you can get started soon.

For installing multiple plugins into the Rust server, you have the Oxide mod option, which is available with just a click.

Access files through FTP, enjoy features like automatic mod installations and configuration editing, plugin customization, free subdomain, server console, global servers, multicraft CP, automatic updates, and backups.

Don’t worry about game availability; Shockbyte guarantees 100% uptime and low latency. If you come across any problem, you can go for Oxide support. Enjoy the flexibility of upgrading or downgrading your plan any time you wish as the new plan will be applied automatically with no loss of settings.

The pricing of its servers starts at $9.99/month.

Gameserver Kings

Do you want the highest quality hosting service which is reliable and lag-free?

Yes, it is obvious!

Then, Gameserver Kings can be a great solution for you.

Rust is the largest game they host by far, and have learned even the minute details about it to offer you commendable services. Its control panel is straightforward to use, enabling even beginners to get started and running easily.

After you get the login data, they also give you access to their knowledge base, having articles with clear instructions and pictures to run tasks.

They let you update Rust with just a click from the control panel and install mods and plugins for your convenience. They ensure 24/7 server uptime, and the specifications include 64 GB RAM, quad-core CPU having 3.6GHz processors, and multiple SSDs.

The features included are mod support, custom plugins, Rust experimental, auto-backups, Rust Oxide 2.0, and more with no setup fees. As they believe in their services, you get a 24-hour money-back guarantee with no question asked.


Survive the game, fight with cold, hunger, thirst, build cities, and raid other towns using the seamless servers by Nodecraft. It comes with a new interface – NodePanel 2, which is effortless than ever.

Set the server instantly using their mobile-friendly panel, and manage everything with simple clicks. Even though it’s simple, the stability and performance it delivers are unmatched. They also provide you with a streamlined application that helps you manage your server on the go.

To provide you with the best experience, they never overburden your servers. They manage around 12 players on average for each; this way; the servers can access more disk IOs, CPU cores, and RAM. It also saves you from the headaches of crashes and lags.

Some of the features included in it are enterprise-level SSDs, 32 GB ECC RAM, 3.3+ GHz processor, DoS protection, 1 Gbps uplink network. Its infrastructure is built on a Linux environment for better security and performance.

Nodecraft has data centers located across 5 continents, including cities like Dallas, Chicago, and Phoenix in the US; São Paulo in Brazil; Singapore, Adelaide, Auckland, and Brisbane in the Asia-pacific; and London, Moscow, Amsterdam, and Belgrade in Europe.

Its pricing starts at just $9.98/month, and you have the flexibility of canceling it at any time.


All the hosts discussed in this article are great, with a slight change in their features and pricing. Therefore, no more guessing about how to host a Rust server.

Do you play other games like Minecraft or ARK?

Check out Minecraft server hosting and ARK server hosting platforms.

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