Know what visitors do on your website or how they interact with the navigation, article, click, etc.

Record everything that users do on your web page without slowing down a website.


What if I tell you, you can watch everything that your users were doing on your website? Including click, mouse scroll, etc. like you are watching through a camera.

Here is the list of services to help you with that. Most of them are having a FREE plan, so you can try to see what works for you.


Hotjar helps you with real-time session recording so you can watch what users see on your web page.

You have the option to either record every page or particular page. Recording a specific page will be useful if your focus is to optimize landing, product, pricing page.

Hotjar lets you configure if you want to record the session that is longer than 30 seconds and some following features.

  • Tag the video recording
  • Take notes while watching user actions
  • Share recording with your team
  • Filter/search recording like page contains, exit page, start with,

You can get Hotjar in action on your WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, LightCMS, Shopify, Magento, etc. with one script.

If you are using Google Tag Manager, you may have the script there for easy maintenance.


VWO can record mouse movements, clicks, and overall user behavior. As per your preference, you can choose to fasten the process or slow down and monitor every single detail. There’s also a super useful option to skip the timing strap in which users aren’t taking action. This helps you save a lot of time in the process.

In the recording, if you find something that might need improvement, like a visitor getting confused while filling a form, then you can add an observation mark on that exact time to solve it.

There are a lot more features that you’d love to use, so be sure to make use of their free trial. 🙂


UXtweak session recording tool indexes all of the user’s events and makes them searchable with our SmartSearch filters. Thanks to SmartSearch you can filter out only those sessions that for example: are from the USA, using a mobile device, visited the “Contact us”x subpage, and clicked on the “Schedule Call” button.

SmartSearch not only allows you to effectively filter out user sessions but also offer suggestions in search, to save you even more time.

With UXtweak, you no longer have to sit through hours of session recordings. Choose what gets recorded with surgical precision – a percentage of sessions, specific regions, devices, browsers, screen resolutions, etc.

  • Easy 3-clicks implementation with Google Tag Manager.
  • GDPR and CCPA compliant
  • Click, Scroll, Move, and Tap Heatmaps
  • Activity Tracking – with a simple click, you can set up trackers for any event and then track how they influence one another in time.
  • Session playback looks and feels like a video but is an exact recreation of your website including DOM.
  • In session playback, you can skip inactivity, take notes, adjust playback speed, or share the recording with a secret URL.

You also get access to all its features: unmoderated testing, tree testing, card sorting. Free plan and 5-day demo are available.


Inspectlet lets you record 100 sessions per month in FREE. Once recorded, you can filter the videos by many attributes, including.

  • Show session from returning/new visitors
  • Entry page contains something or visited a specific page
  • Exit page contains


Smartlook helps you record and analyze your users’ behavior on your website or mobile app. It has automatic event tracking, which helps you identify if the feature on your website or app is working the way it should be, based on users’ actions.

There’s also an option to focus on one event instead of everything altogether. This means you can see the replay recording of only one feature on your property that you desire. Something that is your main focus, like an “add to cart” button.

You can also create a funnel and analyze the results of it overtime, whether or not it’s performing well. All the data that is collected gets stored seamlessly so you can refer back to it whenever needed.

Smartlook is GDPR-compliant and super easy to set up on websites and mobile apps.


With over 160K customers, Mouseflow is another great option that helps you improve user experience and boost conversions with the required tweaks. They’re GDPR and CCPA compliant, so you know it’s all within the boundaries.

Here are the ways in which Mouseflow helps you:

  • Sessions recording and replay that tracks clicks, scrolls, forms and more
  • Heatmaps to determine the areas that get the most attention
  • Funnels and reports to identify what might be going wrong in users’ sessions
  • Forms that help you see how visitors interact with them
  • Surveys that allow users to share their feedback

This solution can be integrated with so many apps and platforms like WordPress, Google Analytics, Shopify, Wix, HTML5, etc.


Watch session replays of your users with Clicktale and figure out their intent behind it. It helps you see how they interact with your website, and you can also filter the replay by demographics, mouse movement, traffic source, behavior on-page, etc.

There’s also an option that lets you record sessions for specific event types, like testing a button or a certain area of your website. This helps in putting all your focus on elements that are the most important.

Clicktale can track and record desktop and as well as mobile users. You can straightaway request a meeting and get started.

AB Tasty

Apart from helping you monitor users’ behavior and revising your strategy, AB Tasty makes it super easy to make the most out of your collected data. It filters out the useless recordings and presents in front of you the most interesting ones, which have the potential to make an impact.

You can also manually filter the videos by numerous options like device used, OS, number of pages viewed, date, etc. There’s an option that allows you to view videos only based on your preferred event—for example, a landing page or navigation bar.

The good thing is, AB Tasty keeps the confidentiality and security of your users at the forefront by hiding sensitive data.


The above tools should be able to help with recording visitors’ sessions so you can playback and improve the overall website experience.