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  • Hosting videos on a traditional web hosting server isn’t the best idea. Find out why!

    That’s because, as the number of videos increases, you’ll be compromising your server resources and slowing down your website. And I believe it is a universal fact that slow speed isn’t what Google likes for ranking.

    To avoid all of that, you can, and you should opt for a specialized video hosting platform to host all your videos and then embed them into your website/blog.

    If this interests you, be sure to read this article till the very end and hopefully save yourself from the dooming effects of wasting your server resources.

    Advantages of using videos

    While there are many reasons to use video, here are just a few of them.

    Easy to consume

    Information via videos, as compared to articles, are way easy to consume because it can be summed up pretty quickly. Also, in today’s time, not many people can sit and read huge paragraphs of text.

    This is the right time to start focusing on videos.

    Room for details

    Adding to the above point, an article cannot be stretched to something that is too long just for the sake of covering a lot of detail. That’d throw the readers off and demotivate them because reading a 15,000 words article is no joke.

    Thankfully, there’s a fix, and that’s video. You can cover as much detail in your videos as you want and even cut them into parts to make them easy to consume.

    Builds trust

    There’s something about video that screams professionalism (obviously, if done right!). That voiceover and/or showing of the face can increase customers’ trust big time. Whether it’s a promo, a product demonstration, or an online course, there’s no better option than video.

    Converts better

    Video marketing can help your product or service sell a lot better than doing without them. And I am not even making this up. A recent study by Unbounce proved that having a video on your landing page can boost your conversion rate by up to 80%. How assuring is that?

    That being said, let’s jump straight into the list.


    Vidyard’s all-in-one service makes it quite fast to create and share videos on various platforms. You can add interactive CTAs, analyze effectiveness before uploading, and even use several in-built tools to make it as best as possible.

    Apart from that, you can split-test and see how your videos are performing across all platforms. This is totally a game-changer because it cuts your manual efforts dramatically, allowing you to spend time on what’s important.


    Trusted by companies like FedEx and Fender, SproutVideo is a powerful and super easy-to-use video hosting platform for businesses. You can track and analyze every bit of metric and plan accordingly to that.

    This platform is secure and provides various privacy controls for a better video sharing experience. In addition to that, you can also create your own custom video players, playlists and stream in UltraHD.

    There’s so much more to it, and you can try them all with their 30-day free trial.


    An all-in-one video distribution and monetization platform, Uscreen comes bundled with a ton of interesting features. You can upload your videos, customize them to your needs, and distribute them via the OTT apps available. It’s great for getting your videos out there to an audience wider than your reach.

    On top of that, this platform also lets you grow subscribers and monetize them for some extra side money. It has a video CMS, web CMS, analytics, and payment gateways all integrated.

    You can get started using their free trial.


    Providing an amazing video experience, Brightcove uses HTML5 for its video player, making things a lot more beautiful. You can be assured any video delivered through this platform will come out good on any device.

    Apart from using the videos on your website, Brightcove lets you share them on various social platforms and even edit videos right from their system. If you’d like to view detailed analytics for each video, you can do that too.

    They’re great at handling security and have a brilliant support team that is available 24/7, so you can be sure you’re well taken care of if any issue arises.


    Great for educational content, Videollo helps your customers learn better and achieve more with their robust video hosting platform. It combines marketing and eLearning pretty well with the help of their video player, apps, and sales tools.

    Whether you’re on WordPress, Wix, OptimizePress, or ClickFunnels, this solution works for them all. Here are some other features that are worth mentioning:

    • Swift speed streaming
    • Customizable video player to match your brand
    • Various apps to integrate for different purposes
    • Add landing pages and funnels
    • Turn viewers into customers with their eCommerce selling slides
    • Automatically SEO-optimized your videos with JSON meta-data

    Vidello works flawlessly on all browsers and devices, and it’s completely secure.


    Great for e-learning business, VdoCipher is another great video hosting platform, and it restricts downloading your video by the viewers. There has been a lot of piracy on the internet, and this platform’s Hollywood-certified DRM completely stops that for your videos.

    Apart from that, you can watermark your videos by placing various elements like:

    • Text overlay
    • Phone number
    • Email address
    • Logo
    • IP address

    The video player is customizable and lets you add subtitles, rewind/forward option,s and a ton of other possibilities. They have some amazing testimonials, so I reckon you should definitely check this one out.


    Ever since Dacast acquired Vzaar, it has become a lot better and stands among the best out there. You can host your videos, analyze results, and even monetize them from several angles. It offers a high-quality streaming experience and is completely secure. Probably one of the reasons why brands like Nokia, Lenovo, eBay, and Canon trust them.

    Dacast is generally easy to set up and run through, but if you encounter any problems, you can easily reach out to their amazing support team available 24/7.


    You’ve probably heard about Vimeo as it’s one of the most popular ones out there, and for a reason. They let you transform your boring videos into interesting ones by providing a ton of customization options like:

    • Custom text with great fonts
    • Different styles
    • Collection of music tracks
    • Eye-catching colors
    • An overall resembles your brand

    After that, you can market your videos effectively and track progress like a pro. If you’re a sucker for live streaming, you can do that too with ease.


    Wistia provides a glorious video player and hosting platform to integrate videos on your website in the most professional manner. You can play videos at super-fast speed and avoid any spammy third-party ads or distractions.

    Since email marketing is essential for any business, Wistia allows you to capture the email addresses of viewers and retarget them later based on their data and interests. You can get started for free and be among brands like Moz and Zendesk as their customers.

    Jetpack Video

    Made for WordPress users, Jetpack Video comes from their well-known plugin, and if you’ve been a WordPress user for long, you know this plugin is one of the most talked-about in the marketplace. Their paid version has a brilliant video hosting feature that is worth looking at.

    You can embed your videos on your website and not even worry about your storage space, as everything is hosted on their system. Some features include:

    • Ad-free
    • Multiple video format support
    • Integrates with post editor and media library
    • Ability to auto-play videos and set margins
    • Customizable video player

    If you’re already using their free version, it wouldn’t be difficult for you to adapt to the paid version.


    We all know YouTube and its integrity. There is hardly anything that can go wrong with this platform, which is why it is the most popular video destination for video content online. It gained huge popularity when it started enabling people to share their videos easily and in straightforward steps.

    The same is the case with hosting your videos on it. You can directly upload your videos on it and then embed them on your website/blog. What’s better? It enables the viewers to share the video directly and spread the word.

    If you decide to host on YouTube, then check out these awesome tools to grow audience, revenue, and more.


    With the ability to host, store, manage, and monetize videos, Dailymotion is very similar to YouTube. It lets you create your own channel, build a subscriber base, and share videos among a passionate audience.

    With just a few clicks, you can start embedding videos on your website with a smooth viewing experience and engage your traffic. It has both a free and as well as a paid plan to fit everyone’s needs further. You should be fine with the free one for a start.


    You can rely on the above video hosting platforms and start spreading your videos to the right audience with the utmost ease.