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In NFT Last updated: April 6, 2023
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Are you looking to create rare and valuable NFTs using your artwork? NFT creators simplify this process for you.

Simply put, NFT is a digital asset built on a blockchain representing physical assets such as art, music, or videos. To learn about NFTs, read about NFT creation and its application here.

It isn’t easy to prove your ownership if you have physical or digital art. Apart from that, finding a potential buyer is also tough. But once you convert your art into NFT, you can prove your ownership and also sell your converted art at an NFT marketplace.

NFT creators might seem similar to normal photo editors, but they have more functions to enhance your artwork. These creators help you to add multiple layers and adjust the rarity of your artwork.

The major advantage of the NFT creators discussed in this article is that you don’t need to know coding or professional editing. Yes! You read that correctly; all you need is basic photo editing skills.

Your final artwork file or collection downloaded from the NFT creators must be minted on NFT minting platforms. Choosing platforms with low gas fees is better for listing your NFTs for sale.

Major Features of NFTs

#1. Unique

Each NFT is unique based on the token information stored in the blockchain network. Once an NFT is created, no other identical NFTs can be made. 

It is easy to duplicate an image file; both files will look the same. In contrast, it is impossible to create a replica of an NFT.

#2. Ownership

Another prominent feature of an NFT is the proof of ownership. If you create an NFT, your details are recorded on the blockchain network.

NFT ownership plays a crucial role in gaining potential buyers’ trust. Moreover, you can quickly transfer your NFTs without going through the conventional ownership verification process.

#3. Secure

All the essential information associated with NFTs is stored in the blockchain. As a result, the data recorded cannot be altered, deleted, or hacked.


How Do NFTs Help Artists?

As we have discussed the important features of NFTs, let’s also have a look at how NFTs will transform the lives of artists:

#1. Global Recognition

The recent popularity of NFTs has recognized and rewarded many artistic talents. Moreover, a strong community has been formed due to NFT adoption.

NFT marketplaces and social media platforms provided artists with new opportunities to sell their art collections. For example, NFT collections of talented artists were sold for millions of dollars.

#2. Better Pricing

The traditional way of selling artwork involves a lot of uncertainty. For an artist without a high profile, getting a fair price for their work was difficult.


With the introduction of NFTs, artists got paid much better. Apart from that, one can also set royalties for their NFT to generate more income.

#3. Provides Flexibility

As an artist, you can mint NFTs on different NFT marketplaces. For instance, if you have less budget to create an NFT, you can choose marketplaces with lower gas fees.

Apart from that, you can also sell your NFT collections on multiple marketplaces.

Now let’s get straight into the best NFT creators.


Fotor NFT Creator allows you to create NFT artwork using digital art or images. This platform uses an online software called GoArt.

YouTube video

GoArt uses AI art effects to transform your art into valuable NFT content. Moreover, AI effects allow you to find the correct art style that suits your artwork.

To create an NFT artwork, you need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Click “Create NFT Now.”
  2. Upload art or images from your device.
  3. Select the art effects available on the platform.
  4. Adjust the intensity of the effects.
  5. Finally, download the final NFT artwork.   

The free download option contains the GoArt watermark. To remove the watermark, you need to subscribe to Fotor Pro.

The Fotor Pro subscription costs $7.19 a month. In addition, this paid plan also allows you to download high-resolution images.


Pixelied NFT Maker allows you to create simple NFT art using their online editor. Apart from that, this platform also provides advanced graphic designing and photo editing tools.

YouTube video

The Pixelied NFT Maker’s simplicity helps you customize your art by adding icons, text, photos, illustrations, and other elements. In addition, you don’t need much photo editing skills to create an NFT artwork.

You can make an NFT artwork with Pixelied NFT Maker by following these steps:

  1. Choose “Upload Your Image.”
  2. Then upload the image from your device. Make sure the image is in PNG or JPG format.
  3. Use the editing options available from the online photo editor.
  4. You can also use the AI Image Tools for more advanced editing.
  5. Once you are done, select the suitable file format and click download.

Pixelied NFT Maker provides free and paid plans. The free plan offers:

  • Basic editing tools.
  • More than 200 templates.
  • Thousands of graphics.
  • Stock photos with cloud storage of 2 GB.

Besides, you can go for the paid plans if you need advanced editing features and more storage. Pixelied NFT Maker’s paid plans start at $4.9 a month.

Appy Pie

With the help of Appy Pie NFT Generator, it is easy to generate an NFT or a collection of NFTs. This NFT generator supports the creation of up to 10,000 NFTs in one collection.

YouTube video

You can either start from scratch or upload your art or image using this NFT creator platform. Apart from that, you can also edit your artwork and make it more valuable.

Appy Pie NFT Generator allows you to create your NFT in a few simple steps. The steps included are:

  1. Sign up with the Appy Pie NFT Generator.
  2. Upload your artwork or choose a new NFT template from the library.
  3. Edit and add layers to enhance your artwork and make it unique.
  4. Select “Generate NFT collection.”
  5. Provide the number of NFTs required. You can generate one NFT or up to 10,000 at a time.
  6. Then click “Generate.”
  7. Finally, you can download the generated NFTs to your device.

Appy Pie NFT Generator has a basic plan that you can use for free. But this free plan only allows you to create 4 projects a month. 

If you want to create unlimited projects, you can go for the paid plan. The paid plan costs $6 a month. 


NightCafe NFT Generator was inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s famous painting, “The Night Cafe .” This platform also uses AI to create or modify your artwork.


You can choose among different image styles depending on your desired output image. Once you choose the style required, the AI algorithm generates an impressive NFT artwork.

Let’s go through the process of creating an NFT artwork with the NightCafe NFT Generator:

  1. Head straight to the NightCafe NFT Generator.
  2. Select the “CREATE” or “START CREATING” button.
  3. Upload your image or choose from the free images available on the NFT generator.
  4. Choose the style required for your image. You can also choose a mix of different styles if required.
  5. Set your desired AI algorithm style listed on the platform.
  6. Select your resolution. You can choose among low, medium, and high resolutions accordingly.
  7. Finally, click the “CREATE” option.

You can create up to five free NFTs of low resolution for free daily. To create more NFTs, you need to purchase paid credits.

The paid credit starts with a pack of 100 credits. This credit pack costs $9.99 a month.

One Mint

Suppose you are looking for an NFT generator with various custom styles. In that case, One Mint NFT Art Generator fits your purpose.

YouTube video

This NFT creator comes with a user-friendly interface. You can easily import GIFs or images and convert them into an NFT in a few clicks.

In addition, you can also add multiple layers to your artwork. Adding many layers makes your NFT rare and valuable in the marketplace.


Let’s dive straight into the steps to create NFTs using the One Mint NFT Art Generator:

  1. Go to One Mint NFT Art Generator.
  2. Create a name for your NFT project.
  3. Upload a background for your NFT artwork.
  4. Add layers to your NFT collection. You can choose from one layer to 100,000 layers.
  5. Adjust the rarity of the layers.
  6. Once you complete adding all the required layers, preview your NFT collection.
  7. Click “Generate Collection”
  8. Lastly, provide your email ID and download the NFT collection.

The major benefit of One Mint NFT Art Generator is that you can generate NFTs for free. Apart from that, you don’t need to sign up to use their features.


Do you want to add a unique look to your NFT artwork? Then, try using Colorcinch NFT Maker.


Formerly known as Cartoonize, Colorcinch NFT Maker provides different styles to create interesting NFTs. Using these styles, you can convert your art to NFT cartoon or digital art.

You can also use the Pixelated Filter feature to create a pixel effect. This feature allows you to create the popular form of 8-bit pixel NFTs.

Image generated using Colorcinch’s Pixelated Filter

The other prominent filters provided by Colorcinch NFT Maker are the Color Mix filter and the Glitch filter. You can use the Color Mix filter to create multi-color NFT collections. At the same time, the Glitch filter adds an impressive 3D look to your artwork.

Follow these simple steps to convert your photos to NFT:

  1. Create a free account with Colorcinch NFT Maker.
  2. Upload the artwork from your device.
  3. Select the effects required from cartoonizer, digital art, sketcher, or painting.
  4. You can also choose pixelate, color mix, or glitch filters.
  5. Fine-tune your effects and filters.
  6. Then, click “APPLY.”
  7. Finally, you can save this final file to your device or Google Drive.

Colorcinch NFT Maker provides free access to some of the filters. To access premium filters and effects, you need to subscribe to their paid plan at $8.99 a month.


Using Bueno NFT Generator, you can create up to 10,000 NFT art collections. This generator provides features that suit both beginners and experienced photo editors.

YouTube video

If you are new to photo editing, you can use the basic features to modify your artwork. You can invite your friend or an expert to help create advanced NFT collections.

You can also use animation using Figma or Photoshop. These animated images add rarity to your NFT collections.

Let’s check out the steps involved in creating NFTs with Bueno:

  1. Create a free account with Bueno.
  2. Connect your Ethereum wallets like Metamask, WalletConnect, Rainbow, or Coinbase.
  3. Set your art assets in supported formats such as GIF, SVG, PNG, and JPEG. For detailed information, please go through this Bueno guide.
  4. Once art assets are uploaded, you can preview your NFT collections.
  5. Sort your NFT collection accordingly.
  6. Then click the “Generate Tab.”
  7. Finally, download the NFT resources.

Bueno NFT Generator allows you to generate NFT collections for free. However, if you want to export your files, you need to pay 0.0001 ETH per NFT.


Last on the list comes Pixomatic NFT Generator, another user-friendly platform to generate NFT art. Pixomatic also uses an AI-based NFT creator.


Pixomatic NFT Generator allows you to set multiple backgrounds for your NFT collection. You can also use their online photo editor to create NFTs with a great finish.

Pixomatic simplifies the NFT creation process with five easy steps:

  1. Create a free account with Pixomatic.
  2. Select photos or artwork from your existing collection.
  3. Use the Pixomatic editor to add impressive features to your collection.
  4. Add filters and effects to your collection.
  5. Save your collection to your device.

If you want to edit your artwork using basic editing tools, the free version of Pixomatic will be enough. You need to subscribe to their premium plan for advanced editing features, which costs $7.99 monthly.  

Final Words

With the massive adoption of NFTs, artworks are getting desired value, and artists are recognized globally. Thanks to the blockchain technology behind the creation of NFTs.

If you want to convert your artwork into NFTs, then NFT creators come in handy. All you need to do is do some basic photo editing.

Moreover, the rarity adjustments, filters, and effects make your art unique. The more rare and valuable NFTs are, the higher the demand and price.

You can use any suitable NFT creator listed here, then mint your NFT and list it for sale. Ultimately, sit back and enjoy becoming a proud NFT owner.

Curious to learn more? This interesting article teaches how to create an NFT collection using a smart contract.

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