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In Business Operations Last updated: September 4, 2023
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Virtual Assistants for the healthcare industry are a need for the hour when it comes to the most productive use of medical professionals. The healthcare industry has witnessed exceptional growth in recent years, thanks to the digitization of the entire healthcare business structure.

This has increased average footfallđź‘Ł and overall administrative and back office work, which may not be possible for medical practitioners to handle single-handedly. This is where virtual healthcare assistants come to your rescue!

EMR documentation, trained staff, HIPAA certified, quick onboarding
Secure video conferencing, real-time patient visit documentation
Specialized training, dental/veterinary assistants, remote monitoring
Cool Blue VA
Receptionists, admin assistants, billing and insurance support
Mountain Mover 
Cost-efficient virtual assistants for various medical tasks
Virtual Nurse Rx
HIPAA compliant, registered nurses, bilingual assistants
Express Virtual Assistant
Medicare processing, medical transcription, patient monitoring
Improved documentation, expedited claim process, non-binding contracts
AI chatbot for symptom evaluation, multi-language support
Voice-integrated EHR tasks, cost reduction, patient engagement
Maya MD
AI-driven symptom capture, clinical decision support, accuracy
Conversational AI for documentation, risk assessment, revenue improvement

What are Virtual Assistants?

Virtual assistants (VAs) are either well-trained healthcare professionals or AI-based platforms that assist doctors in increasing the patient satisfaction rate by performing tasks that improve the health of the customers at a reduced overall cost. Medical professionals have already benefited greatly from the IoMT for better patient care, but through the use of VAs and AI, healthcare can become even more accessible.

VAs are certified to handle different tasks, such as collecting demographic and insurance details, maintaining patient health history, procurement details, and managing the initial consultation process. This way, medical professionals can shift their focus to more complicated jobs and provide patient care, which they are best trained for.

Why Does the Medical Industry Need a VA? 

A virtual assistant is required by the medical industry to achieve the following: 

  • Enhanced productivity and time management – Focus on imparting the best treatment and improving business growth by assigning back-office tasks to virtual assistants. 
  • Accurate documentation creation – Handle tasks like data entry, record management, and documentation to ensure that the patient data system is up to date. 
  • Cost Efficiency – Hiring virtual assistants is an affordable solution to having in-house employees to assist you with your medical practice. 
  • Dedicated customized support staff – A well-trained virtual health assistant can skillfully provide the support you need to successfully carry on the healthcare business operations. 

In the healthcare industry, there is a lot of administrative work that needs to be done properly so that patients get the best care. From scheduling appointments to updating patient records, all these tasks add up to the man hours of productive time spent in a day.

With a virtual assistant on the job, doctors just need to be there to offer the best care to their patients without worrying about maintaining Electronic Health Records or maintaining an appointment diary. This allows doctors and other medical professionals to invest their time in doing what they are good at – providing excellent treatment and care.

The Benefits 

Helping the medics with the following day-to-day tasks, virtual assistants can prove to be highly beneficial for you: 

  • Less waiting time: Implementing virtual assistants in hospitals can eliminate the long patient queues as they can easily access the answers to common questions. 
  • Reduced overhead costs: Reduction in the healthcare business overheads, such as the cost of setting up a call center with the remote setup. 
  • Instant medical help: Deliver personalized answers to medical queries instantly that can prove to be lifesaving.
  • 24*7 accessibility: Doctors usually have a fixed time duration to attend to the patients. On the other hand, virtual assistants can be consulted anytime for small queries. 
  • Timely monitoring: A healthcare VA can precisely monitor the patient’s health stats and e-prescriptions to assist physicians in better patient care.

Now that you are aware of the numerous benefits of healthcare virtual assistants let’s check out all the leading platforms offering virtual assistants. 


HelloRache is a leading platform that provides healthcare virtual assistants to thousands of medical, dental, optometry, and veterinary professionals worldwide.

The platform revolutionizes your medical practice by cutting down the back office tasks and the process of in-room EMR documentation. 



  • Backed up by well-trained and registered nurses and medical staff based in the Philippines. 
  • It has affordable pricing without any setup fees or contracts. 
  • Certified in the HIPAA training program to implement proper privacy practices.
  • Specialized training for the virtual assistants to get familiar with the EMR/EHR software you use. 
  • Simplified and quick onboarding process to get started in a day. 

Healthcare Virtual Assistants (HVAs) aim to improve the workflow for medical specialists so that they can focus on providing quality treatments to patients in less time.

What’s interesting is that HelloRache offers full-fledged virtual healthcare assistants for the veterinary and dental healthcare providers known as VHVA and DHVA, respectively.

After revolutionizing the virtual assistants for the business sector, has introduced the virtual assistant platform to cater to the needs of the healthcare sector. They aim to offer a solution that can complete the daily tasks of healthcare professionals to reduce unnecessary stress and overall costs. 

YouTube video


  • Connect with the Virtual Medical Scribe Services assistant using secure, encrypted video conferencing software. 
  • Record and document patient visits in real time if required. 
  • Document EHR systems and take notes to improve productivity.
  • HIPAA trained assistants to adhere to the security and privacy practices from remote locations. provides professional virtual assistants who are well-trained to handle all the administrative tasks so that your workload is reduced. You need to choose your virtual assistants from the list available, and the onboarding and training process begins right after. You will only be charged after your VA starts managing your work. 


Medva is a leading virtual assistant platform for medical and dental professionals wanting to hire highly professional and vetted healthcare Virtual Assistants based in the Philippines.

The platform ensures they go through quality training programs specially designed for them which makes them well-versed in medical and office management.

YouTube video


  • Dental Virtual Assistants to assist in practice upkeep.
  • Veterinary Virtual Assistants to help veterinarians handle their management tasks. 
  • Virtual Medical Scribe to streamline medical documentation and cut down the admin costs.
  • Remote Patient Monitoring for professional health monitoring of your patients. 
  • Medical Billing Virtual Assistants to cut down mundane tasks.

Medva’s medical virtual assistants can handle different work scenarios such as virtual medical receptionist, appointment management and scheduling, verbally confirming unconfirmed patients, worker’s compensation billing collections and reports, obtaining correct benefit information for patients seamlessly, etc. 

Cool Blue VA

Cool Blue VA strives to completely align the healthcare and medical virtual assistants with your needs with the needs of the medical professional. Hence this platform may be the right choice if you want to streamline your medical tasks and office-related tasks to avoid staying late in the office. 

YouTube video


  • Medical Virtual Receptionists for handling tasks like customer service phone calls and booking, rescheduling and canceling appointments.
  • Medical Virtual Assistants to manage administrative tasks, such as patient data entry, patient follow-up services, updating patient files, and virtual administrative assistant. 
  • Virtual Medical Billing and Insurance Management like medical billing and coding, healthcare claims adjudication, and answering billing questions from patients.
  • Medical Virtual Scribes to assist patients in real time.

The virtual assistants registered on this Cool Blue have an extensive medical background, such as nursing trained in outpatient and in-patient care. A practicing medical specialist can rely on them for front office, scribe, back office, and insurance support.

Mountain Mover 

With the tagline, the pinnacle of outsourced virtual talent, Mountain Mover offers virtual assistants for different fields, including medical healthcare. You can hire these virtual assistants to save money, increase efficiency, and for high customer satisfaction. 

Mountain Mover is a go-to place to hire virtual medical assistants to perform tasks ranging from answering calls, live scribing, and insurance verification at a reduced cost. All the virtual assistants need to complete HIPAA compliance training to protect patient security and privacy. 

YouTube video


  • Remote virtual medical receptionist to answer phone calls, schedule appointments, and process medical orders.
  • General administrative medical assistant to handle many tasks, such as managing medical records, billing, verifying insurance, ordering supplies, and more.
  • Medical billing assistant to take on tasks such as verifying patient insurance, answering patient inquiries, and updating medical billing software.
  • Medical coding assistant to analyze medical records, perform chart audits, and assign codes. 

Thanks to the dedicated customer care service, the process of hiring and onboarding the virtual medical assistant is a breeze. 

Virtual Nurse Rx

As the name suggests, Virtual Nurse Rx is a sophisticated medical virtual assistant platform to hire medical and mental health professionals. Having specialized medical virtual assistant services, nurses, and mental health therapists, the platform aims to cut the workload of doctors and physicians so that they can engage with patients.

YouTube video


  • 100% HIPAA Compliant.
  • All Medical Virtual Assistants Are Registered Nurses or Mental Health Therapists.
  • Bilingual Virtual Assistants (English/Spanish).
  • Dedicated US Based Project Manager.
  • Backup MVA At No Additional Cost.

Expert-level virtual assistants are made to undergo extensive training in medical systems, EMR, EHR, and Practice Management platforms so that they possess the necessary tools and skills required. 

Express Virtual Assistant

Get in touch with the Express Virtual Assistant platform to hire professionally trained virtual medical assistants to improve the efficiency and workflow of your medical practice. What’s more, you can affordably cut down the chaos and easily stay proactive and organized. 



  • Medicare Reimbursement Processing
  • Medical Transcription Services 
  • Virtual Assistants for Patient Monitoring Services
  • Revenue Cycle Management Services
  • Virtual Assistants for Medical Animation Services
  • Virtual Assistants for Teleradiology Services 
  • Virtual Assistants for Healthcare Claims Adjudication Services

The platform offers virtual assistants proficient in managing patient files and information, accepting new patients, and maintaining electronic medical record (EMR) standards to help reduce the administrative workload. 


Medphine’s Live Virtual Assistance program is a boon for the medical practitioner under constant pressure to treat patients and handle administrative tasks as well. They offer professional help to ensure that the doctors can give undivided attention to patients to improve patient satisfaction and score high ratings.



  • Improve the quality of documentation during patient encounters
  • Reduce the extra hours spent completing charts
  • Expedite claim creation process
  • Reduce risk factors and simplify workflow
  • Reduce account receivables days
  • Non Binding Contracts – explore with ease.

Medphine’s live virtual assistants are highly skilled in handling back-office tasks and can be trained to handle administrative responsibilities to improve productivity. 

AI-based Healthcare Virtual Assistants 


Meet Mediktor, a versatile AI-powered medical chatbot to help medical professionals with triage and pre-diagnosis treatments. The platform does a marvelous job of evaluating the symptoms of patients and recommends the next course of action within a couple of minutes. 

YouTube video


  • A human-like chatbot capable of initiating human-like conversation. 
  • Guides patients about their symptoms via the question-answer technique.
  • Multi-language support with over 17 different languages.
  • Cost-effective as you get 10 times the return on the investment. 
  • Clinical trials with real patients are led by third parties.

The white-labeled SaaS software can be easily integrated into the hospital’s business systems, such as health insurers, hospital ER, hospital digital front door, and pharma businesses. 


Equipped with virtual assistant capabilities, Nuance does an exceptional job of eliminating the need to perform repetitive tasks in the healthcare business. Thanks to the voice-integrated functionality, you can easily access the information at your fingertips, improving the workflow. 

YouTube video


  • EHR‑specific voice skills for efficient search results. 
  • Perform EHR tasks such as scheduling an appointment, searching a chart, or writing an order. 
  • Cut down the time and cost spent on clinical documentation, collecting patient stories, and giving reimbursements. 
  • Omni-channel patient engagement solutions to cut customer support costs by 25%. 

Nuance virtual assistant is empowered to naturally interact with the EHR and perform tasks that go beyond the workflow assistant capabilities. It also allows you to access third-party information using the voice search feature using apps such as UpToDate and MDCalc.

Maya MD

With an accuracy rate of 94%, Maya MD is an AI-driven virtual health assistant that uses the question-answer method to capture the patient’s symptoms and health insights and recommends the next steps of the treatment.

YouTube video


  • Instant access to AI-based questions about patient symptoms
  • Relevant medical analysis reports in an easy-to-understand format.
  • Powerful clinical decision support tools to automatically create documents like medical history, chief complaint, differential diagnosis, and recommended labs.
  • Cutting-edge technology to reduce errors and improve accuracy.  

Having a vast database of 10,000+ symptoms & conditions, MayaMD utilizes advanced clinical algorithms based on the medical knowledge database to evaluate the different combinations of symptoms and past medical history in a fraction of a second.


Meet SOAP, supercharged with the power of conversational and generative AI to simplify the complex tasks of medical practice. The AI-based algorithms save valuable time in the patient admittance process, and the risk and symptom assessment features free up the cognitive space. 

YouTube video


  • Automatically document more than 85% of the clinical encounters to save the time of the doctors and physicians. 
  • Integrate SOAP notes into your EHR systems to reduce the data collection and entry time. 
  • Analyze the key data of the patients to diagnose the risks for cancers and heart diseases. 
  • Improve the payor approval rate of surveillance studies and pre-visit lab work
  • Drastically improve the E&M reimbursement and revenue for physicians and health systems. 

Its EHR-integrated, conversational AI-powered patient and physician-facing interface is the perfect tool to accurately collect extensive patient data and eliminate redundant administrative tasks. 

Wrapping Up

So, we reach the end of our rundown, encompassing the most popular virtual assistants principally designed for the healthcare industry.

Each of these platforms is designed to help deliver exceptional treatments to the patients and improve the overall workflow. Embracing these virtual assistants will surely improve the overall quality of your medical practice and reduce the burden of back office and administrative tasks. 

The best alternatives for these for you will depend on your individual requirements and the features each of them offers. 

Next up, best practice management systems for medical professionals.

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