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In Collaboration Last updated: July 14, 2023
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Find some of the best Smartsheet templates that help you manage projects and business workflows in different industries.

Smartsheet is one of the leaders in project, work, and collaboration management in small to enterprise-level businesses. According to a recent Datanyze report, Smartsheet’s market share in the project management and collaborative workplace app industry is 5.28%.

Hence, it is highly obvious that a moderate number of companies are using Smartsheet for managing tasks and projects. If you are also into this tool and want to reduce your time on business management, you can use Smartsheet templates. 

Read on to discover some professional and awesome Smartsheet templates that will get you started with project or work management in a few minutes. 

What Are Smartsheet Templates?

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Templates are ready-to-use project or work management Smartsheet boards that you can use in similar business cases. There are plenty of templates in the Smartsheet content library. You will not find it challenging to find a template that matches your business or industry.

Templates come with all the fields you would need in a project management sheet. For example, an Event Plan and Budget come with the followings: 

  • Columns for Task Name, Assigned, Progress, At Risk, Due Date, Quantity, Budget, Notes, etc.
  • Tasks and subtasks
  • Various views like Gantt Charts, Card View, Calendar View, etc.

Now, all you need to do is change the tasks and subtasks field to start your event management project.

You get free access to all the Smartsheet templates when you get a paid subscription. Moreover, the Smartsheet development team keeps on adding new templates regularly.   

Why Do You Need Smartsheet Templates?

The primary reason to use project or work management templates in Smartsheet is to start the project as soon as possible. There are some other reasons which you can find below:

  1. Make your projects and business management sheets consistent. Clients may change, but your business data reporting, analytics, etc., always remain the same.
  2. Smartsheet’s internal professional experts create such templates. Hence, you ensure to use standard business terminologies and project reporting formats when using these templates.
  3. Creating a project template from scratch is a time-taking project. You can focus on project planning and team meetings while the Smartsheet app is here to create the project whenever you need. 
  4. Small business owners and trainee project managers can start their Smartsheet projects without any costly professional help, thanks to the Smartsheet templates.   

How to Access Smartsheet Templates

You must now be super interested in using templates. But, you are finding it challenging to find the templates you are looking for. Not to worry! Follow the steps below to learn how to navigate with Smartsheet templates:

Sign up for Smartsheet

If you do not have an account, sign up for one by following the below-mentioned steps. Smartsheet is free for 30 days.

Welcome to Smartsheet portal to sign up or log in
  • Click on Try Smartsheet for free button. 
  • Besides the ‘Don’t have an account?’ dialogue, click Create one.
Creating a new account on Smartsheet
  • Enter your email or sign up with a Google/ Microsoft account.   

Login to Smartsheet

If you already have an account, follow these steps instead: 

  • Visit the Smartsheet web app login portal.
  • Enter your email and password.
  • Hit the Sign in button.
Signing in with an existing Smartsheet account
  • If you have previously subscribed with a Google, Apple, or Microsoft account, choose the appropriate option for quick sign-in.   

Get Smartsheet Templates  

  • Once you log in to Smartsheet, it takes you to the Home tab.
  • To explore Smartsheet templates, you can visit the Solution Center tab or the Create button on the Home tab.
Smartsheet home screen
  • While on the Home tab, click on Create option located at the top right corner of the web app. 
  • A context menu will open with options like Sheet, Form, Report, Browse Templates, etc.
  • Click on Browse Templates.
  • You are now in the Solution Center and must see the Browse All Solutions screen.
the Browse all solutions screen of smartsheet
  • Click on See More Templates or See More Template Sets, depending on your choice. Template Sets contain more work assets like Dashboards, Reports, Forms, etc. 
  • Now you get a complete list of Smartsheet templates.
  • You can narrow the list by clicking filtering options like Clients & Customers, Finance & Accounting, Human Resources, IT, etc., from the navigation pane below the Solution Center column.   

Best Smartsheet Templates for Different Industries

Digital Marketing

The Integrated Digital Marketing Plan template is suitable for marketing teams that cater to various support and creative requests from other business teams. Hence, you can use the Smartsheet board immediately to start an integrated digital marketing campaign. 

Digital Marketing Smartsheet template

The sheet has advanced spreadsheet formulas, workflow automation, and custom text formatting features. That is not all! It also includes detailed project pathway planning, granular details of the marketing plans, and an executive summary for managers. 

You can easily switch to the Gantt chart view from Grid mode since the template includes the necessary Finish and Duration columns. There is a Flag column that you can use to highlight a project phase. Not to mention the Budget/Spend column that empowers you to manage marketing spend.    


The retail industry struggles with stock optimization. Hence, Smartsheet offers an automated Inventory Stock Control board that can streamline the following retail business activities: 

  • Productivity optimization in the inventory department
  • Balancing sales, orders, and stocks
  • Identifying the correct restocking date
  • Cut down on excess inventory expenditures
  • Get supplier details instantly
Inventory Stock Control for Retail business

The Inventory Stock Control template has a data entry field on the right side and fixed details on the left side. Some useful default columns are Department, Reorder Status, Item Name, Inventory Value, etc.

You can automate your inventory management with the Barcode Inventory Management Template. It comes with an exclusive column for product barcodes. You can use barcodes or sync the spreadsheet with an ERP tool to track the number of various goods in your warehouse.  

Construction and Engineering

Your construction business can benefit greatly if you use the following Smartsheet templates in their respective use cases: 

  • Construction Documentation Tracker Template
  • Equipment Schedule Template
  • Construction Budget Template
  • Construction Schedule with Gantt Template

For example, the construction scheduling template is particularly helpful for planning, tracking, and visualizing your construction project. You can copy the template and rename it to use the same template for multiple construction projects. 


The template is both mobile and web app friendly. Hence, field engineers and supervisors can update the necessary columns for tasks. There are pre-set status columns like Start Date, End Date, Assigned To, Status, % Done, Duration, Notes, etc.

The Task Name column comes with most of the construction tasks and subtasks. For instance, there are tasks like Plumbing, Insulation, Cabinets, etc. If you expand the tasks, you will find subtasks like Ground Work, Rough-In, Bats, Blow-In, Master Bath, Kitchen, Basement, and so on.  

Entertainment and Hospitality

The hospitality and entertainment industry needs to accurately track spending, task accountability, guest attendance, ticketing, mapping tickets to revenue, mapping meal consumption with real-time guests, and so on.

To meet your above needs, here are the Smartsheet boards that will come in handy: 

  • Event Launch & Budget Template
  • Fundraising Gala Template
  • Event Staff Hotel & Passes Template
  • Event Task Plan Template
Entertainment and Hospitality

For instance, the Event Staff Hotel & Passes format is perfect for managing hotel accommodations for your staff or clients attending an entertainment event.

The project board has vital data columns like Pass Type, Pass Cost, Hotel Cost Estimation, Hotel Name, Check In, Check Out, Credit Card, Rate, etc.    

Finance and Financial Services

You will need accurate data capturing and easier auditing capabilities in your financial services projects. The following Smartsheet templates could meet most of your requirements in this business sector: 

  • IPO Project Checklist Template
  • Loan Amortization Schedule Template
  • Financial Month-End Template

Let us consider you are planning to go public through IPO offerings. It is a huge project for any business that wants to collect money from the stock market through share sales. Use the Smartsheet board to plan everything about the IPO, even if you do not know all the steps. 

Finance and Financial Services

Its Preparatory Work column already outlines all the tasks you need to wrap up. For example: 

  • Financial statements
  • Prepare for Due Diligence
  • Preparation for Dual-Class
  • EIP and ESPP
  • S-1 Prep
  • SEC Review Period
  • Finalize and Publicly File S-1

Other important column fields you need are Start Date, Due Date, T-Minus Weeks, Dependencies, Duration, Assigned To, etc. 


Your manufacturing plants require various raw materials, equipment, product recipes, product development guidelines, and more. You can efficiently track all these on project management sheets available in Smartsheet. For example, you need the followings: 

  • Incident Report Log with Form Template
  • New Product Approval with Form Template
  • New Product Development Schedule Template
  • Machine Maintenance Schedule Template

The Machine Maintenance Schedule format is a simple checklist that you can print out or track digitally. It outlines most fields you need to track, like Machine Condition, Machine Name, Location, Last maintenance Date, Next Maintenance Date, Maintenance Cadence, Assigned to Machine Technician, and Notes.  

Human Resources

Smartsheet has, by far, some extremely helpful templates for staffing agencies. Businesses that maintain their staffing team can also use these Smartsheet boards. Some great examples are: 

  • Employee Info Directory
  • Employee Review Checklist
  • Job Application Form
  • Job Candidates Tracker
  • Applicant Resume Tracker With Form
  • Employee Termination Documentation
  • Interview Process With Gantt
  • New Hire Checklist
  • Time Card With Automated Approval
Interview Process With Gantt

For instance, you need to hire 10 employees for your marketing team. You need to use the Interview Process With Gantt template in this scenario.

This spreadsheet consists of all the phases you can expect in a hiring process. For example, the Pre-Interview Phase, Candidate Interview Phase, Candidate Selection Phase, and Hiring Phase. 

The project board automatically shows a Gantt chart at the right-side navigation pane and the Calendar view on the top columns. Thus, HR managers can review the entire project status by looking at the Gantt chart dashboard.   


The following Smartsheet templates are truly suitable for nonprofit and non-government organizations (NGOs):

  • Nonprofit Event Marketing Plan
  • Field Team Submissions With Form
  • Donor Management
  • Volunteer Roster

The nonprofit accounting process is crucial to sustaining your tax-exemption status in the US and UK. Thus, you need to track donor data like their donation amounts, name, address, TAX ID, etc.

Nonprofit donor management

Thus, you can use the Donor Management format from Smartsheet. It comes with standard data fields that you might need.

For example, Donation Year, Donor Name, Email, Phone Number, Address, Region, Fund Name, etc., column headers are there by default. Since Smartsheet boards are based on spreadsheets, you can easily import these data to various nonprofit accounting software.


Smartsheet has a vast collection of templates for accounting agencies and businesses. Some notable formats at your disposal are: 

  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Statement
  • Financial Month End
  • Yearly Tax Preparation   
Balance Sheet

Small, medium, and startup businesses can easily save thousands of dollars using these formats. Maintaining these Smartsheet templates will enable you to comply with accounting regulations without paying an external agency.

Alternatives to Smartsheet Templates

You have explored the huge collections of templates by Smartsheet. Now, look at the following project management apps that also offer templates: Templates

Monday templates has an elaborate library of templates for different business cases. Once you access its template library, you see Featured categories of templates like Marketing, Project Management, Design, Sales & CRM, HR, and Software Development. You can, however, get more templates by selecting business categories from the left-side navigation panel.    

ClickUp Templates

ClickUP Templates

ClickUp’s template library showcases frequently used templates directly on the template home. These are from business niches like Design, Creativity, Engineering, Finance, Product, Accounting, etc. There are also two levels of filters on the left sidebar. These filters are Levels and Use Cases. You can find a suitable template by modifying the filters.    


Templates are great resources to start new projects without guesswork or human errors. Hence, most project management apps offer ready-made templates. Smartsheet is not any different and offers free templates for personal or commercial use without any licensing needs.

The article has, so far, explained some outstanding business and project management templates from Smartsheet. You must find a Smartsheet board above related to your business. Start utilizing the templates right away or personalize to make the template sheet yours.

You may also be interested in the best invoice templates for Word and Notion.

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