Numerous changes are taking place in the way people are interacting with different commercial organizations.

WebSites are getting replaced by apps, and now Chatbots seem to be gradually taking over the wave of applications.

What is Chatbot?

chatbot is an artificial conversational program which helps to automate the chat responses. Imagine, you’ve purchased an item online and wanted to know the delivery ETA. What would you do?

Typically, you would either drop an email, call the shop or log in to their website to check the order status. Agree?

Now, what if you could go to the shop website or facebook page to enter your order number and chatbot give you the delivery ETA.

Much better, isn’t it?

You are saving time in calling or dropping email and shop is reducing operational cost by not having a helpdesk to answer the queries which can be automated easily.

Why is Chatbot Important?

It saves business support cost  – One to one conversation between a customer and a business organization without involving a human. A person can ask questions and get them answered by the AI-powered chatbot.

It save customer time – the customer doesn’t have to spend time calling or email. Most of us are on chat platform like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. so it’s easy to interact through chat.

You can create a chatbot for your business or personal on any platform, including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Website, Slack, Twitter, etc.

The following AI-powered solution will help you to create a chatbot for the multi-platform, including Facebook Messenger. is a San Francisco based company which allows you to create chatbots for your business organization easily. offers integrations with Google, Slack, Twitter, Twilio, Kik, Layer, Intercom, Airtable, Flight Stats, MailChimp, Mailgun, and Hubspot.


  • Easy to use web-based user interface.
  • Multiple conversations with the users with the bot are accurately judged and are given a suitable response.
  • It offers one-click integrations to most of the platforms

Chatty People

Chatty People is one of the best platforms to create AI chatbot on Facebook with integrated Facebook commerce. You can create messages on Facebook without much coding experience. It is a good option for small and medium-sized businesses.


  • It can take orders from messenger and comments right away.
  • You can push offers or deal if the user demands the same.
  • Chatty people have E-Commerce integrations with companies like open cart, Magento, and Woocommerce.
  • ChattyPeople is 100% free to get started.


An FB messenger platform for support, sales, and marketing.

ManyChat offer drag-n-drop bot builder where you can define the logic, automate the posting and much more without coding.

Not just from your Facebook page but also you can implement a chat icon on your site to grow your subscribers. Sounds perfect as a marketing chatbot platform.


With the powerful API of Smooch, you can create chatbots for multiple platforms along with Facebook Messenger. With only one unified API, you get some robust set of features.

Smooch integrates with various top platforms like Messenger, Twitter, Slack, Zendesk, Android SDK, and iOS SDK.


Connect your Facebook page to get it started in FREE within few minutes. MobileMonkey got all the features you need to grow your Messenger contacts to market your product, content, services, etc.

Some of the best features are

  • Audience segmentation
  • Blast chats to promote, notify
  • Automate day-to-day operational tasks
  • Build conversion funnels
  • Trigger action based on keywords and interaction using AI
  • Powerful analytics to track growth

With help you MobileMonkey, you can also add a chat widget on your site.

Beep Boop

Beep Boop is a paid hosting program for creation of chatbots. You can create chatbots for Slack along with messenger.


  • Integration source code is managed through GitHub so you can choose any programming language that suits you.
  • It has an open-source node.js module which is a particular assist for creating Slack bots.
  • It gives you analytics regarding your chatbot so you can make an educated guess regarding your bot’s activity


Botkit is open source platforms for creating chatbots. It is designed by Howdy team which offers a semantic interface to send and receive messages so that developers can focus on building splendid applications rather than focusing on API endpoints.

Here are some tools offered by Botkit:


  • You can add additional code to the API to improve the functionality
  • It has a real-time message control for monitoring activity and provides detailed usage statistics
  • You can include bubbles which send postback values when a user clicks on them
  • You can customize your message to either have no notification or notification with a sound while sending it to a user.


Botsociety is an easy tool to create chatbots. All you need to do is to submit the text of the user and the response of the bot.

The result will be immediately displayed on the screen with the interface you have chosen. More than an AI-based chatbot, it is a chat mockup app. has been owned by Facebook since January 2015 to help its developers with speech recognition. has over 100000 developers who have created an API for building voice-activated interfaces.

Bot engine is currently available in 11 languages with 39 more currently in beta. It is completely open-source; you can use other developer’s story to kickstart your project. integrates with Python, Node.js, and Ruby.

The above platform should help you create your bot for business.