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In AI Last updated: August 28, 2023
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AI legal drafting tools are powerful software solutions designed to assist attorneys in drafting contracts, enhancing data organization, and reducing the potential for contract disputes.

By leveraging AI technology, these tools can quickly analyze previous documents, identify crucial terms, and generate relevant legal contract templates within seconds. This streamlines the drafting process, saves time, and improves efficiency for legal professionals. 

Additionally, AI-powered software aids in reviewing and revising existing data, ensuring accuracy and mitigating potential risks associated with contract discrepancies. AI legal drafting tools revolutionize the legal workflow, providing enhanced productivity, risk mitigation, and improved contract management.

Product Notable Features
AI LawyerGlobal legal research, document creation, and review.
Genie AIAI-powered contract drafting, analysis, and customization.
LegalESimplifies billing, time tracking, expense, and trust accounting.
Law ChatGPTAI-assisted legal document creation with NLP algorithms.
Amto.aiPersonalized client communication, reminders, and updates.
MotionizeAI-powered contract drafting tool integrated with Word.
Paralegal AIRapid document summaries and answers for legal queries.
SpellbookAI writing assistant for contract language suggestions.
Legalese DecoderTransforming complex legal documents into plain language.
TextaAutomates case documents, legal library, and document review.
LinkSquaresContract management with AI-powered agreement review.
ClauseBaseContract automation platform with reusable clauses.
NEOlaw.aiAI-generated customized legal documents across domains.
DarrowAn AI-driven legal platform for detecting hidden legal violations.
LuminanceAI solution for legal document processing and review.
MaigonAI-powered contract review with GPT-4 language model.

Importance of Drafting Tools

Proficient legal drafting skills are vital for lawyers, as the quality of a legal document can significantly impact a client’s case.


These skills encompass effective communication, thorough legal research, attentive listening, and precise grammar usage. In the modern era, businesses must prioritize investing in top-tier legal drafting software to streamline their processes.

Organizations can unlock time savings, boost revenue, and open doors to new opportunities by standardizing, automating, and generating legal documents. Implementing such software expeditiously enables efficient document management, accelerates workflows, and empowers legal teams to focus on higher-value tasks.


AI technology in the legal field has the potential to bring about substantial benefits, including significant cost reduction, enhanced efficiency for lawyers, up to an 80% acceleration in the contract workflow, decreased risk of human error, and mitigation of legal burnout.

By leveraging AI, lawyers can leverage pattern recognition capabilities to analyze existing documents and generate new ones based on the identified patterns. 

It is essential to note that while AI can augment and streamline legal processes, it cannot completely replace human lawyers’ expertise and nuanced judgment.

The optimal approach involves a symbiotic relationship between AI and human legal professionals to maximize efficiency and accuracy in the legal field.

Here are some of the best AI drafting tools for lawyers:

AI Lawyer

AI Lawyer is an innovative platform that enables users to conduct legal research on global laws regardless of language.

A user-friendly interface simplifies complex legal concepts, making them easily understandable for everyone.

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The platform empowers individuals by providing access to comprehensive legal information and resources from any country worldwide. 

Key Features

  • AI Lawyer offers immediate assistance by providing quick answers to legal questions and guidance on legal matters.
  • The platform facilitates the creation of legal documents by offering templates, prompts, and suggestions to simplify the drafting process.
  • It provides a comprehensive document review feature, allowing users to analyze and assess the quality and compliance of their legal documents.
  • The platform enables users to compare multiple versions of legal documents, highlighting differences and aiding in effective document management.

AI Lawyer offers a subscription plan with a Golden Choice option. A free plan is also available, as well as a Big Case subscription. For long-term access, users can opt for the annual plan with the flexibility to cancel anytime.

Genie AI

Genie AI is a leading legal tech company harnessing AI’s power to enhance lawyers’ contract drafting efficiency. It enables analyzing and extracting essential information from legal documents, leveraging machine learning algorithms, and streamlining the process.

This data-driven approach empowers lawyers to efficiently generate new contracts and other legal documents, saving valuable time and increasing productivity. 


Key Features

Genie AI offers a range of key features that enhance the contract drafting process:

  • Access to an extensive collection of over 3000 regularly updated legal templates.
  • A contextual clause library with over 500 clauses to assist in contract customization.
  • A state-of-the-art legal contract editor for seamless document creation and editing.
  • Real-time document collaboration for efficient teamwork and feedback.
  • AI-assisted document customization to streamline and expedite the drafting process.
  • Contract review with clause-by-clause approval for thorough and accurate contract analysis.
  • A privacy-first design ensures the security and confidentiality of user data.

AI Assistant by Genie AI offers AI-assisted document creation at a cost per document. With a user-friendly DIY approach, users can leverage the AI-powered assistant to create documents efficiently and effectively, and access to the platform is available for free on an ongoing basis.


LegalE is a comprehensive legal practice management app that aims to simplify law practice and enhance the overall experience for lawyers and litigants. The platform is set to revolutionize the legal landscape by addressing the pain points in litigation.

It is dedicated to providing innovative solutions transforming how lawyers practice and deliver services, ultimately creating a more accessible and user-friendly legal environment.


Key Features

  • LegalE simplifies the billing process, allowing for easy generation and customization of invoices tailored to specific client needs.
  • The platform enables accurate time tracking, ensuring that billable hours are recorded and included in invoices, eliminating the risk of missed billing opportunities.
  • Its billing module allows for efficient tracking and management of expenses incurred during legal proceedings, facilitating seamless expense reimbursement and accurate client billing.
  • With LegalE, trust accounting is made effortless, enabling the management and reconciliation of client trust accounts in compliance with legal and accounting regulations.
  • LegalE provides real-time tracking and reporting of invoices, ensuring transparency and facilitating effective communication with clients regarding payment status and outstanding balances.

LegalE offers multiple subscription options to cater to different needs; you must contact their sales team for pricing.

Law ChatGPT

Law ChatGPT leverages the power of OpenAI’s natural language processing and machine learning algorithms, enhanced by custom training, to facilitate the creation of legal documents online.

Employing a deep learning neural network architecture ensures the generation of precise and authentic legal text output. Its advanced technology enables users to produce high-quality legal documents that are both accurate and natural-sounding. 


Key Features

  • Law ChatGPT utilizes advanced NLP and machine learning algorithms to produce accurate and professional legal documents, including contracts, letters, legal analyses, and custom clauses.
  • By leveraging AI technology, Law ChatGPT significantly reduces the time required to create legal documents, delivering results in a fraction of the time it would take a human lawyer.
  • The AI-powered system allows for customization, enabling users to tailor the generated legal documents to their specific needs and requirements.
  • Law ChatGPT ensures that the generated legal text is natural-sounding, enhancing readability and clarity for both legal professionals and clients.
  • It supports collaboration by facilitating seamless interaction between legal professionals and the AI system, providing an efficient document creation and revision workflow.

The free monthly plan provides free access to Law ChatGPT; while there are various paid plans like the Associate plan, the GC plan, and the GC PLUS plan. is essential for lawyers seeking to cultivate strong client relationships through effective communication. It recognizes that successful communication encompasses not only the message but also the tone and style employed.

With, lawyers can tailor their messages to individual clients, ensuring clarity, conciseness, and persuasive power in their emails. 


Key Features

  • Personalized reminders for court hearings and deadlines, ensuring clients stay informed and prepared.
  • Customized updates to keep clients informed about the progress of their cases, fostering transparency and trust.
  • Tailored compilation of relevant legal news and updates for each client, providing valuable insights and demonstrating expertise.
  • Summary of client communications, enabling easy access and reference to important discussions and agreements.
  • Quick and accurate responses to common legal queries from clients, saving time and enhancing client satisfaction. offers pricing plans to cater to different needs with Basic, Professional, and Custom plan.

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Motionize is a leading document automation and management company dedicated to revolutionizing the way legal practitioners work.

Its cutting-edge AI-powered contract drafting tool seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Word empowers legal practitioners to draft agreements with unparalleled speed and accuracy, reducing the time required by 50%.

This innovative tool can reframe complex legal concepts into concise, intelligible language, condensing the content into just five lines without compromising accuracy or legal compliance.


Key Features

  • Motionize provides a user-friendly interface that requires minimal training or coding knowledge.
  • Motionize offers a centralized storage system, ensuring easy access to documents anywhere and anytime.
  • Motionize streamlines the document creation process through automation. Its advanced algorithms and AI capabilities allow repetitive tasks and workflows to be automated, saving valuable time and reducing human error.
  • Motionize’s tools and features significantly improve efficiency in legal workflows. Automating manual tasks and providing intelligent suggestions cuts hours of work into minutes. 
  • Motionize’s AI-powered contract drafting tool, integrated with Microsoft Word, facilitates the creation of agreements with remarkable speed.
  • Motionize’s AI-powered contract drafting tool can distill complex legal concepts into concise bullet points. 

Motionize offers a solo account and a team account. Contacting Motionize directly to discuss pricing options tailored to specific needs and requirements is recommended for large team accounts.

Paralegal AI

Paralegal AI uses web and case text scanning and pattern matching to generate summaries rapidly. While not flawless, the AI aims to deliver accurate, concise summaries for efficient legal analysis.

Its purpose is to provide quick insights and save paralegals and legal professionals time in their research and document review tasks.


Key Features

  • The special-purpose AI effectively parses questions to identify important keywords, enabling it to accurately understand the context and intent behind the query.
  • Leveraging the parsed keywords, the AI delivers tailored answers specifically tailored to the user’s query, providing relevant and focused information.
  • By analyzing the keywords within the question, the AI can grasp the context of the inquiry, ensuring that the answers provided align with the specific legal context or topic being addressed.
  • The special-purpose AI’s ability to extract and focus on essential keywords allows it to deliver answers quickly and precisely, saving paralegals and legal professionals valuable time in their research and information-gathering tasks.

Their services are offered for free as they prioritize refining the model during the launch phase. The paid services will be introduced in the near future for those who are interested.


Spellbook leverages the power of GPT-4 to seamlessly review and offer language suggestions for contracts and legal documents directly within Microsoft Word. By analyzing documents holistically, it provides comprehensive insights for improved contract analysis.

With training from case databases, form libraries, and statutes, Spellbook offers accurate and relevant language suggestions tailored to the specific needs of legal documents.

This AI-powered tool enhances the efficiency and accuracy of the contract drafting process, empowering legal professionals with valuable guidance and language recommendations.

YouTube video

Key Features

  • Spellbook’s ‘Missing Clause Review’ feature helps identify potential gaps or missing clauses in legal documents, ensuring comprehensive coverage and mitigating potential risks.
  • The ‘Directed Draft’ feature guides users through the document creation process, offering step-by-step suggestions and prompts to ensure the inclusion of necessary legal provisions.
  • The Spellbook ‘Find Conflicting Terms’ feature scans the document for any conflicting terms or provisions, helping users identify and resolve inconsistencies within the legal text.
  • The ‘Missing Boilerplate’ feature assists in detecting any essential standardized language or provisions that may be absent from the document, ensuring compliance and completeness.

However, you need to contact Spellbook to understand their pricing by joining their waitlist.

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Legalese Decoder

Legalese Decoder is specifically designed to transform complex legal documents into plain language versions. Using AI, natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning (ML), it analyzes the document’s structure and content, identifying key terms and concepts.

It provides simplified definitions and rephrases the document using easily understandable language. Legalese Decoder AI enhances legal document comprehension, making it more accessible and user-friendly for a wider audience.

YouTube video

Key Features

  • Legalese Decoder utilizes advanced AI-driven analysis to identify key terms and concepts within legal documents, enabling accurate and efficient transformation into plain language.
  • The system can handle various legal documents, including contracts, agreements, and legal texts from various domains, making it a versatile tool for legal professionals.
  • Legalese Decoder provides plain language explanations by utilizing a comprehensive database of legal definitions, simplifying complex legal terminology for better understanding by a broader audience.

Legalese Decoder offers a free plan providing basic functionality and access to its features. The paid plans are the Home plan and the Professional plan.


Texta, the AI Writing Assistant, offers efficient solutions to streamline legal workflows. It automates the generation of case documents, ensuring accuracy and completeness while securely storing them in popular project management tools.

With Texta AI, legal professionals can easily track cases, maintain up-to-date records, and significantly reduce errors. This powerful tool optimizes legal processes, saving time and improving overall productivity in legal practice.


Key Features

  • Texta AI helps legal professionals streamline their case management by providing efficient tools for tracking and organizing cases, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information.
  • Texta AI offers access to a library of professional legal documents, providing quick and easy access to templates, clauses, and sample documents for efficient drafting.
  • Texta AI seamlessly integrates with popular project management tools, allowing for smooth collaboration, document sharing, and secure storage, enhancing overall efficiency in legal workflows.
  • Texta AI automates the process of generating legal documents, saving time and effort by generating accurate and complete documents with all the necessary information.
  • Texta AI utilizes advanced AI algorithms to ensure the accuracy and quality of legal documents, reducing errors and enhancing the overall reliability of the documents produced.

Texta AI offers three subscription plans: The Starter plan, the Pro Max plan, and the Pro Max Plus plan. 


LinkSquares is a cutting-edge contract management tool powered by AI, revolutionizing how legal teams handle agreements. It offers comprehensive features that streamline the entire contract lifecycle, from drafting to execution.

By leveraging AI capabilities, LinkSquares simplifies the review process, quickly identifying key terms and ensuring compliance. 

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Key Features

  • LinkSquares provides customizable templates, allowing legal teams to quickly create agreements by leveraging pre-defined formats and clauses, accelerating the agreement creation process.
  • With AI-powered technology, LinkSquares enables efficient agreement review by automatically identifying key terms, provisions, and potential risks, saving time and improving accuracy.
  • LinkSquares facilitates a streamlined approval workflow, enabling collaboration among team members, tracking progress, and ensuring timely execution of agreements.
  • LinkSquares helps legal teams mitigate risks and ensure compliance by identifying potential issues, discrepancies, or non-compliance in agreements, enhancing overall contract governance.

To know about LinkSquares pricing, you can contact them or request a demo for more information.


ClauseBase is a powerful contract automation platform that empowers users to create, manage, and automate contracts seamlessly. With its semi-automatic upload feature, users can easily import and dissect existing text documents, enabling efficient extraction of relevant clauses.

Its unique feature lies in its ability to create reusable clauses, allowing users to efficiently incorporate text fragments into other contracts or documents. 

YouTube video

Key Features

  • ClauseBase facilitates the semi-automatic upload and dissection of existing text documents, simplifying the process of importing and extracting relevant information.
  • Users can easily create, manage, and automate contracts within the ClauseBase platform, streamlining the entire contract lifecycle.
  • ClauseBase offers the ability to create reusable clauses, allowing users to efficiently incorporate text fragments into other contracts or documents, ensuring consistency and saving time.
  • By leveraging ClauseBase’s features, users can significantly improve contract creation and management efficiency, reducing manual effort and increasing productivity.

ClauseBase offers flexible pricing plans for different user needs. The Solo or Duo Plan is suitable for 1 or 2 users, while the Team Plan is designed for five users. The Office Plan, on the other hand, caters to 20 users. is a powerful online platform equipped with an extensive “brain” library that generates customized legal documents across multiple domains in just minutes. By answering a series of predefined questions, users are guided through the necessary steps to generate tailored documents.

The platform streamlines the document drafting process, providing ready-to-use documents specifically tailored to individual requirements. With, users can efficiently obtain legally sound and personalized documents to meet their unique needs, saving time and effort in the legal document creation process.


Key Features

  • Legal Brain:’s Legal Brain is a comprehensive knowledge library with various legal information and expertise.
  • Document Drafting: The platform offers efficient document drafting capabilities, enabling users to create customized legal documents tailored to their specific needs.
  • Document Review: provides document review services, helping users ensure their legal documents’ accuracy, compliance, and quality.

You can contact them to discuss their prices and plans.

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Darrow is an AI-powered legal platform driven by its mission to uncover hidden legal violations and promote justice. By harnessing the power of AI and machine learning, Darrow’s Justice Intelligence platform detects and uncovers harmful events that may have gone unnoticed, connecting the legal dots for comprehensive understanding.

It goes beyond detection and prediction, evaluating each case’s financial value and ultimately securing compensation for countless victims. 


Key Features

  • Darrow’s platform utilizes advanced algorithms to match cases with relevant legal expertise, ensuring optimal representation and alignment.
  • Darrow provides valuable insights into cases, leveraging AI to analyze data and provide actionable information for informed decision-making.
  • Darrow assists in formulating effective legal strategies by leveraging AI-powered analysis and recommendations tailored to each specific case.
  • Darrow’s platform facilitates plaintiff discovery, uncovering relevant information and evidence to strengthen legal arguments and support the plaintiff’s case.

You need to contact them to know about their pricing and plans if they offer.


Luminance is the leading AI solution for legal document processing, revolutionizing operations and driving business value.

With its advanced AI capabilities, Luminance streamlines the cumbersome task of document analysis, extraction, and review, enabling legal professionals to work more efficiently.

Luminance’s AI-driven approach delivers transformative benefits, enhancing operational efficiency and delivering value throughout the entire business ecosystem.

Key Features

  • Luminance leverages AI to read and comprehend legal documents, automating the process of extracting relevant information and understanding complex legal concepts.
  • Luminance operates through the cloud, providing seamless accessibility and scalability while eliminating the need for complex on-premises installations.
  • Luminance performs comprehensive document analysis, labeling various key information such as clauses, provisions, entities, and more, streamlining the review process.
  • The platform identifies and highlights critical areas within legal documents, enabling users to quickly identify and focus on the most important sections for review or action.

You need to contact them to know about their pricing and plans.


Maigon represents a cutting-edge AI solution for contract review, leveraging the immense capabilities of GPT-4, the most advanced language model available.

The synergy between Maigon and GPT-4 ensures an unparalleled compliance review experience for clients, combining sophisticated language processing with rigorous compliance analysis.

Maigon’s state-of-the-art technology enables accurate identification of potential compliance issues and discrepancies within contracts, enhancing risk management and regulatory compliance.

With its advanced capabilities, it revolutionizes the contract review process, delivering comprehensive and reliable insights for legal professionals and organizations. 


Key Features

  • Maigon utilizes advanced AI technology to conduct thorough contract reviews, providing accurate and comprehensive analysis.
  • Maigon seamlessly integrates with GPT-4, harnessing the power of the most sophisticated language model to enhance its review capabilities.
  • Maigon offers an unmatched compliance review experience, leveraging its AI capabilities to identify potential compliance issues precisely.
  • Maigon aids in risk management and regulatory compliance by thoroughly analyzing contracts and identifying potential risks or non-compliance areas.

You need to contact them to know about their pricing and plans if they offer.


While AI-powered legal drafting tools offer benefits in speed and accuracy, concerns about errors and omissions are valid due to the complex nature of legal documents. It’s essential to exercise caution ⚠️ and review outputs thoroughly to mitigate risks.

Human oversight and expertise remain crucial in identifying potential mistakes or missing information that AI tools may overlook. Legal professionals should use these tools as aids but should always rely on their knowledge and expertise to ensure document quality and completeness. 

Final Words

The legal industry is growing, and with multiple cases, lawyers need AI legal drafting tools, and legal document templates serve to automate processes and save time. But, one should use these tools cautiously and not rely on them completely.

If you are a lawyer and looking for the right AI legal drafting tool, you can go through the list mentioned in the article and choose one suiting best to your needs and requirements.

Next up, the best case management software for lawyers.

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