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In Crypto Last updated: December 27, 2022
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Crypto news websites will keep you informed about the critical news that can turn your crypto portfolio upside down.

Crypto is the riskiest of the risk assets. You can become a millionaire in a short span of time or bankrupt overnight.

You can have a thousand percent return or see a stablecoin fall, making the term ‘impossible’ primarily irrelevant in this mysterious world of computer currencies.

Best Crypto Information Websites

While we all are advised caution about crypto, it’s the news sites that actually supply vital information, helping us make the right moves at opportune times.

Not prolonging this preface anymore, we’ll start with the best sources to grab crypto news that might save your life savings one day.

Stay tuned.


Cointelegraph has been an independent entity since 2013 in the volatile crypto realm.

As evident by the name, the primary domain is cryptocurrencies, but it broadly covers everything having a direct or indirect influence on the crypto world.

Cointelegraph also offers Markets Pro to professional traders to receive actionable news in real-time.

Besides English, Cointelegraph is served in many languages around the world, including Japanese, Spanish, German, Brazilian, etc.

You will conveniently find sections depicting global crypto policies, top coins-related news, expert opinions, and price indexes.

In addition, the platform hosts many beginner guides, including for Bitcoin, Ethereum, DeFi, Metaverse, etc., decoding the crypto jargon for laypeople.

Finally, you have their excellent YouTube channel, a subscription-only Market Pro platform for serious investors, etc., making it more than just a crypto information website.


Coingape is a multi-lingual crypto news platform you can check for recent market updates. The interface is clean, and you right away find separate sections to serve your crypto soul.


Coingape covers top cryptocurrencies, Defi, NFT, and crypto stories. Besides, the project reviews section tears into the new crypto exchanges, applications, etc., giving vital insights for new investors.

However, it’s the price analysis that would be the biggest attraction before betting on any cryptocurrency.

Overall, Coingape gives you a healthy dose of information, trying to keep you ahead in the always volatile crypto-verse.


Starting in 2013, CoinDesk has been one of the few big-name news outlets serving web 3.0 and crypto exclusively.


You not only get articles about what goes on in the crypto market but podcasts and CoinDeskTV to get it directly from worldwide crypto experts.

In addition, you can track the price charts and participate in CoinDesk-organized webinars and live events.

Log on to Coindesk to see why it’s one of the first points of contact for people wondering about anything crypto.


CryptoDaily is another reputed website working tirelessly to bring the latest crypto information to the masses.

Besides crypto news, this website has a trading analysis section to help make investment decisions.

CyptoDaily is also in the works to launch its live crypto news TV to further provide round-the-clock updates.


Founded in 2017, U.Today is a worldwide media organization devoted to making a difference for individuals in the new era of tech, preparing them for the future to come.


U.Today’s mission is to serve the developing community of devotees, experts, and newcomers who investigate, utilize, and create cutting-edge tech by paying attention to the central journalistic values of independence, precision, and unbiased reporting.

By informing, educating, collaborating, and supporting better practices, they make a positive impact on everyone. Millions of users can presently examine U.Today’s articles from all over the world instantly each day.


Though best known for listing cryptocurrencies and exchanges, CoinMarketCap has a decent news section covering the fresh and wildness of the crypto universe.

The sheer reputation of the platform makes it an authoritative crypto information website.

Besides, CoinMarketCap has a learning platform for beginners to venture into crypto complications. Moreover, this platform also features trading analysis, crypto research, and articles explaining in-depth crypto tech, making it an all-in-one crypto information hub.


DailyCoin is from a team of hardcore believers in crypto long-term sustainability. But at its core, DailyCoin is not just about crypto but fintech and cybersecurity as well.


This outlet maintains a separate section featuring the latest news about crypto hacks.

Similarly, the best thing about DailyCoins, except for the top-notch content, is excellent topic segmentation. You have particular sections covering Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stablecoins, Memecoins, etc.

Interestingly, there is a ‘Policy’ tab covering location-specific crypto laws and news.

Finally, DailyCoin doesn’t leave out crypto trading and NFTs, packing a complete package of the crypto world.


NewsBTC also packs close to a decade of experience working in the crypto news domain. The platform covers crypto trading news and courses, price analysis, dedicated sections for a few top coins, etc.

In addition, NewsBTC reports crucial twists and turns in the crypto industry.

Overall, this crypto information platform gives you some interesting reads to satisfy your daily crypto appetite.


Cryptonews provides a wholesome crypto experience with articles, videos, podcasts, beginner guides, and trading tools.

Besides, all the content is nicely segregated without any clutter.

You get an individual section dedicated to the crypto industry and a price tracker presenting buying & selling prices of top coins from multiple exchanges.

Finally, this crypto news information site has everything from a busy Monday morning to a relaxed Sunday afternoon.


Cointelegraph is the one I recommend for core crypto enthusiasts. Their unmatched journalism standards coupled with excellent imagery often eat up most of my crypto reading time.

Still, I’ll suggest trying each until you find the best crypto information website for your taste.

PS: While Geekflare is not a crypto news site, we have over 50 articles decrypting crypto to its bottom.

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