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In Development Last updated: August 7, 2023
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Site search solutions are excellent tools to help visitors find what they are looking for in an eCommerce website.

And when they can find the relevant products in your shop, the probability of them purchasing the products becomes higher.

This not only increases your conversion rates and ROI but also shows them you care for customer experiences.

It will work way better than a regular search box for several reasons, especially for large sites. 

So, if you are looking for such a solution, I’ve listed some of the best site search solutions in this article. 

But before that, let’s understand a few things. 

What Is a Site Search Solution?

A site search solution is a platform or software with pre-built code that you can add to your site and enable an advanced, feature-rich search engine. It will help the customers find exact products based on their preferences instead of showing boring results or no results at all in case of typos. 


By helping them find what they want, you are catering to better customer experiences, encouraging them to buy more from you while your conversation rates and ROI keep increasing. 

It comes with features such as filters, personalization based on a buyer’s previous activities, analytics, fault tolerance, customization options, intuitive UI to manage your catalog, multi-language support, and more. 

Site Search Solution vs. a Regular Search Box

So, why go for a dedicated site search solution if you already have a search box?

The reason is it might not be sufficient to cater to the needs of larger eCommerce sites with thousands of products listed.


Not only larger sites but small sites can also benefit from site search solutions because of their expanded feature list, such as personalized recommendations, multi-language support, analytics, filters, and more.

Apart from enhancing your ROI and profits, site search solutions will shape your buyers’ entire buying journey.

Now, look at some of the best site search solutions for eCommerce sites.


Use Searchanise to add a site search option to your eCommerce site and increase your conversion rates. It will offer analytics-based recommendations and relevant search results to delight customers and help them buy the things they need.


Key Features

  • Search options: Let the customers search faster with options like synonyms, autocomplete, redirects, and suggestions that make sense.
  • Filter: Boost your sales with overlay filters, color swatches, and custom product facets.
  • Result displays: Maximize revenue by displaying your results intelligently with options like banners, quick view, labels, and pinned results.
  • Upsell and cross-sell: You can upsell or cross-sell your products and gain profits even from low-performing products.
  • Analytics: Get the full picture of everything, such as the number of clicks, total cost coming from clicked products, search queries, etc., to decide how to boost revenue.

Start your FREE trial.


Searchspring is one of the best search, personalization, and merchandise platforms for eCommerce sites. It will help you enable an outstanding search system on your site and deliver an enhanced shopper experience.

Let the shoppers easily find what they are looking for, encourage them to buy more, and visit your shop more. It will provide you with better control over your site. You can easily increase your cart’s size, boost conversions, and retain customers with search merchandising and personalization.

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Key Features

  • Simplicity and high performance: You will get a high-performing yet simpler site solution to drive sales.
  • Recommendations and personalization: Precise, relevant recommendations and personalization will help customers feel like the site is designed for their needs. It will also help influence each interaction throughout the shoppers’ journey with real behaviors rather than random rules.
  • Product merchandising: Control your site like a pro on what the shopper would see on the site. You can change the display, arrange products intuitively, and build conversion-oriented campaigns.
  • Reporting and insights: Searchspring will act like a personal data interpreter for your eCommerce site. It will help you make smarter decisions based on shopper behavior and boost your conversion rates.

Request a demo to know how Searchspring works.


Build world-class shopper experiences with Algolia that empowers businesses with powerful search and recommendation solutions. It will help you provide seamless product catalog access to customers through AI-powered search, discovery, and useful recommendations. This will enhance not only visitors’ shopping experience but also your revenue.


Key Features

  • Availability: You will get a 99.999% uptime on select plans to enable the users to visit your site and find things they need.
  • Blazing-fast global distribution: Algolia has 70+ data centers located on six continents, which helps ensure a reliable and consistent user experience with speed.
  • Robust APIs: Algolia processes 1.5T requests yearly for over 10k customers worldwide with the help of robust and scalable APIs.
  • Security: Algolia is committed to providing a compliant and secure environment with GDPR and SOC 3 certification.

It’s useful for multiple industries and use cases, including eCommerce, SaaS, marketplaces, media, and enterprise and workplaces.


Deliver intuitive site search, personalized shopper experiences, and helpful product recommendations with Coveo. It will help you shape your visitors’ buying experiences and boost your conversions, profits, and cart sizes.

You will get useful insights, tools, and new eCommerce trends to scale and thrive in the world of retail giants efficiently. Even if your customers are unsure about a product’s name or spelling, they can find it faster with smarter search experiences.


Key Features

  • Production search: It will help discover products easier and faster with AI-powered running and typo-tolerant suggestions.
  • Personalization: Guide your customers through personalized badging, 1:1 recommendations, and content tailored to their needs.
  • Pricing, entitlement, and availability: This solution manages each buying group’s entitlement pricing during the query based on your CRM or ERP data.  
  • Unified product and content search: Distribute helpful text and video content to remove friction while the visitors are browsing your product catalog, finding a replacement for a part, or wanting to learn more about a product.
  • Insights: use data from each interaction to power machine learning and show relevant products based on the visitor’s site profile, behavior, frequently added items to the cart, and more.

Coveo offers the flexibility of headless eCommerce, so you can easily build product recommendation carousels, high-performing search UI, and listing pages. 

Typesense Cloud

Get a globally-distributed and lightning-fast Search-as-a-Service, Typesense Cloud for your site and deliver exceptional shopper experiences. It’s the hosted SaaS variant of their open-source product and is loved by companies of all shapes and sizes.


Typesense Cloud is deployed by thousands of production-class clusters, serves more than 250 million requests a month, and is available in 20 regions globally. This solution will help visualize, explore, and tailor all the search experiences and make your visitors happy. 

Key Features

  • Search delivery network: Typesense Cloud’s Search Delivery Network works like CDN but is built for Search. It will help you deploy nodes worldwide closest to your customers and provide ultra-fast search capacity.
  • Configuration control: Configure the site search based on your exact needs with up to 1TB RAM and 960 vCPUs for all your datasets and traffic requirements.
  • Security: The platform is secure with isolated and dedicated clusters, full disk encryption, TLSv1.3, and SOC 2.  
  • More features: Multi-node high availability, NVMe SSDs for faster IOPS, and auto-scaling for increased traffic or data.

You will get a dedicated cluster with no record or operation-based overages or charges while adding more searches or records. Just pay for what you exactly use.


If you are looking for a search solution that’s effortless to use, try Swiftype. This platform is powerful yet simple, without any steep learning curve. It has helped thousands of businesses globally deliver the best shopper experiences with highly revenant search results.


Key Features

  • Search refinement: Allow the visitors to search your products/services by date, author, price, content type, location, etc.
  • Autocomplete: Guide the users to relevant products, answers, and content with real-time results as they type.
  • Security and privacy: Swiftype strives to protect your data and emphasizes security with SOC 2 compliance and strict data security policies.
  • Powerful tooling: Intuitive algorithmic controls, best-in-class ML tools, cloud-based technologies, simpler implementation tools, content syncing, and powerful analytics are offered at your fingertips.

Try it FREE for 14 days.

Add a powerful site search functionality to your eCommerce site with and drive personalized experiences. It will help users with the search results that they would like to see while boosting your business KPIs.


Constructor leverages each interaction of your customers with the site to show them relevant products. It also automatically optimizes each search result for the KPIs of your choice.

Key Features

  • Simple user interface: You will get a simple user interface to manage everything and provide better search experiences for your users.
  • Real-time personalization: Its powerful AI will help you understand the positive impacts of personalization algorithms on your search results.
  • Other features: Multi-lingual support, faster search, greater uptime, voice search, and more.

Visit the official site to know more about how Constructor can help you.


Prefixbox provides a semantic search engine that’s amazingly accurate but surprisingly simple. It will help you increase your conversion rates while decreasing your zero-result page with the help of its AI-powered search engine. It will display all the relevant aspects against a query to enhance the visitor experience.


Key Features

  • Robust synonym database: Prefixbox’s synonym database continues expanding, increasing both the number of results and accuracy for every query.
  • NLP: This platform utilizes Natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) to precisely rank your products on the SERPs.
  • Mobile optimization: Prefixbox’s modules are optimized to enable users to browse from their mobiles easily. In addition, each module can easily be integrated with different mobile applications.
  • Sorting: With intuitive sorting by price, popularity,m relevance, etc., shoppers can easily find their intended products.
  • Faceted navigation: The intelligent faceted navigation can show relevant products based on their attributes to help users sort faster.
  • Spell correction: Prefixbox can decipher typos and display accurate results.
  • Customizable: You can customize every part of the Search Engine and match your shop’s UX.
  • Other features: A self-service portal, 99.8% uptime, high performance and fault tolerance, indexing, query alterations, and more.

Check Prefixbox’s documentation to know more.


Boost your site conversions using the powerful site search solution – AddSearch. It will provide you with a faster setup for any platform you use and full implementation support using the AddSearch web crawler or API. AddSearch has served more than 1800 customers with its robust tools and features. 


Key Features

  • Customization: You can easily customize the platform and add it to your website or application.
  • Personalization: You can show relevant search results based on a user’s previous purchases and intent to make the platform look uniquely designed for them.
  • Ranking management: Control all the content and order of search results and provide the best customer experience.
  • Intuitive design and search: AddSearch offers intuitive search and design that is easy to navigate.
  • Data indexing: Automatically index your content with the advanced crawler or indexing API.
  • Analytics: You will get advanced analytics to understand how the search performs and improve your services.
  • Extensive documentation: Refer to its extensive documentation with everything explained precisely to understand how it works and add it to your site.

Try AddSearch FREE for 14-days.


Get the best custom site search engine – Expertrec for your digital store and enhance your buying experience. This search engine is incredibly faster, works on every platform, and offers real-time indexing.

Expertrec will help you build a customized site with a defined interface and experience. It offers easy setups and quick search results to deliver memorable user journeys. You can also personalize experiences with data from users’ interactions and increase conversion chances.


Key Features

  • Speed: With Expertrec, search results can load within a few milliseconds, enabling faster and smooth user searches.
  • Spell checker: Display the right products at the right time to the buyers, even when they make spelling typos while searching.
  • Filters and facets: Let the buyers use filters and cates to sort the products by price, category, brand, size, and other aspects.
  • Merchandising: Promote your products and change the search relevance, weights, look, and feel of the search engine with the drag-and-drop option.
  • 30+ language support: Expertrec supports 30+ languages so that you can serve customers from multiple countries or regions.

Start your 14-day FREE trial. Get a paid plan starting at $49/month.


Use Klevu to add an AI-powered search engine to your site. Combining machine learning, deep learning, and linguistics will help you deliver enticing search results to customers personalized for their preferences.

This platform is also super easy to use and install, requiring little to no maintenance but will help you drive your ROI. 


Key Features

  • Self-learning site search: Klevu’s AI-based smart search can learn from user interactions to optimize the search results. It offers a visually appealing, future-ready search that supports voice-based and long-tail textual search and auto-promotes your trending products.
  • NLP for voice and text search: NLP is the core feature of Klevu that helps detect nuances of typed or spoken languages. It will also help you identify buyer intent and search through available product information to generate relevant results.
  • Error tolerance: It can automatically manage typos and display results.
  • Stop words: Klevu detects your stop words to understand the buyer’s intent.
  • Inflections: The platform will understand what buyers mean if they use adjectives and verbs in other grammatical forms.
  • Other features: Automated product catalog enrichment, autocomplete, real-time personalization, dynamic filters, merchandising, keyword-based product promotions, banner ads, 100% secure CDN, 99.99% uptime, seamless indexing, analytics, and more.

Start your FREE trial today.

Luigi’s Box Search

Luigi’s Box Search is an AI-powered site search solution that will help your buyers find the products they are looking for. It will also allow you to easily personalize the site to the user’s intent and help boost conversion rates.

You can add it effortlessly to your site by inserting the script into your webpage’s header or through the Tag Manager. Next, you can list product catalogs via XML exports or API and launch your search engine.


Key Features

  • Search result modifications: Instead of showing no results, this platform will show related searches after handling typos, synonyms, etc.
  • Autocomplete: Accelerate searches with the autocomplete feature.
  • Personalization will show personalized results based on the buyer’s previous interactions.
  • Advanced match quality: Its AI algorithms can evaluate the site’s match quality and understands content structure to shape user interaction.
  • Language support: The platform supports multiple languages to help you cater to buyers from different countries and languages.
  • Other features: Merchandising, full-text score ranking, dynamic filters, voice search, product variants, advanced filtering UI, and more.

Get started with Luigi’s Box with a FREE trial.


Meilisearch is a cloud-based and user-focused search engine solution designed to provide an extraordinary experience for discovering content on any eCommerce website or application. It offers custom filters, faceted interfaces, multi-language capabilities, and the flexibility of self-hosting or Docker container deployments.

Build an intuitive search experience in a snap.

Renowned companies like Louis Vuitton, Hugging Face, Hellonext, GoRails, etc., trust the platform.

Developed with Rust, one of the most secure languages used in today’s market, Meilisearch ensures high performance and remarkable security.

You can try this reliable platform for 14 days free of cost if enhanced customer retention and increased conversions are your goals and you want to achieve them quickly.

Key Features

  • Instant search with response times of less than 50 milliseconds
  • Quick deployment process and smart presets for quick and easy search
  • Default ranking rules to customize the search result relevancy
  • Easy to integrate location-based search without requiring advanced technical knowledge.
  • API and a range of software development kits for easy integration

It also has an open-source version which is free to use with limited functionalities. Meilisearch is a robust search engine solution that helps to enhance user experience with its various functions and capabilities that helps to retain the customer base.


The eCommerce business is rewarding but also highly competitive. Therefore, offering the best buyer experience is necessary for this space to excel.

Using a powerful site search solution that can offer the best search results to customers is a great way of offering a delightful experience. So, use any of the above site search solutions to add a robust site search option to your site and witness better conversion rates and ROI.  

You may also explore some best eCommerce Hosting platforms for customer experience and business success.

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