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In Mobile Last updated: November 18, 2022
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With a few swipes, you can calculate the tip you need to leave to the service professionals using tip calculators.

Tipping is one of the most common ways to convey thanks to the service professionals, especially in restaurants and cafes. It is a kind of etiquette that is usually expected while having a dining-out experience. However, you are not necessarily required to leave a tip as per the Law. You can pay a small amount to show gratitude for a good service.

You are not required to tip in a self-service restaurant or dining area. Additionally, if tips have already been included as a separate entry in the bill, you can avoid them.

tip calculator

But the biggest question that probably would often come to your mind is how much you should tip. The amount you should leave as a tip depends upon a large number of factors. These factors include the location of dining, rating of the restaurant, quality of service, and much more.

Amongst all these factors, the location of the country you are dining in is the deciding aspect. Different countries have different tip percentages that one can leave while dining out.

Country Wise Tip Percentage Estimates


In the USA, dining outlets or restaurants expect a tip of around 10%. For outstanding service, you can offer something between 15-20% as a gesture of gratitude.


The standard tip percentage rate in Canada at dining outlets is 15-20%. However, it can be according to the level of service received.


Mexican restaurants usually expect a tip of between 10-15%. The amount left as a tip may vary depending upon the size of the order, occasion, or place.


While dining out in the UK, you will see a 12-15% service charge on your bill. However, this is not necessarily throughout the UK. But if no service charge is added to the bill, tipping 10% is standard practice.


In restaurants in France, you will be able to find a service charge of around 15% on the bill. Otherwise, you are expected to tip around 10% as a general rule.


Spanish restaurants expect a tip of between 10-15%.

Middle East

In the Middle East restaurants, cafes, bars, and dining outlets, the staff expects a tip of around 10-15%.


In Australia, as a standard, you can expect to leave a 10% tip for the service staff at various dining outlets.

Now the question arises of how you should calculate the amount. The rules and formulas you come across for calculating tips can put you through a hassle. Especially when you are on the go or in the middle of a conversation, these percentage calculations seem pretty daunting. Another common situation is when multiple people are involved in dining bills, and the tipping amount is to be split. In that case, too, it seems tricky to calculate the exact tipping amount.

This is why a tip calculator can work wonders in all conditions. These tools can help you calculate an accurate amount for tipping.

How does a Tip Calculator Usually Work?

Different tip calculators have varying user interfaces; however, the data you enter and the output you get is almost the same in all cases.

tip calculator

A tip calculator enables you to enter certain details. This includes the total billed amount, tip percentage, and the number of persons amongst which the amount and tip are to be split. As you enter all the details, you get calculated amounts. The output comes in the form of total payable amount, tip amount, tip, and/or tip per person. The results and the terms used for all these may vary from app to app.

Now let’s explore the best tip calculator options you can utilize while dining out.

Tip Calculator by Skol Games LLC

Tip Calculator by Skol Games LLC is an Android app that calculates the tipping amount and eliminates hassle-free manual calculations. It splits the bill quickly, saving time when you go out for dining or drinks with friends or family.

tip calculator

With this tip calculator, you can calculate the percentages and share the output with other persons.

  • It works on:
  • Android

Tip N Split

Tip N Split is again a fantastic handy app for Android devices. It enables you to calculate the tip and split the total bill in just 5 seconds. It can split the bill among any number of persons dining out together. You can round up and round down on any amount, and this tip calculator will accordingly make changes to the amounts.

tip calculator

It displays the total payable amount, amounts to be paid per person, tip percentage, and tip amount. This app also has a tipping guide to help you find how much you should tip in different countries.

  • It works on:
  • Android

Tip Calculator by Hide Apps

This Tip Calculator by Hide Apps enables you to calculate both pre-tax and post-tax tips. You can split the bill between multiple persons. This app makes it easier to round up or round down the total bill or tip amount.

Its clean and easy-to-use user interface supports portrait and landscape screen displays.

  • It works on:
  • Android

Tip Me

If you are on a hunt for an ad-free tip calculator, Tip Me is the right option. This is a full-featured and robust app for Android devices which is simple to use.

It helps you calculate the tip in real-time. You can reset the values in this app by just shaking the device. It can help you get a split amount or tip between any number of persons. Its coupon feature enables you to identify the tip on the original amount. It also comes with rounding options. You can even customize the look of this tip calculator.

  • It works on:
  • Android

Tip Calculator by TuriApps

This Tip Calculator by TuriApps is a free Android app that you can use to calculate tip percentages. This easy-to-use application lets you get the final bill amount, including the tip. The final bill amount is calculated from the tip percentage or specific tip amount.

It also helps you split the amount among the number of persons dining out. You can round up or down the amount to be paid. It also remembers the last tip percentage that you have applied. It does not collect your personal data.

  • It works on:
  • Android

Smart Tip Calculator

This Smart Tip calculator works seamlessly and can calculate the tip for you in seconds. This app is ad-free and is available for Android devices. It supports tax percent up to 3 decimals. You can instantly split the bill, calculate the tip, and round up or down the amount.

Its clear user interface lets you quickly adjust values with just + and – buttons. It automatically remembers the last tip percentage that you calculated using this app.

  • It works on:
  • Android

Tip Calculator‰ by Tim O’s Studios

This Tip Calculator‰ by Tim O’s Studios, LLC is designed for iOS devices. It is a simple to use and user-friendly app that enables you to calculate tips quickly when dining out. It also offers reliable and accurate calculations even if you are in a hurry.

It lets you enter the billed amount and tip percentage and brings you the calculated tip with the total amount to be paid.

  • It works on:
  • iOS

Tap Tip

Eliminate the battle of the brain for calculating tips with this easy-to-use tip calculator, Tap Tip. With this iOS app, you can calculate tipping based on service. You can split the bill into a maximum of 100 persons, resulting in each person’s billing and tip. It lets you exclude sales tax as well from the tipping.

tip calculator

If you want to share its results, you can do it via email or text.

  • It works on:
  • iOS

Pro Tip

Pro Tip app comes with a simple, minimalist, and single-screen layout that makes this app highly easy to use. It allows single-touch adjustments to set the tip, bill, resetting, and the number of persons. It performs rounding automatically and instantly. To check its usefulness, you can round to the nearest currency and check how much percent is changed.

It is a customizable tip calculator app. It enables you to choose from 4 color themes.

  • It works on:
  • iOS

iTip Calc

iTip Calc is an iOS application that makes tip calculation easier. This app is completely accessible through voiceover. It allows you to apply any tip percentage and calculate the amount. It works with all the currencies that exist internationally.

tip calculator

iTip Calc allows you to split the bill between any number of persons. You can round up or down with just a single tap. It generates a summary report that you can share through various methods.

  • It works on:
  • iOS

Tipping & Splitting

Tipping & Splitting is a tip calculator that enables you to handle the sales tax irrespective of your location in the US. Just enter the subtotal and sales tax, select the tip percentage, and it will calculate the tip and total amount.

It shows the calculated output in an easy-to-read format that you can easily copy and add to the receipt.

  • It works on:
  • iOS

Tip Calculator % Gold

Tip Calculator % Gold is again a handy iOS app that enables fast bill entry and bill splitting. You can calculate the exact amount of tip that you should pay while dining out or having drinks.

This is a free application that you can download from the apple store.

  • It works on:
  • iOS


Try a perfect tip calculator if you struggle calculating tips while having food or drinks in restaurants or cafes. The above-listed tip calculators are one of the best options available for Android and iOS devices. So download the most suited one and enjoy seamless tipping.

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