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Apple devices have one of the tightest security systems out there, and you can hardly go wrong with it.

One amazing element of their security is iCloud Activation Lock. What it does is, when you own and set up an iPhone, it gets connected to a unique Cloud ID.

That gives only you the privilege to be in control of your data. Even if your iPhone gets stolen, the thieves wouldn’t be able to use it because it’ll have your activation lock associated with it. They’d need the combination of username and password of your Apple ID to access it.

The iCloud Activation Lock works hand in hand with “Find My iPhone”, which is another security feature that allows you to locate your missing device. Both of these features come enabled by default on all iPhones and should be kept that way.

On a side note, if you’d like to see if the “Find My iPhone” feature is enabled on your device or not, you can head over to:

settings > YOUR NAME > iCloud > Find My iPhone

While the iCloud Activation Lock feature is definitely necessary and does a brilliant job, there may be a situation in which you might feel a little helpless. One such example is when you buy a second-hand/used iPhone and don’t realize that it was locked.

In such a situation, you can make use of the below-mentioned tools that’ll help you remove iCloud Activation Lock seamlessly.

Let’s jump straight in. 🙂

Tenorshare 4MeKey

You can remove iCloud Activation Lock easily using Tenorshare 4MeKey if you forgot your password or bought a locked device, as discussed above. You don’t even need Apple ID for it, and you can log into the app store instantly after bypassing the activation lock.

After downloading this solution to your computer, all you have to do is connect your IOS device, hit “Start Jailbreak” and you’re done with the process.

Follow the below steps to successfully remove iCloud Activation lock from your IOS device:

Step 1: Download and locate the software on your computer.

Step 2: Once you install and launch it, you might possibly see a screen like this that says “Downloading Apple Driver” in case you don’t have it already installed. Wait a few minutes till it’s completely done.

Step 3: Now you’ll have a screen like this. Read the precautions and hit “Start”. Once you do that, you’ll be asked to accept their terms and conditions, which obviously need to be accepted to proceed further. Do that and move to the next step.

Step 4: In this step, you’re required to connect your IOS device to your computer if you haven’t done it already, in order to begin the unlock process.

Step 5: Once you connect your device, you’ll see a screen like this that asks you to jailbreak your device. You can either do it yourself or follow the tutorial link given on the screen to be guided step by step. Once it’s done, hit “Next”.

Step 6: Now, you have to wait for a short bit for the removal process to follow. Once it’s done, you should see something like this.

Step 7: That’s about it. You’ve successfully removed iCloud Activation from your IOS device. Now you can check your device and log into the App Store with your new Apple ID.

This solution is compatible with iOS devices from iPhone 5s to iPhone X. You can also use it with other Apple devices with iOS 12 and 14, like iPad and iPad PRO.

Tenorshare 4MeKey is available for both Windows and Mac.


iCloud Activation Lock is one of the many types of locks UnlockGo can remove. It can seamlessly unlock it without you having to enter your password.

All it takes is three simple steps to complete the process. You start by installing the tool and choosing the “Unlock iCloud Activation Lock” option. Follow the on-screen instructions to jailbreak your device. Finally, wait for the tool to unlock it in a matter of few minutes.

Once the iCloud Activation Lock has been removed, you can use your device like before after creating a new Apple ID.

It’s important to keep in mind that If you use this tool on Windows, you’ll be able to remove the activation lock for iOS 12 to iOS 14.8 versions. On the other hand, using it on macOS will allow you to remove the lock for iOS 12 to iOS 16.3 versions.


AnyUnlock developed by iMobie, is another easy-to-use tool to remove iCloud Activation Lock. No Apple ID or password is required, and no complicated operations are needed. It’s also the only one-stop iPhone password unlock toolkit in the market.

Other than removing iCloud Activation Lock, AnyUnlock also helps with unlocking/removing/bypassing iPhone screen locks, Apple ID, Screen Time passcode, and even MDM lock, etc.

What can you get after iCloud Activation Lock Gets Removed by AnyUnlock?

  • Get access to your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch immediately without a password.
  • Sign in to App Store with another Apple ID to download and purchase apps.
  • Get music, movies, TV shows, and podcasts from iTunes Store with a new Apple ID.
  • Your iOS device can’t be tracked via the Apple ID that’s linked to Activation Lock.
  • Your iOS device will not be remotely locked via the previous owner’s account.
  • There’s no risk of your iOS device being remotely erased by the previous owner.

Check the step-to-step guide below to remove iCloud Activation Lock with AnyUnlock:

Step 1: Download and install AnyUnlock on your computer from AnyUnlock’s Official website. 

Step 2: Connect your iPhone/iPad to your Computer via a USB Cable. And then open AnyUnlock and select the ” Bypass iCloud Activation Lock” Feature.

Step 3: Click “Start Now” to get your iPhone/iPad well-prepared for removing iCloud Activation Lock.

Step 4: Click “Bypass Now” to start removing the iCloud Activation Lock.

Step 5: Remove iCloud Activation Lock successfully.


SimUnlockPro is another robust solution provider that can remove the iCloud Activation lock from your iPhone with the authorized iCloud Unlock Services. This platform can remove iCloud lock permanently and works on any Apple iOS version. It is compatible with iPhone 5 and above,) and all models of iPad, iPod, and Apple Watch.

It uses SN/IMEI code to remove iCloud lock. For the unlocking procedure, make sure your IMEI number is iCloud locked. SimUnlockPro can also work on any IMEI number that is blocked in the iCloud activation lock screen. However, it does not support iCloud activation lock removal for Mac or iMac PC.


Did you forget the activation lock password of your Apple device? Or have you come across a second-hand iPhone with a locked iCloud account? Worry no more, as you have TunesKit Activation Unlocker to save you. Using this professional yet easy-to-use software, you can easily remove the Activation Lock without entering an Apple ID or password. 

This application works fine on both Windows and Mac devices to remove the existing Apple ID without the previous owner’s password. It also lets you turn off Find My iPhone/iPad/iPod touch without a password. TunesKit is compatible with 12.0 to 16.5 versions of iOS.

The software also offers a free trial that lets you get free tech support and check if your iOS device is supported. However, you need to get the full version to bypass the activation lock starting at $24.95/month.

Additional features of this application are:

  • Use the app unlimited times for the same device within the validity period
  • A super high success rate for securely bypassing iPhone Activation Lock
  • An intuitive UI that is easy to operate
  • Does not need any technical skills to run this tool
  • Download apps using the new Apple ID from the App Store
  • Access iTunes music and video services 

You can use TunesKit to bypass iCloud activation in three simple steps:

Step 1: First, connect your iOS device to the PC/Mac and launch TunesKit.

Step 2: Follow the prompts that will appear on your screen to continue with the jailbreak process.

Step 3: Wait until you see the notification that the iCloud Activation Lock is successfully removed.

Above all, once you remove iCloud activation with this tool, no one else can remotely lock or erase your device. It can not be tracked using the linked Apple ID either.

iRemove Software

The iRemove Team believes in the right of every Apple device owner to give their iPhone, iPad, Mac a second life. The company develops one-click iCloud bypass software that makes life easier for many new, old, and used iOS and macOS, device owners.

The series of bypass and unlock software created by the iRemove supports all possible locks of Apple devices:

  • iPhone and iPad iCloud Activation Lock bypass;
  • iPhone and iPad SIM lock bypass;
  • Passcode disabled iPhone and iPad unlock;
  • Mac unlocks tools for EFI Firmware Passcode, Find My Mac Activation Lock Screen, iCloud System PIN lock.

Each solution is straightforward, quick, available remotely, and impressively user-friendly.

The iRemove iCloud bypass tool kit requires no special skills or the Apple ID password. This professional software does everything for the user, fixes the problem within several minutes, and grants a lifetime license for reusing the same solution in the future. The software relies on the CheckM8 exploit, the same as used for the Checkra1n Jailbreak.

Advantages of iRemove Software and iCloud Bypass Service

The iRemove iCloud bypass tool kit has more benefits than just being a 2-in-1 solution. It is compatible with:

  • iPhone 5s through X (GSM + MEID)
  • iPad 2013-2018 models (WiFi + Cellular)
  • Supported iOS 12.0 and up
  • SIM-locked iPhone and iPad

This user-friendly software bypasses the iCloud Activation Lock and makes the compatible iPhone or iPad fully working again. The device can place and receive phone calls, use the mobile Internet, connect to Wi-Fi, and let users sign in with their Apple ID, iTunes iD, download apps, etc.

The iRemove iCloud Activation Lock Screen Bypass Software is ranked high on Trustpilot.

How to Use iRemove iCloud Bypass Tool?

Bypassing the iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone or iPad is quick and takes only three steps.

These are the simplest things to do remotely:

Step 1. Check Apple device

It is necessary to download the iRemove iCloud Activation Lock Bypass tool, install it on a computer, and check the compatibility of the Apple device.

Step 2. Pay for the lifetime license

Eligible users can place their order online and be granted a lifetime license for using the chosen iRemove software.

Step 3. Bypass iCloud lock

The software comes with on-screen guides and a single ‘Start’ button. Click it to bypass the iCloud lock on iPhone or iPad.

The bypass service is straightforward and fast. It activates all functions and features on a compatible device. And it is ready to automatically unlock SIM-locked iOS devices with iCloud lock bypass, allowing users to connect to any carrier worldwide.

The iRemove iCloud Bypass tool kit is a great choice trusted by many users worldwide. It guarantees quick solutions and reliable results, but it only works on macOS computers at the moment. The remote bypass and unlock processes are fully automated and ready to bring complete delight to every eligible client.


With no tech knowledge required, Wondershare’s Dr.Fone allows you to bypass iCloud lock within seconds on iPhone and iPad. It can unlock phones with a 4-digit and 6-digit passcode, and as well as face ID and touch ID.

As long as your device is running on IOS 11.4 and earlier, you can easily remove the lock. Just install the software, click a few buttons, and you’re done. It’s that simple. They also have a bunch of helpful articles related to unlocking IOS devices, which you should read.

Dr.Fone is available for both Mac and Windows.


Foneazy’s Unlockit iCloud Remover is a powerful but easy-to-use software that can help you bypass iCloud Activation Lock on iOS devices in minutes. It works on various iOS devices running from iOS 12 to iOS 16.5.

You don’t need any technical skills or experience to use it. Just install the tool, connect your device, follow the on-screen instructions, and wait for the tool to get its job done.

With Unlockit iCloud Remover, you can regain full access to your device and log in App Store with a new Apple ID after a successful iCloud lock removal. It’s currently available for MacOS.

iMyFone iBypasser

iMyFone iBypasser helps you bypass iCloud Activation Lock without having Apple ID or passcode. You can utilize this for iPhone, iPad, and iPod as well. After removing the iCloud Activation Lock, you’d be able to access the device but not phone call, cellular, and iCloud of your new Apple ID. So, that’s something to keep in mind.

The good thing is, as long as you have the license to this solution, you can use it as many times as you want for the same device. No matter if you forgot your password, your Apple ID got hacked, or you bought a second-hand locked device, iMyFone iBypasser works in all scenarios.


Last but not least, ApowerUnlock also does a pretty amazing job of unlocking your iPhone and iPad instantly without a passcode. You can also unlock your face ID and touch ID.

Whether your screen got cracked, you bought a locked used phone, you forgot your passcode, a passcode set by others unintentionally, or you got locked out after attempting a password too many times, ApowerUnlock works in all those scenarios.

This is a reliable and super easy-to-use solution with a simple interface. Pricing plans start from just $19.95.


I hope by using the above solutions, you’ll be able to easily remove the iCloud Activation Lock and get access to your iOS device.

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