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  • It is only a matter of seconds to decide whether to leave or stay on a website or for how long. It can either be a hit or a loss of consumer. And that decision is based on whether or not a viewer finds your site trustworthy. This article will help you build a reliable business.

    Why does it matter?

    With the hazard of many cookies, attack, scams and poor customer service, people are well aware of where to click now.

    And because you’re running an e-store where money is involved you need to be over-cautious about your website is perceived.

    The question is,

    How can you make someone trust your website, so they continue to be a customer?

    And What does a consumer expect from a reliable business and the outlook of its website?

    Trust states that a company is making fair trade according to the laws making the customers feel worthy.

    Every consumer has expectations from the company that involves that its products should do what it claims efficiently. Information should be accurate, detailed and honest.

    When you make a customer trust your stated information, it is less likely that they’ll leave sooner. The consumer should feel confident about the chosen product and the service provider.

    “A company will protect me.” Security and privacy are increasingly a key concern for consumers as they navigate the digital world. People want to know that a company has their best interests in mind. Will a company safely store my personal credit card information and keep sensitive information private? As Quoted by Tucker Schreiber.

    Let’s begin and know how to make your website trustworthy.

    1. A Strong Design Makes a Big Difference

    The way a good shop sign/logo and ambiance compels you to enter, the same way a good online store grabs attention too.

    In this competitive age, making poorly managed or designed website is inexcusable. Numerous resources and tools are available to develop a website or you can hire a firm for custom web development. Internet being the most accessible solution to your queries just a click away is an open door for you to reach any minute.

    2. What Makes a Website’s Design Reliable?

    Providing information like finances is a huge responsibility a consumer inputs on your site. A customer gives a site his/her credit card information and purchases after the face of the site is trustworthy, straightforward and safe.

    3. How Do You Design for Trust?

    • Avoid entirely capital fonts altogether.
    • Avoid immature fonts like ‘comic sans.’
    • Write a grammatically correct content.
    • Keep the layout simple
    • Avoid using tacky images
    • Quotes from reputable brands
    • Star ratings from Amazon

    Display a compelling message or quote by the owner or team members to encourage a consumer to go further than just the front page. Add interactive photos to make products livable.

    4. Keeping Your Website Up to Date is Mandatory

    To ensure the overall health of your site you need to update every bit of the content and features. Your product information should thoroughly be checked and up-to-date.

    Even from the info about products to your “About us” section and contact details, all the information and figures must be updated. Adding McAfee secure to your online store will add a trust element for users as well.

    5. Show That You’re Active Online

    The presence of a store and availability of its staff can easily be confirmed by their activities on company’s social media accounts.

    It’s an easy way to check their reliability, based on the frequency of posts, consumers’ reviews and how often they respond to visitor posts.

    If they have not posted anything lately or shared or replied in the comments section how can one be sure if the store is even active or just taking orders but forgetting to ship? It is always necessary to engage and communicate with your audience.

    Be it by replying to their Facebook queries, comments, tweets or sharing product photos and offers on Instagram to let your customers know what is going on with your business, the news, events, updates and the upcoming collections you have got to set up an online blog.

    Visitors on the internet usually get frustrated looking for guidance and answers. If you do a thorough research and think like a customer, you can certainly figure out common questions that costumers ask.

    This helps you draft FAQ and product questions pages, which can boost your sales like this website is doing it. Link your social accounts using social buttons on your website to direct people there.

    6. Make It Easy for Anyone to Contact You

    There’s nothing more frustrating unable to communicate with a certain business online in case of any query or issue. If you are a reliable and trustworthy business why make contacting so challenging and complicated for customers.

    Set up a simple contact form on your website for customers to quickly reach you. An established company should even be able to provide visitors a reachable address. Customers expect to reach you anytime they feel like and for that you need to provide a phone number so they should be able to ring you at any hour.

    It can be through social media or phone. Being active, involved and responsive is critical in building a trust worthy website and a reliable business overall. The trust will grow if customer is able to speak to any of your employees from the company.