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There’s a reason they say – “Change is the only constant.”

It applies everywhere, including business. Search engines like Google keep on changing the way they rank websites in their search list. And to be on the top, you need to monitor and optimize your website’s SEO. This is where SEO monitoring tools come into the picture.

That said, whether you manage multiple sites or just a single enterprise-level site, always be vigilant of what’s going on in your site(s). And when things go south, you must be able to do quick fixes to keep ranking higher and avoid the after-effects.

SEO monitoring tools help you achieve these goals and offer many other capabilities that provide you plenty of other goodies (that we’ll discuss next).

So, let’s have an in-depth understanding of why you need SEO monitoring and how it can help your business.

What’s the Need for SEO Monitoring?

With the expansion of the web, search engine optimization (SEO) has also evolved over the years. As a result, it has become more complex, and now, getting results and ranking higher has become tougher.

To get a decent rank, you need to take care of a lot of things, including keywords, snippets, intent, content quality, backlinks, and more. SEO monitoring helps you keep an eye on these complex SEO aspects to determine and improve the site’s performance.

Next, here’s how SEO monitoring benefits your business.

Helps Improve Site Performance

If you want to rank well in the search engines, you must improve your site performance. You can run a website audit to detect performance issues such as slow page loading, security vulnerabilities, content issues, and so on. Hence, you can address these issues to improve your site’s performance and make it favorable for search engines.

Avoids the Site from Getting Penalized

As SEO is constantly evolving, SEO practices that worked a few years ago may not work now. The chances are you may be violating certain rules of search engines unknowingly. As a result, you may get penalized for it, such as using a toxic link. You can use SEO monitoring tools to identify and remove such SEO practices on your site to avoid penalizing.

Beats competitions

Competition is tough, and every site is fighting to be on the top spot. In this race, you would never want to give your competitors a chance to outrank you due to some SEO issues. Therefore, you must keep improving your website with continuous SEO monitoring and fix issues as soon as they appear.

In addition, you can also run competitor site analysis to find out things working for them, such as keywords. Plus, you can incorporate the information gained from the analysis to shape your SEO strategy and remain ahead of the game.

Analyzes What’s Working for You

With SEO monitoring, you can analyze things working for you. It provides valuable information about your site’s organic visibility in search engines. To optimize your site’s content strategy, you can view what keywords and their variations you are ranking for. At the same time, it also tells what’s not working for you so you can improve on those aspects or improvise.

Tracks SEO Progress

SEO monitoring is a continuous process; hence, you need to regularly keep it running and perform SEO audits to track your progress over time.

Interesting, isn’t it?

Yes, that’s how SEO monitoring can help you. Fortunately, you’ll find a bunch of SEO monitoring tools in the market. But many of them are on-demand solutions which may not be that efficient since you would want to keep monitoring your site all the time.

Receive a free quote and save money!

I’ve curated the best SEO auditing and monitoring tools for you to solve this problem.

Check them out!


ContentKing offers real-time SEO monitoring and auditing to let you perform all the SEO optimization work efficiently without skipping a beat. ContentKing’s algorithms always deliver meaningful tasks and insights using a wide array of connections.

Your data will be available for you to access anywhere and anytime on your cloud-based dashboard without installing anything. This real-time dashboard helps you keep an eye on reporting and insights to understand the trends and make improvements, apart from visualizing your website’s data.

Their SEO auditing solution monitors web properties all the time to stay updated on SEO rankings and other aspects and never miss out on anything. In addition, ContentKing allows you to take action whenever necessary before an issue can affect your site. For example, it notifies you immediately when the website faces any unexpected change in the content so you can make quick fixes.

ContentKing helps you uphold your rankings and never let your competitors outrank you on search engine positions. Furthermore, it lets you keep up with developers, stakeholders, and clients. Due to this, you can track changes, search history, and also changes in robots.txt.

You can extend its functionality with integrations and APIs, embed it with your tooling, connect with analytics, Google Search Console, and integrate into a publishing flow. Pay according to your requirement and enjoy the service to its fullest. If you want to test it, take a FREE trial to see what ContentKing can do.

SE Ranking

SE Ranking is an all-in-one toolset for SEO analysis and monitoring. It hosts dozens of tools within a single interface that will help you keep your finger on the pulse of any changes that could affect your website rankings and visibility. 

SE Ranking’s Website Audit will regularly crawl your website at a defined frequency: weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc. You can further customize the setting to only scan certain pages or watch out for particular issues.

By default, the tool checks 120+ parameters, including crawling and indexing issues, page and link status codes, redirects, mobile optimization, Core Web Vitals, duplicate content, localization issues, and more. The tools provide actionable tips on how you can fix every detected issue. It also comes with a crawl comparison, which allows you to track your progress.

Page Changes Monitor is another SE Ranking tool designed to help you keep track of any changes on a website, be it content updates, adding/removing links, new page titles, or robots.txt modifications. SEO agencies find this tool particularly useful since it allows them to stay on top of any updates their customers can implement on their sites without properly communicating those to the agency.

Backlink Monitor will regularly track the status of your most precious backlinks and will immediately notify you if the backlink is removed or if the page that hosted your backlink is no longer indexed. The tool also allows you to create a list of potentially harmful links to further disavow them.

Rank Tracker provides the most accurate position data and allows you to timely adjust your SEO strategy for better results. SE Ranking further integrates with Google Analytics and Google Search Console to give you a birds-eye view of your website’s performance. SE Ranking comes with a 14-day free trial. No credit card data is required. 


Do you want to optimize your website and improve your SEO performance?

Of course, you do!

Seomator is here for you to provide in-depth SEO analysis and on-page SEO testing. It an easy and intelligent tool to perform SEO audits online by crawling your site and providing a comprehensive and fully-fledged report on your site’s SEO and internal links.

Additionally, it gives you reports on page speed, HTML tags, mobile usability, organic presence, content quality, social media, and backlinks. You will also get SEO performance analysis reports along with tips to fix different issues. You can also download a PDF report to present it to customers or use it to improve the site’s performance.

The issues Seomator can detect different crawler report issues such as are canonicalization errors, too long URL, <a> without HREF attribute, sneaky redirects, underscore in URLs, location neither in HTTPS nor HTTP, <meta> outside <head>, many more.

The cloud-based tool Seomator helps you fix all these issues to improve your site content, site structure, crawler, and structured data. In addition, Seomator’s designers provide the best possible report layouts with updated and white-label reports to help you look professional and advanced. They have also made A/B tests to help you understand the requirements of potential clients.

Seomator integrates with other tools like WordPress, Google Analytics, MailChimp, Slack, and Salesforce to ease your job. Start your free trial today and enjoy the benefits of using Seomator. Their plans start at $5/once, and you can also pay as you grow. Or, choose a per-month plan if you are a professional or have a small business.

Little Warden

Keep monitoring domain portfolios and client sites with Little Warden to stay updated with their SEO performance and other essential stuff. Little Warden works every time to prevent errors that affect your hard work. It runs a pre-launch checklist to detect issues and provides you with an accurate statement of the problem to resolve at any time.

Little Warden gives you access to set up more than 30 checks for issues, including SSL certificate expiration, domain name expiration, meta/title change detection, Google Analytics change detection, redirect checking, robots.txt changes, and a lot more in less than 20 seconds. In addition, if something changes, they will notify you immediately.

You will be able to customize the monitoring patrols, add URLs, custom configuration, change the logs, renewal reports, quick and easy results, and more. In addition, Little Warden also performs malware detection to save you from unnecessary issues. It has also integrated with different tools to make it easier to receive reports every morning in your Slack, webhook, and other means.

Little Warden is suitable for small teams, medium-scale agencies, large agencies, and freelancers as well. They also offer 2 FREE months annually.


Seolyzer is a real-time, easy, and FREE SEO monitoring tool that offers web crawling and log analysis. This tool aims to understand how search engines like Google view your website. While browsing your website, crawling bots like Googlebot leave some information in the server log files.

Seolyzer’s Log analysis helps you collect all this unused information into effective SEO KPIs. As a result, you can improve your traffic, detect errors, and correct them. In addition, you can monitor the page performance and speed, check redirections, and guide different search engines to perform web crawling for essential pages based on priority.

Seolyzer prevents the health of your website through the crawl volume, errors, response time, etc. With Seolyzer logs analysis, you can react quickly to the problem that creates SEO issues in your site. It performs multiple types of log analysis, such as 500 and 400 error monitoring, 301 redirection production, and migrating from HTTP to HTTPS.

Seolyzer gives you access to different page segments of your website according to the priority. Hence, you can measure the problem occurring on any category of pages. Log analysis works in such a way to give real-time solutions to every situation.


Make smarter and bold business decisions with Oncrawl, an SEO monitoring tool. The enterprise-level SEO platform of Oncrawl combines machine learning, data science, and technical SEO to increase growth from search engines.

It offers two tools that help pull Google’s BlackBox and help you increase revenues from reliable SEO data. Those are:

  • Oncrawl Insights: It helps to increase SEO potential with the prescriptive analysis. It analyzes the website irrespective of its size and complexity, understands ranking factor issues, and relies on actionable dashboards, data exploration, and 600+ indicators.
  • Oncrawl Genius: It helps in empowering the SEO of your site with automation and data science. You can use ready-made adaptable models and machine learning to apply it in SEO. Take strategic decisions by connecting with Business Intelligence Solutions.

It is always on the top in innovating new products to offer scalable, flexible, and secure platforms required for big websites.

Take a 14-day FREE trial with any of the plans starting at $69/month.


SEO monitoring not only helps you detect issues and fix them sooner but also enables you to keep ranking higher, enhance your site’s performance, beat competitions, and avoid your site from getting penalized.

I hope this article helps you find the best SEO monitoring tool for your site so you can reap all these benefits for your business.

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