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In Digital Marketing Last updated: July 20, 2023
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Are you a data-focused marketer who wants to make the best best of SEO? If so, you need to choose the right SEO API for your business.

Marketing and business growth are becoming more challenging as more companies join the race. With SEO tools, you can outrank the competitors and increase the visibility of your company website and articles. However, there are APIs for SEO tools that businesses can utilize to complete their tasks quickly and conveniently.

What Is SEO?

SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization. Digital marketers use this process to increase the visibility and ranking of websites on different search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. SEO aims to get higher and better traffic from search engines to websites. An SEO API can make the SEO tasks more productive.

What Is API in SEO?

SEO API means APIs or application programming interfaces that marketers use for data collection from different platforms or apps into their own interface. Using API for SEO, marketers can get requested data quickly without navigating through the tool interface.

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Use Cases of SEO API

Here are some common use cases of API for SEO:

1. Competitor Analysis: Using API, businesses can curate all relevant data on their competitor websites.

2. Keyword Research: SEO APIs help marketers with data on search volume, keyword difficulty, related keywords, etc.

3. Content Curation: APIs are highly capable of finding trending topics and top-performing articles.

4. Backlink Monitor: With this SEO API, marketers can analyze the backlink of any website, along with other data such as anchor text, dofollow or nofollow links, and lost links.

5. Website DA: APIs are also useful for finding the domain authority of a website.

Check out the list of the best SEO APIs for businesses and marketers.


Semrush API lets you get useful insights into the digital marketing activities of your competitors without having to open the Semrush tool interface. The API is available for easy integration into any dashboard, widget, and internal application.

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With it, you get only the relevant competitor data. Thus, you do not have to spend your precious time going through tons of unnecessary data. You can also use it to analyze the strategies of your competitors by checking their backlinks, ads, and ranking in organic search.


Do you want to use the Ahrefs index data to empower the users? If yes, use the API provided by Ahrefs. This API for SEO uses groundbreaking technologies to provide its users with a fresh index all the time.

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It has a dedicated crawler named AhrefsBot that visits sound 6 billion web pages every day. Till now, it indexed more than 90 billion unique pages from which you can find out your necessary data at blazing speed. The API is continuously improving in terms of index size, quality, and speed.

SE Ranking

With SE Ranking API, you can easily manage large scopes of SEO data by delivering it to any business application, widget, or dashboard of your choice.

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SE Ranking’s API can:

  • Pull data on your website’s positions in organic search
  • Check any website’s traffic and the number of keywords it ranks for in the current month or historically
  • Deliver keyword search volume and difficulty data for thousands of keywords at a time
  • Find out any website’s Domain Trust score and the number of referring domains in its backlink profile
  • Show an actual list of backlinks pointing to a domain with their key parameters
  • Report any technical issues that may hurt your website’s SEO performance.

API allows you to present complex sets of SEO data in a way that immediately delivers the right insight for your business, which you can further use to make data-driven decisions.

SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite provides API for extensive backlink research to marketing professionals. Using a sophisticated crawling engine, this SEP API maintains a massive collection of commercially available backlink databases.

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This SEO API is ideal for viewing complete backlink profiles or some basic stats. Businesses can use the backlink data of this API for SEO for competitor analysis, keyword research, ad placement, and campaign observation.

The parameters it displays include the total number of backlinks, anchor text, referring page address, dofollow/nofollow, target page authority, number of referring domains, number of educational or government domains, and lost backlinks.


Mozscape SEO API lets you make smarter business decisions about marketing by getting your hands on metrics and link data. This API enables you to access required data from an inventory of over 40.7 trillion links.

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Marketers and businesses know the importance of link data, and that is why they should use this API for SEO. It provides crucial metrics such as domain authority, page authority, anchor text, linking root domains, dofollow, nofollow and external links.

If you want to develop an inbound marketing tool, using this API would be beneficial.


This SEO API of Serpstack provides you with super-fast and accurate Google SERP results. Owing to its robust cloud infrastructure, you do not have to wait in a queue to get results for your API requests.


It is also possible to customize the queries using filters, such as language, device, and location. You need not use any VPN or go through annoying CAPTCHAs, as this API will keep these issues away. This API also supports effortless integration.

Serpstack API uses 256-bit SSL Encryption to keep the exchanged data wholly secured. The REST API supports all programming languages and is available in JSON and CSV. It also comes with detailed API documentation that helps you get started within a few minutes.


Those looking for quick data on keywords, ranking, organic content, and competitors for their tool or app should go for Searchmetrics API. You can easily add the SEO and PPC data fetched by this API into your dashboards, reports, or BI apps.

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The API offers metrics and data, including keywords, content ideas, backlink lists, organic search rankings, paid search rankings, and paid visibility. Companies can integrate it with their reporting tools such as Google Data Studio, Excel, and Amazon S3.


Are you looking for a reliable SEO API that can provide you with rank tracking and SERP result data? If yes, sheerSEO API should be your go-to option. It lets you track the position of any website in Google and Bing.

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Using it, you can get localized search results from 40+ countries all over the world. You can even enter a ZIP code here to get local Google rankings. Moreover, this API for SEO also supports mobile ranking.


SEO tool developers can utilize DataForSEO APIs as their source of organized SERP data. These gather real-time SERP data at lightning speed. You can use the APIs to get search result data from Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Yandex, regardless of language and location.

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Some of its popular APIs are keyword API, backlinks API, DataForSEO labs API, on-page API, and business data API.


Using the SEP API of MySiteAuditor, you can incorporate top-class SEO audits into your software. This SEO audit API lets you request landing page audits for any particular keyword.

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Thus, you can use the audit data to optimize the landing page you are about to create for a product or ad. During the audit request, you may or may not include your competitor’s page.

The audits will take less than a minute to complete. The API will send the results to the callback URL you have mentioned in JSON and PDF formats. Furthermore, it supports white label product developers by allowing their data into the products they offer.


Seobility offers multiple SEO APIs that businesses can integrate into their system and tool. Its REST API provides data that even resellers and white label producers can use.

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You can use it to audit any site (your or competitor’s), check for basic SEO metrics, track rankings, and get locally analyzed data.


cognitiveSEO offers an API useful for marketing companies, developers, and web admins. The data fetched by this API for SEO can be easily integrated into any business workflow or application.

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At the moment, you can get ranking, link analysis, and social visibility data from it. Additionally, it helps you perform link audits, track keyword ranking, get broken links, and import third-party links. Users can easily use it to its full potential by taking help from the documentation.

Rank Tracker

Rank Tracker APIs are useful for mobile apps, custom dashboards, and analytics reports as it offers organic, app store, mobile, video, and local search results. Its seamless API Console makes it easier for you to construct API requests for fast testing and implementation.

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With its Suggested Search API, you can discover up to 10 Google-suggested keywords as you enter one keyword in the Google search. Its Tank Top 50 and Rank Top 100 APIs can provide ranking data from Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, or Baidu.


Using the SEOptimer’s SEO API, companies can run large-scale audits and integrate the reports into their workflow. Web developers, designers, and marketers working in digital agencies can easily integrate this API into their CRM to use the data for the sales process.

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It can audit websites for trend analysis and insights. The API for SEO can perform thousands of audits instantly and share the bulk report with you. Moreover, you can also use it to run client reposts to track potential issues or improvements.


If you are planning to develop a service without the hassle of managing multiple data-gathering processes, go for BrightLocal SEO APIs. It offers an API suite that can provide your platform with the local listing directory, ranking positions, and reviews.

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BrightLocal offers 8 APIs that provide local marketing data. It has dedicated APIs for accurate local and mobile banking, business listing/NAP data, organic search results, and local citation data. Moreover, you can gather online reviews, local citations, and offsite SEO data using these APIs.

Final Words

When it comes to doing SEO for a page or a website, digital marketers have a lot of tasks to complete. By using robust SEO API, they can get those done easily.

We have discussed some industry-best APIs for SEO here. Businesses can incorporate them into their workflow and experience growth.

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