Application Performance Management or Monitoring (APM) is essential for any web applications to provide better user experience.

APM is a software which collects the various metrics data from your application and tells you what’s going on within your application.

Metrics data can be anything including transactions, analytics, availability, logs scrapping which are presented in a beautiful dashboard.

APM can store the historical data and show you the real-time metrics of web applications, infrastructure, mobile application, etc. There are two types of APM you can find.

Traditional APM – a software which is installed in your premises to monitor & manage application, infrastructure within your network/data center.

Cloud APM – you don’t need to buy the software instead you use APM provider cloud instance to configure and monitor your applications.

If your application is running in a cloud like AWS, Google, Azure, etc. then cloud APM would be a good choice. Cloud APM is also cheaper compare to traditional one because you save your infrastructure cost.

There is multiple cloud APM product provider available in the market and here are the some of the best ones.

1. New Relic

New Relic APM supports a large number of application environment to monitor and error reporting.

  • Java
  • js
  • PHP
  • .NET
  • Ruby

With the help of New Relic, you get in-depth performance metrics of your application in real-time. Some of the top features of New Relic APM are:

Application Monitoring – monitoring everything you need to understand the application performance & capacity. For ex:

  • How much time take to load the page?
  • What is the most time-consuming transaction?
  • What is throughput and error rate?
  • Monitor critical transaction with breakdown and trace back

New Relic also lets you deploy your application and compare the performance before and after. This becomes handy if you need to find out if latest production deployment is causing any issue.

Along with the monitoring, you can do thread profiling, use Java performance analyzer for performance related troubleshooting.

Database Monitoring – most likely you will be using some database with your enterprise application, and you can do following out of the box with New Relic.

  • Track the slow running queries
  • How much time is spent in database request?
  • Visualize database operation
  • Database call response time & throughput

Alerting – alerting is essential for a production environment. With the help of New Relic, you can configure the alert policies to notify when a threshold is breached. You can integrate alerting with the channel such as email, Jira, Pager Duty, etc.

You may sign-up for New Relic APM trial to see how it works.

2. App Dynamics

App Dynamics now part of Cisco provide APM as SaaS (software-as-a-service) to discover, monitor, troubleshoot and more.

App Dynamics APM supports many platforms including Java, Node.js, Apache HTTP, Python, PHP.

If you are managing Java based applications, then App Dynamics can automatically discover JVM and its dependency.

Troubleshooting becomes easier as App Dynamics isolate the performance related issue between infrastructure and code. You get the exact problematic line of code, SQL query, and thread for faster resolution.

Unique to Java, it supports almost all the popular application, framework and provides full JVM health & performance management.

  • IBM WebSphere, Oracle Weblogic
  • Tomcat, Jboss,
  • Spring, Jetty, Struts, Grails

App Dynamics offer 15 days trial without providing credit card info.

3. Datadog

Datadog provides next-generation APM to end-to-end application performance management. It monitors full stack including application & infrastructure to provide visibility at each layer of the stack.

Powerful auto-instrumentation feature let you automatically track requests across many library & frameworks.

Datadog provides an advanced dashboard for visualizing the metrics matter to you. For ex;

  • Latency
  • Errors per second
  • Hits per second
  • CPU/Memory utilization

You can monitor cloud-based application, premises, and hybrid – everything in one place. You can get it started in FREE to experience Datadog next-generation APM.


IBM APM is available on IBM Bluemix cloud platform, and you can get it started in less than $30 per month.

IBM Application Performance Management provides better visibility on application and infrastructure to identify the performance bottleneck.

With smart predictive analysis, you can configure to receive early warning and avoid the application outages.

5. Dynatrace

Dynatrace is one of the industry leaders in providing full-stack monitoring & management solution for application & infrastructure from a cloud.

Dynatrace APM monitor end-to-end user experience, transaction, performance and provide deep insights of your application stack in real-time.

With single APM agent, you can monitor cloud infrastructure & application performance. For ex:

  • AWS
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Docker
  • Tomcat
  • WebLogic/WebSphere
  • Nginx/IIS/Apache
  • Oracle/MSSQL/MongoDB

You can get it started with Dynatrace in less than five minutes. They offer 15 days FREE trial.

6. Monitis

Monitis, a TeamViewer company offer all-in-one application monitoring and pricing is based on what you want to monitor.

Real user monitoring (RUM) – see how user interact with your application including analytics

  • Website – monitor uptime, full page load, transaction & also you can perform stress testing.
  • Server- Monitor CPU, memory, network bandwidth, storage, WAN links, TCP protocol, etc.
  • Application – get an insight of deployed application including Tomcat, Node.js, Java/JMX, MySQL, etc.
  • Mail – end-to-end monitoring for SMTP, IMAP, POP3 & ERT

Monitis provide real-time views, an interactive chart, report and monitoring history data is stored for two years.

7. Scout App

Send incident status automatically for any failure with Scout App APM. Scout App integrate with Github and let you know which developer’s code are slowing down the web application experience.

Scout App analyze the stack frame to find out memory bloat, expensive SQL statement, poor performance objects and show that in the dashboard.

Performance comparison becomes handy with Scout App when you need to find out if the issue is after some release, configuration changes, etc.

8. Logic Monitor

Logic Monitor provides SaaS and on-premises solution to monitoring entire data center infrastructure, an application from a single platform.

It support more than 1000 technologies from various streams like;

  • Servers
  • Cloud
  • Services
  • Websites
  • Applications
  • User experience

Logic Monitor APM give you full stack application insights with advanced application metrics to track application performance & availability.You can follow users flow to your application and create

You can track users flow to your application and create an unlimited dashboard to visualize the metrics you need.

The above listed SaaS-based APM should help you to get full application insight on availability & performance. Most of them offer a trial for around 15 days so go ahead and give a try to see what works for you.