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In Business Operations Last updated: September 15, 2023
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Are you, as an owner of a retail business seeking creative ways to make the most of your retail space?

In the ever-evolving world of retail, effective space utilization and strategic visual merchandising make all the difference in luring customers and increasing sales. This is where the planogram software enters into the picture.

Planogram software has changed how retailers create and set up their stores to maximize their retail space and give consumers an engaging shopping experience. 

Let’s understand in detail what planogram software actually is and how it helps you organize your retail space. 

A planogram is a visual representation that outlines the positioning and arrangement of products within a retail area, such as a store or department. Merchants use it to organize their merchandise on shelves, racks, or displays.

The major purpose of the planogram software is to optimize the use of retail space to improve customer experience, increase sales, and improve overall operational efficiency. Planograms are often developed with specialized software that helps businesses to plan, visualize, and manage their retail space layout. 

How does Plangoram software help optimize the storage space? 


These software solutions help display your goods and merchandise and optimize the virtual retail store space in the following ways: 

  • Space Utilization: Retailers may use planogram software to make the most of their space. Based on client behavior, sales information, and the product’s popularity, they can analyze and modify the distribution of shelf space. Making the most of available space guarantees that goods are prominently displayed, making it simpler for customers to find what they need.
  • Assortment Planning: Planogram software assists merchants in organizing their product selection. Retailers can decide which goods to group for cross-selling opportunities or complimentary displays by looking at customer preferences and sales statistics. 
  • Product Placement and Sequencing: Sellers can choose the best order to place their products using planogram software. You can carefully sort things based on product size, brand, color, and pricing to create visually appealing displays that are bound to draw in customers.

Based on how promising a planogram software seems for your virtual business, just us as we discuss the best planogram tools along with their features that will help turn your storefront into a profitable hub of visual appeal and consumer engagement. 

So, here are the top picks for the best planogram software, well-known for being efficient and user-friendly. 


DotActiv is a top-tier provider of planogramming software designed for retail shops. Their cutting-edge solution offers powerful data-driven features, empowering users to create efficient planograms with up to 40 products on a single-drop layout. 


By gaining insights into shelf positioning and its impact on performance, retailers can optimize their product placement for maximum results. The key highlight of the DotActiv planogram software is the automation capability that ensures that you can master the data-driven planograms in a few seconds and not hours!


  • Provides robust retail analytics that facilitates informed decision-making.
  • It has custom dashboards, which enable users to explore and analyze store space visually. 
  • Ensures user satisfaction by offering comprehensive training videos.
  • Provide a money-back guarantee, highlighting their commitment to customer success.
  • Advanced features like a data-driven approach and dedication to customer support.


Creately is a user-friendly application that requires minimal technical expertise to create planograms or infographics. This means you can concentrate on your creative projects without being hindered by complex tools.


With numerous convenient drawing shortcuts, a vast library of meticulously designed shapes, and a wide range of professionally-crafted templates,

Overall, Creately provides an optimal experience. Moreover, its platform-independent feature makes it compatible with popular operating systems like Mac OS, Windows, and Linux, ensuring accessibility for all users.


  • Data-powered planogram tools with real-time collaboration
  • Free-form canvas for intuitive visualization with drag-and-drop functionality
  • Variety of color themes available to differentiate between different product categories
  • Built-in Google image search for instant access to related products without leaving the app
  • In-app video conferencing and live mouse tracking feature to enhance remote collaboration.


SmartDraw provides a wide range of great retail-specific functions and has shown to be very compatible with enterprise-level cooperation. It offers a complete solution with many templates, smooth integration with well-known software, automated visual generation, and simple file sharing. Surprisingly, while having enterprise-level features, SmartDraw’s pricing is still competitive.


SmartDraw offers drag-and-drop functionality which empowers you to add display cases, color palettes, and alignment to the products. The software offers a rich library of object visuals giving you vast options to choose from.


  • Intelligent formatting engine features that enable accessible diagram building and editing.
  • Automatic spacing, alignment, sizing, and color schemes are available.
  • Provides thousands of templates and symbols for over 70 different diagram types.
  • Offers true CAD-like drawing abilities, including standard engineering scales.
  • Users can create custom extensions using the VisualScript SDK.


Despite being a more expensive option, Quant has many benefits for planogram merchandising. Its tool includes a variety of fixture types, such as conventional shelving systems, table displays, specialty fixtures like refrigerators, and hanging systems. 


Quant also has a user-friendly interface that makes it simple to use. Both space utilization and sales potential can be efficiently increased using Quant’s automated planograms. The rich library of customizable templates tailored to your sales and logistics requirements allows you to create planograms within minutes.


  • High-performance software capable of efficiently managing and processing large volumes of data.
  • Generate precise and optimal planograms easily
  • Facilitates seamless export and sharing with in-store teams.
  • Enable concurrent access for multiple users, allowing simultaneous work on different projects.
  • Web application offers high flexibility and customizing options according to your preferences. 


Relex specializes in assisting retailers and consumer brands to achieve profitable growth through sales and distribution channels. By prioritizing customer satisfaction and minimizing operational costs, their comprehensive supply chain and retail planning platform enable businesses to enhance their overall performance.


With their innovative approach, they help clients achieve remarkable outcomes, including exceptional product availability, increased sales, enhanced sustainability, and optimal return on investment. 


  • Provides space planning and 2D planogram production with remote access.
  • Enables staff members to propose assortment modifications based on planogram data.
  • Allows for the creation, execution, and monitoring of tasks in multiple environments. 
  • Enables product restocking in a particular area
  • It empowers businesses to make informed decisions regarding inventory, space utilization, workforce management, and capacity planning.


zVisuel is a specialized tool catered towards manufacturers, brands, and retailers aiming to generate high-quality planograms quickly and efficiently.


By utilizing 3D planogramming, users can unlock the ability to interactively view and print planograms from various angles, automate the duplication of products along the depth of shelves, simulate intricate fixtures and point-of-sale (POS) elements, and access numerous other features that were previously challenging to achieve with traditional 2D methods.


  • Standard analysis tools are included for optimizing shelf value and assortments.
  • Ability to measure the shelf value and calculate sales in real time.
  • Generate high-resolution 2D or 3D images of the shelf layout.
  • Create customizable planogram reports with detailed information.
  • Publish the planogram reports to share with stakeholders.


OPENCatman revolutionizes the field of space planning and design with its groundbreaking features. This software facilitates seamless collaboration between manufacturers and retailers, enabling them to craft innovative category marketing plans


With its cloud-based platform, this cutting-edge software has garnered a vast and impressive user base. These users leverage OPENCatman’s powerful features to design, analyze, and effortlessly share retail planograms with stores and partners.


  • Creates Retail Planograms for product classification and display.
  • Determines and analyzes facings based on sales, stock turnover, and margin
  • Provide a product database with 1,200,000 possibilities from 40 countries that are still expanding.
  • Users may share planograms among collaborators.
  • Users can share a product library that contains photos, measurements, and product descriptions.


Grapholite is a trendy and comprehensive tool for designing various diagrams. Its primary objective is to facilitate the creation of various business graphics and technical drawings, encompassing everything from basic drafts and sketches to intricate and professional-looking virtual planograms. 


You cannot overlook this incredible tool if you’re involved in drawing flow charts, floor plans, network layouts, sketches, illustrations, and other similar tasks. Thanks to the freehand drawing feature, Grapholite lets you create basic shapes and connections in a very simple way. In case you wish to create complex drawings and structures, you can opt for hundreds of ready-to-use stencils using the drag-and-drop functionality.


  • Provide an intuitive interface allowing users to drag and drop products onto a virtual store shelf or display.
  • Ability to customize the store layout by specifying the size, shape, and number of shelves.
  • Pre-designed templates are available for common store layouts or display types.
  • Include features for managing and organizing product data, such as product images and pricing.
  • Ability to generate 3D visualizations or realistic renderings.


Edraw by Wondershare stands out for its user-friendly interface, designed to empower beginners with effortless navigation. With so many options in the toolbar, panel, and library, you can easily select whatever design you want, drag it, and drop it onto the canvas. In this way, completing a planogram becomes a breeze.


Moreover, EdrawMax offers seamless sharing capabilities, allowing you to export your finished work to Visio. Stocked with a massive collection of templates and symbols, Edraw helps you draw impressive planograms with minimum effort, whether you are a beginner or a professional.


  • Offers 25 professionally designed color combinations for non-designers.
  • Includes note-taking features to easily capture and organize thoughts.
  • Allows embedding hyperlinks in diagrams for enhanced explanations.
  • Provides printing capabilities to share created diagrams with friends.
  • Offer a wide range of symbols and shapes for easy selection in your diagrams.


Implementing planogram software is a game-changer for retailers seeking to optimize their retail space. By leveraging advanced technology and data-driven insights, this software empowers retailers to create strategic layouts that maximize sales, enhance customer experiences, and improve overall operational efficiency.

 You can easily experiment with different planogram software mentioned in this post and revolutionize how you plan, visualize, and execute your merchandising strategies.

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