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In Digital Marketing Last updated: November 1, 2022
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As the popularity of creating YouTube videos increases, people realize the importance of creating an eye-catching YouTube Thumbnail.

The more creative and attractive your thumbnail is, the more people get attracted to the video. You may have to invest time and effort into creating a good YouTube thumbnail. We are here to ease the process a bit for you. 

Here we will mention some apps you can use to boost your click-through rate by creating catchy and attractive YouTube Thumbnails. 


Editing and creating designs using Canva is one of the best things you can do to make an excellent and successful YouTube thumbnail. For those who find using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator difficult, Canva is the best possible replacement for them.

Canva has many inbuilt templates that may help you achieve the task and attract the audience’s attention to your video. Some of these templates are free, while others may be a part of the premium pack.

YouTube video

You may come across elements, fonts, animations, and everything on Canva that you won’t find anywhere else. From stick images to Google images, stickers, and graphics to premium elements, Canva is the one-stop solution for all your editing needs.

Select the template that you like and insert images of your choice, customize the text and other details as per your liking, and you are all set to impress your audience with one of the best YouTube thumbnails they would have ever seen.

Save the thumbnail in whatever format you wish to, share it across with everybody, and you will be astonished by the amount of love and praise you will receive for these thumbnails. 


Picmaker is a well-known tool to create and edit YouTube Thumbnails like never before. They have a plethora of editable templates that you can customize as per your liking and needs. Insert the text you like, use the font style that pleases you, and finish the design with stickers, elements, and images of your liking.


The app also entitles you to remove the background, pick filters, use gradients, add outlines, and every other great feature. 

You get access to millions of royalty free images, a massive library of beautiful designs, and unique features at no extra cost. Picmaker is the app you have been searching for all your life. This is where your search ends. Create the best YouTube thumbnail and make your video a big hit!

Adobe Express

When talking about image editing, how can someone ignore the existence of the Adobe family? Adobe has always played a key role in editing pictures and creating banners, templates, and YouTube Thumbnails.

For creating awesome YouTube thumbnails, Adobe Express will be the best and one of its kind. The app is free for use, and anybody can use it to create designs of their choice. Adobe Express entitles you to lots and lots of free-to-use templates. 

You can modify these templates as you wish and use them to get results like never before. Use Adobe Express to create, reuse, resize, and save specific graphics of your liking.

These specific graphics may be a symbol that will make your videos unique and isolate them from everybody else’s videos. Adobe Express helps you in creating YouTube templates that reach a wider audience. 


While creating a YouTube thumbnail, you should never forget that the design should be such that it interrupts the scrolling of the viewers and compels them to watch your video.

This may be possible only when your YouTube thumbnail is attractive enough to grab people’s attention. Therefore, you may plan to use the Fotor app for creating such thumbnails that will surely attract a large audience. 

You may take inspiration from the pre-designed templates and create your thumbnail or use any inbuilt templates to cast the magic. While using Fotor, a good YouTube thumbnail design is just a few clicks away from you.

There is no need to spend hours thinking and planning a YouTube thumbnail. These templates that Fotor offers will save you time and hard work. The app’s interface is user-friendly; hence, everyone can conveniently use it to create YouTube Thumbnails like never before. 


When you create a video, a million ideas are running in your mind about what the thumbnail of the video should look exactly like. But sometimes, you don’t know how to convert the available idea to output.

This is when you may use Renderforest to create YouTube Thumbnails like a professional. Even if you have no experience in the field of designing, you can still be able to create attractive YouTube Thumbnails. 

You can browse through their library or search from the search bar to select a template that best serves all your needs. The work is half done here.

Now all you have to do is customize the template as per your liking and be amazed by the final results that Renderforest has to offer. The app also has a stock image library that enables you to select stock images per the subject and your liking. 


Visme has an extensive range of editable YouTube thumbnail templates. You can browse across these to search for the one template you like the most. You can add images, fonts, texts, stickers, and anything else. The final results that you will receive at hand will be astonishing.

You will be impressed by the excellent quality and finish of these fantastic templates that Visme has to offer.


The app has many attractive templates and allows you to customize these as much as you want. Match these with your brand and the purpose of the video, and be sure to attract many people to your video. 


All your worries and queries behind creating a good YouTube thumbnail end with Pixelied. You can create a good YouTube thumbnail using Pixelied within a second. Give up on using complicated apps such as Illustrator or Photoshop and switch to the easy-to-use Pixelied for achieving your purpose.

Don’t worry if you are a beginner in designing; you can still create eye-catching YouTube thumbnails using this app. 

YouTube video

When you create YouTube thumbnails, you must have multiple apps available. You must remove background images, have realistic mockups, use stock photos, perform team collaboration, and upload vectors simultaneously.

While there are multiple apps to serve the purpose, managing so many subscriptions simultaneously may be tiring. Therefore, Pixelied offers all these features under a single app. All you have to do is upload the desired image or select the template you like and edit it as you like using all the premium features. 


The YouTube thumbnail casts the first impression about your video to the viewers, and you want it to be the best. Therefore, you may use PicsArt to accomplish the purpose within minutes. 

YouTube video

You can select from their wide range of attractive templates and finalize the one you like the most. The next step is the addition of other elements such as stickers, text, font, quotes, and other small elements that will play a massive role in deciding the audience traffic on your video.

You need not be a pro at editing and creating designs. Even if you are a beginner, you can still create beautiful YouTube thumbnails by following simple steps. 


Creating stunning YouTube Thumbnails is no longer difficult. Even if you are a beginner and have no knowledge about how a YouTube thumbnail should be, you can use the PhotoADKing app to create a good YouTube thumbnail.

The dashboard of this app is very detailed and user-friendly, so you avoid any confusion while trying to create a successful YouTube thumbnail. If you wish to attract a lot of traffic to your videos, your thumbnail should look great. 

YouTube video

You can use the PhotoADKing app and create thumbnails like a professional designer to serve the purpose.

PhotoADKing offers editable templates that can be customized to create a good thumbnail. You can add stickers, stock images, icons, and pictures built into the app to create one of the best YouTube thumbnails. 

The templates offered by PhotoADKing come in so many backgrounds, designs, and filters that they will surely be a source of attraction for your video.

Search for your business category in the search bar and discover relevant templates within seconds. Edit these templates as per requirement, and you are all set to steal the show with your great thumbnail. 

Thumbnail Maker

The Thumbnail Maker offers a dozen features for creating brilliant YouTube Thumbnails. Install this app from the play store and edit the inbuilt templates to make a good thumbnail. The app also has the feature of creating a collage of images that you can use as a thumbnail image. 

Thumbnail Maker

You can browse through multiple layouts for collage and then finalize the one you like the most. Add all the images that best describe your video and create a collage.

The collage will be the best definition of your video and convey helpful information about the content you plan to offer. The app has preset text designs that you can directly add over your thumbnail and give the best look to it. 

All these features are free and help you to cast a good impression on your audience and attract them to your video. When your thumbnail looks aesthetically fabulous, people will be attracted to watch the content of your video and share good reviews about it. 


Befunky is one of the most ideal and easy-to-use apps for creating professional YouTube thumbnails. Using Befunky, you can create thumbnails that perfectly define your brand and help you to attract the correct audience base. A YouTube thumbnail plays a significant role in determining whether people will be attracted to your video or not. 

Therefore, you must design a YouTube thumbnail that the audience cannot ignore. You don’t need to be a pro at designing using the Befunky app.

All you have to do is select a template of your liking and drag and insert the desired image onto the template. Then finish the editing by customizing the template by adding all the final details. Doesn’t that sound so easy? 

Once done, you can upload the YouTube thumbnail and be sure that people will appreciate your template and click on your video to watch it instantly.

You can also create a standard template for use in all your YouTube videos. Select a template that fits your requirements and matches your style. Then you can save this template as an editable one using Befunky. Anytime you create a new video, modify this editable template to create a new thumbnail for your new video. 


As the app’s name suggests, Simplified makes creating YouTube thumbnails easier. There is no rush, no wasting time here and there; download the app and access all its features free.

The app has so many inbuilt templates that anytime you plan to create a new thumbnail, you will have a plethora of ideas available at hand. Add the image that best describes your video, and then customize the thumbnail per your requirements. 

YouTube video

From texts, logos, fonts, and designs to everything, you can make your YouTube thumbnail so attractive that people are forced to click on your video and watch it.

The app also offers a free AI copywriting tool that helps you jot down the best title and quotes for your YouTube videos. What else do you need when an app has so much to offer? Just sit back, create the best designs, and leave the customization and template task to the app.  


After successfully creating a good YouTube video with amazing content, the next important step is to think of an attractive title and create a catchy YouTube thumbnail. You can use Streamlabs to create thumbnails that will be better than the rest and attract audiences to your video. 

Streamlabs has a large number of inbuilt templates that may help you in easy editing and creation of a good thumbnail.

Add the pictures, text, GIFs, cartoons, emojis, and everything of your liking to customize these templates as per your liking. You can also create a standard template for all your YouTube videos and then modify each of these as per your different videos. 


Streamlabs makes creating a standard template easier to modify as per your own will every time you create and upload a new video. You can opt to use Streamlabs prime for using premium elements and templates that will be professionally designed. 


You can attract people to your video by creating beautiful YouTube thumbnails using the templates available with Offeo. The app offers a wide range of bright-colored and catchy templates. You can modify these templates as per your need and create a thumbnail suitable for your video. Add all the text, videos, and elements you want and see how the final results will make you go crazy. 

You will be impressed by the large number of audience members praising your thumbnail and getting attracted to click and watch your video. Whatever attracts the human eye casts a good impression about itself in their minds.

Therefore, creating beautiful thumbnails using Offeo will help you increase viewer count and boost your click-through rate. A good thumbnail is as vital as a good title of the video. Hence, you must put in all your effort to create a perfect thumbnail. 


Many options are available when you search for ways to create a good YouTube thumbnail. It would help if you had a rough idea of a good YouTube thumbnail.

You can search for apps and websites that give you access to the best quality thumbnails and create the finest ones possible. Once done, upload these on your YouTube channel with your video and enjoy while the audience appreciates your videos and designing skills.

And, if you need help with starting the channel and growing them, then check out the top YouTube tools.

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