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In Analytics Last updated: June 6, 2023
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Selling on Amazon is one of the challenging things as the competition surges each day. Whether you sell big-label products or own a large brand, advertising the products on Amazon is tricky. 

The average ACOS (advertised cost of sale on Amazon) is 30%, whereas the conversion rate is approx—13%. 

With the increased competition, the ACOS will increase, further reducing the chances for conversion. Hence, the right Amazon advertising strategy can reduce risks and boost conversions. 

Amazon advertising tools play a significant role in planning your Amazon advertising strategy. And when it comes to the Amazon advertising solution, Jungle Scout is the front-runner in the race. 

However, most Amazon sellers still find themselves strangled in the question- Is Jungle Scout the Best Amazon Advertising Solution Available?

In this article, I will answer this question by covering the most important aspects of Jungle Scout and why it is a game-changer for Amazon advertising solutions. 

What is Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is a comprehensive Amazon seller software that helps make informed decisions on what to sell on Amazon. This Amazon product research tool helps you find winning products, estimate sales, and provide data on winning products and advertising. 


Besides this, the powerful search and analytics feature will be lucrative in picking out some golden nuggets. 

Above all, the web app and browser extension expand the tool’s functionality further. 

What I love most about JungleScout is its rich features that most Amazon advertising tools lack. 

In this quest to find the answer if Jungle Scout is the best Amazon advertising solution, I have reviewed this tool listing all its features, benefits, pricing, and the pain points it solves. 

Features of Jungle Scout

Imagine getting served everything on the plate while you need just to invest and put out the minimal effort. JungleScout serves all the essential features as a platter for selling and advertising on Amazon. 

Whether you own a multi-million dollar Amazon agency or you have just started, Jungle Scout will never disappoint you. It has so much to offer for Amazon sellers that it’s sufficient for large enterprises. 

Not a big claim, but Jungle Scout is an industry leader in Amazon seller tools, and there’s a good reason for it. 

Let’s look at these features in detail: 

#1. Opportunity Finder

Opportunity Finder

The first step to advertising on Amazon is understanding the keywords and niches you are betting on. The opportunity finder tool researches the Amazon marketplace and finds the best niches to sell. 

Jungle Scout finds the most trending keywords to search for the most popular marketing segments. 

Users can set up the filters and get a graphical insight into the low-competition and highly demanding keywords. 

Cherry on the cake! The Niche Score here rates the products considering metrics like product demand, competition, and listing quality. 

#2. Product Database

Next, when you know the niche to sell, it’s time to find the trending Products to sell. 


Jungle Scout searches a vast database of 475 million products directly from Amazon. Don’t confuse it with Opportunity Finder, which finds the niche to sell. 

You have preset filters such as the search volume, product ratings, competition, and a bonus- profitability calculator. 

Let’s say you want to find a product with an average price of $400 and a 4-star rating. The product database tool will find all such products related to your keyword search to give you deeper insight into products to sell. 

#3. Keyword Scout

Once you have researched the niche and the products to sell, it’s time to list your products in the marketplace. And it starts with keyword research


Jungle Scout pulls off millions of data from the internet to help sellers find high-converting keywords. If you want to search for the ‘Best Black Shoes Nike‘, the tool suggests the highly lucrative keywords included in the content. 

To enhance its functionality, Jungle Scout reverse searches the marketplace using ASIN to find the best-performing keywords. 

Suppose you search for a generic keyword in your niche and drop in the ASIN. The Reverse ASIN feature will give you all the keywords in terms of metrics like PPC bid, competition, and estimated sales. 

Keyword Scout gives a ton of benefits that includes: 

  • Understanding the keyword relevancy. 
  • Realize the keyword demand, including the number of sales and other relevant KPIs. 
  • Higher ranking in shorter duration. 

#4. Amazon Ad Intel

Want to evaluate your Amazon PPC success? 

Jungle Scout has advertising analytics that makes an average of Seller Central and Campaign Manager data to find the PPC scores. 


The graphical representation of every metric makes this dashboard easier to understand. Whether you are an amateur or a professional seller, you won’t have a hard time going through the numbers of advertising on Amazon. 

Users can compare the sponsored sales with the organic ones. If you’re running multiple campaigns and want all the data in a single dashboard, advertising analytics organizes this data based on top campaigns, product ads, ad groups, and relevant keywords. 

#5. Cobalt

Imagine managing a coffee brand and wanting to review “Ground Coffee” sales on Amazon. Cobalt is an intelligent tool that gives you vast insight into market share, revenue, consumer demand, and coffee performance. 

YouTube video

Besides this, you can automate the campaigns and focus on the tasks that are a priority. For instance, you can use the Automation feature to understand Ad spending and filter your campaigns based on preset filters. 

Cobalt is a gold mine in running and optimizing a successful campaign for your Amazon brand. 

#6. Browser Extension 

If you want to add more stars to the Jungle Scout web app, the Chrome Extension for Chrome and Firefox provides great support.

YouTube video

The browser extension searches for data throughout the Amazon marketplace without navigating to the Jungle Scout web app. 

Let’s say you search for the ‘cheese graters’ to see how this keyword is doing. Within seconds, you will get complete data on how this keyword performs on the Amazon marketplace. 

Additionally, this browser plug-in displays the average price, the number of monthly sales, and even an opportunity score. 

How Does Jungle Scout Help a Business Start, Grow and Scale Up?

There are 9.5 million Amazon sellers globally, according to SellerApp. However starting an Amazon FBA business is easy, but scaling it is a hard-fought battle. 

It’s a bloodbath if the competition is even higher. 

That’s why tools like Jungle Scout help in market and product research, keyword scouting, tracking sales and revenue, and predicting product success well in advance. 

Here’s a 5-step guide to start, grow, and skyrocket your Amazon FBA business: 

Conduct a Market Research 

The first step is to conduct thorough market research on products or niches that you will be selling. Product research gives you a headstart to see if the business is durable and successful in the long run. 


After researching the product and niches well, use the Product Database to curate the vast database of products to sell on Amazon. You can use the categories and preset filters to find the products that meet your criteria. 

To enhance the functionality, the Product Database tool works in tandem with the Opportunity Finder tool to find new niches and discover new product trends on Amazon. 

Discover the Lucrative Keywords 

Once you’ve researched the products, keyword research is another imperative feature of JungleScout. 

Jungle Scout uses the keyword scout feature to find the high-demand and low-competition keywords. Keyword research gives the opportunity to tap into the market segments and see detailed data on sales estimates, revenue, and emerging trends. 

For a single product category, Jungle Scout can give a list as large as 500 million products which you can sort based on various filters such as category, monthly sales, monthly revenue, and whatnot. 

Build Optimized Amazon Listings

Amazon SEO is as vital as Google SEO. Well, you’ve your products to rank in this competitive space. Hence, it is imperative to use the right images, title, recommended keywords, and features to boost visibility on the Amazon marketplace and sell more. 

In short, the optimized Amazon products may sell like a hot cake. 

Jungle Scout’s Listing Builder helps you optimize the products by giving a score for your optimized listings. As you optimize products for SEO, you will get a real-time score on the optimized products list. 

Once done, you can import the product lists from Jungle Scout to Seller Central directly. 

Drive Sales With Product Marketing

While optimizing may help you with organic search, you might still need to run paid campaigns to make sure you get some early sales. 

When you run targeted promotions and campaigns, you are more likely to see positive reviews and get customer feedback. Once you run a successful promotional campaign, it is obvious to get orders in bulk. 

Jungle Scout limits order purchases and eliminates promotional abuse due to promotional campaigns. Furthermore, you can set up a promo code for the customers to boost engagement and customer satisfaction. 

Automate Your Reviews 

Even after successful promotional campaigns and selling the products, you need to earn a reputation among the customers. 

Jungle Scout review request

Jungle Scout’s review automation feature requests all the qualified orders for customer feedback. You can monitor and track the review requests using graphical data. 

The dashboard displays the total time that you save while asking for reviews from customers. 

What Pain Points Does Jungle Scout Solve? 

If you ask me one massive pain point that Jungle Scout solves, it is the manual Amazon business operation. 

Why waste hours on manual research when you can quickly find the perfect product to launch within minutes by simply entering a keyword on Jungle Scout? 

Your entire business success hinges on finding the right product. Jungle Scout is an automated tool that eliminates hours of manual product research, competitor analysis, supplier research, and tasks like review requests. 

You can use this tool to find what’s working for your competitors and what’s not! 

Here are some massive challenges that Jungle Scout solves for the newbies as well as the experts: 

#1. Delayed Profitability

Most Amazon businesses shut down at an early stage because of the lack of budget. While it might take around 5-6 months for your Amazon business to grow completely, this growth might be delayed further without accurate metrics.  

Imagine everything served on the plate with over 84.1% accuracy rate. Well, Jungle Scout calculates and predicts all the metrics so that you can scale your business quickly.

#2. Overloaded Competition

According to Marketplace Pulse, “Amazon marketplace has 8.6 million total sellers worldwide.”  

It is obvious that new sellers might get completely dissolved in this competitive ecosystem. As the competition grows, there is a need to analyze the competition and get a 360-degree insight. 

Jungle Scout’s competitor intelligence tool filters and sorts out the competitors that excel at high-demand but low-competition keywords. 

#3. Complete Automation 

The hiccups and headaches of manual tasks can be overwhelming for new sellers. 

As a seller, you are overloaded with tons of manual tasks for listing optimization, running new campaigns, running ads, and asking for feedback through email. 

Jungle Scout’s automation feature does all the heavy lifting for you. First, it automates your PPC ads and optimizes them. Second, the review automation feature sends automatic review requests to customers through email. 

Thus, Jungle Scout saves hours of effort by automating tasks like these. 

Jungle Scout AI Assist: Open AI Integration 

Jungle Scout has entered the world of Open AI by integrating Artificial intelligence technology with its listing builder. 

Jungle Scout Ai assist feature

This newly integrated AI technology enables users to generate and optimize the product listing with just a few clicks. It gets its data from the best Amazon listings in the marketplace. 

AI assist helps copywriters in generating enticing ad copy elements that include titles, keywords, images, features, and product descriptions. The integration of AI with Jungle Scout will help businesses make informed decisions and get more accurate results. 

The best part? Non-native English speakers can seamlessly write product listings in English which is competitive in the Amazon marketplace. 

Jungle Scout Pricing 

If you ask me about the pricing of Jungle Scout, I would say it is affordable but complex to understand. 

Both the Jungle Scout web app and Chrome extension have different pricing plans. 

For the web app, Jungle Scout has got the standard pricing and package pricing plan. 

Let’s look at these pricing plans first: 

Standard Pricing Plans

Here is how the Standard plans look: 

Jungle Scout standard pricing

Basic Plan: (Costs $49/month or $29/month yearly)

  • Browser Extension
  • Opportunity Score
  • Product Tracker 
  • Amazon Sales Estimator 
  • Opportunity Finder
  • Product Database
  • Supplier Database
  • Keyword Scout 
  • Sales Analytics
  • Listing Grader

Suite Plan: (Costs $69/month or $49/month yearly)

  • Product Tracker 
  • Amazon Sales Estimator 
  • Historical Product Tracking up to 3 months
  • Rank Tracker 
  • Listing Builder
  • Inventory Manager
  • Alerts
  • Supplier Tracker
  • Promotions

Professional Plan (Costs $129/month or $84/month yearly)

  • Product Tracker 
  • Amazon Sales Estimator
  • Historical Product Tracking up to 6 months
  • Historical Keyword Data up to 2 years
  • Rank Tracker 
  • Listing Grader

Package Pricing 

The package pricing offers some educational resources along with the tool features. The three pricing plans are: 

Jungle Scout package pricing

1. Start-up Suite Plan costs $189 for 3-Months

2. Entrepreneur Suite costs $349 for 6-Months

3. Freedom Builder Bootcamp costs $999 for 12-Months 

Jungle Scout Alternatives

Let’s look at some of the best competitors of Jungle Scout: 

#1. Helium 10


Helium 10 is the best alternative to Jungle Scout. It offers features like product research, keyword research, listing optimization, product tracking, and sale analytics. 

Plus, the tool is free to use for 14 days. 

#2. Datahawk


Datahawk is an all-in-one software for Amazon, Walmart, and eBay marketplace. It efficiently tracks keywords, product rankings, and performance and runs product research through a vast amount of data. 

This eCommerce intelligence tool is one of the best in business when it comes to competitor analysis. You can start by requesting a free demo. 



Perpetua is highly focused on Amazon advertising and sponsored ads. This intelligent software is tailored for creating, launching, and optimizing highly converting Amazon ads within seconds. 

Once you have set up the ad campaigns, you can seamlessly track the advertising campaigns through a unified analytics dashboard.  

Author’s Note

Definitely, Jungle Scout is one of the best Amazon advertising software currently in the market. The vast user base of 600,000 entrepreneurs is proof of this tool’s legacy. 

The tool offers an easy-to-use interface and power-packed features such as optimization, product research, and keyword research. Its recent integration with Open AI boosts the functionality further. 

All in all, Jungle Scout will be your great friend in creating and launching a successful Amazon business. Don’t believe me? Check out the million-dollar case studies here.

Next, check out remarkable Ad tracking tools for marketers.

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