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In Customer Service Last updated: May 19, 2023
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Find some of the best cloud-based helpdesk solutions to manage customer support.

There is a lot of powerful cloud-based helpdesk system that you can use instead of the traditional method of installing and managing the software by yourself.

Software as a Service (SaaS) got many advantages and sounds perfect for startups and small to medium businesses. Over a period, SaaS usage has been expanded in multiple spheres such as HR management, SEO, survey, newsletter, web security, etc.

If in a rush, try these top cloud helpdesk platforms.


Before jumping to the list, let’s quickly look at the benefits of using SaaS.


SaaS is available to its users, mainly on a subscription basis. You rent, and the provider manages the software and everything in the backend. The subscription cost is lower than the traditional license models.


Most providers offer trial and pay-as-you-go so you don’t have to invest and lock your money.

Quick deployment

The software is already installed and configured in the cloud platform. Thus, you need to pay for a subscription or start the trial to start using it. You don’t need to go through software setup and configuration where you spend a few weeks.

Security and maintenance

Managing software, server, security is always challenging. You need to be skilled or hire one to do for you. This increases the extra business cost and burden to operational support. Thanks to the SaaS model, you don’t have to worry about system administration, security patches, backup, and regular updates.


Most of the SaaS solutions are scalable. This gives you the flexibility to start with a lower plan and grow as demand increase. You can easily upgrade your plan without disturbing the production system.

SaaS is an excellent solution for anyone who wants to start with a minimum investment. What do you think?

Helpdesk software lets you manage customer queries faster. Support is always a key to business success, and choosing the right helpdesk solution can turn frustration into happy customers. It leads to better customer satisfaction.

It also helps your support team to handle issues, queries, feedback promptly.

Let’s explore the following available solutions.


Freshdesk is one of the leading platforms when it comes to the customer service industry. It is cost-effective, quick, and easy to use. Also, it comes with excellent integration options and offers multiple ways to raise tickets. Customization is possible as per your brand needs.


Some of the features are:

  • Keep track of conversations as per priorities and categories.
  • Resolves issues together as a team
  • Multi-channel support
  • Automates repetitive helpdesk tasks
  • Create forums and other self-service customer platforms
  • Measure and Improve efficiency
  • Customization and secure

Manage your customer queries from your mobile phone. The Freshdesk app is available for Android and iOS.


Jitbit Helpdesk is a SaaS ticketing system with built-in live chat, Knowledgebase, and a powerful automation engine. Trusted by thousands of companies, it perfectly integrates with your support mailbox.


Key features

  • Email ticketing
  • Integrates with JIRA, GitHub, Active Directory, MS Exchange, Dropbox, and dozens of other tools
  • Machine learning
  • Rule-based chatbots and automation


Salesforce ensures your customer remains happy with its AI-powered support service. And with their personalized customer interaction and intelligent upselling, Salesforce is the best choice for a revenue-boosting helpdesk SaaS platform.


Some key features include:

  • Visual workflows for better efficiency
  • Connect on social channels
  • View everything in a single dashboard
  • Automatic scheduling

And you can check their complete offering with the demo or free trial to see if they are the correct fit.


One of the most widely used CRM solutions worldwide is Zendesk’s CRM.

Numerous capabilities offered by this honor-winning software might be helpful for companies of all sizes. One module in Zendesk CRM is for customer support, and the other is for sales.

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Cloud-based  Zendesk platform manages customer relationships, sales efforts, and activities and identifies improvement opportunities.

Through various collaborative tools, prebuilt integrations, and quick responses, its architecture is intelligently designed to cut down on customer care agent time and save the company money.

Additionally, consumer involvement can be leveraged using tools like chatbots, social media, and surveys. It also provides a range of reports to monitor your progress.

Key Features

  • Contact management
  • Automatic ticket creation
  • Leads management
  • Marketing automation
  • Interactive voice response
  • Real-time dashboard

It enables companies to recognize and comprehend the needs and preferences of their customers, collect feedback, and create and react quickly and effectively. You can use the platform’s free trial to examine its features and adaptability.


SysAid is a leading provider of IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions. The company offers a suite of solutions that helps organizations deliver better service to their customers and employees.

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SysAid’s ITSM solutions are highly optimized to reduce manual intervention by automating ticket management and repetitive tasks, workflow automation, etc.

The all-in-one integrated SysAid platform empowers businesses of all sizes to automate IT service processes and offers unmatched visibility into the health of your entire IT infrastructure.

The platform offers a single point of contact for all IT-related questions and a central repository for all IT assets. SysAid increases productivity, lowers IT expenses, and enhances service quality by unifying all your IT administration tools onto a single platform.

Top Features

  • Self-service portal
  • Supports several ITIL processes, including asset, change, incident, and problem management.
  • Handles Tier I tasks like patch management, monitoring, and CMDB
  • Automation of digital workflows
  • AI service desk

Implementing this cloud-based Help Desk Software enables organizations to streamline their entire IT operations. SysAid Help Desk Software offers a free trial.

Zoho Desk

A platform for customer service called Zoho Desk makes it simple to collaborate, communicate, and track tasks. It is the perfect tool for any organization because of its user-friendly interface and extensive functionality.

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 Zoho Desk, a cloud-based tool, was developed in 2008 to assist organizations in more effective task management.

The preferred platform for busy professionals, Zoho Desk, offers email, calendar, document management, and task management services. Zoho Desk features something for everyone, including small business owners and managers of teams of people.

It incorporates elements from numerous productivity applications, including Trello, Asana, and Google Drive, to provide users with a platform for managing all of their work in one place.

It provides various tools and services, such as a system for sharing files collaboratively, meeting spaces, and a calendar that can sync with devices.

Key Features

  • AI intelligence for foresight in analysis and communication
  • It tracks customer interaction and provides a live happiness rating
  • Deployment is 50% quicker than the majority of customer service software
  • It interfaces with 200+ well-known third-party applications to make customer service more accessible.
  • Compliant Observant of data protection rules, including the CCPA, HIPAA, and the GDPR

Workspace customization offered by Zoho Desk is compatible with every sector, company, and division. Both small businesses and large corporations can utilize it. It is available on a subscription basis, with a 15-day trial period for software.


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If you want to create a powerful support desk to empower your team with the necessary solutions to deliver outstanding service, go for InvGate. With features like workflow automation, intuitive ticketing, and ITIL-ready capabilities, it enables you to deliver the best performance.

A modern UI with a focus on urgent requests makes it easy for the agent to manage the process better. Complete ticket visibility, quick access to the knowledge base, and link requests — all facilitate smooth collaboration among the teams.

Utilizing the full performance visibility feature of InvGate, with time metrics and customer ratings, agents can work on self-improvement, and companies can be aware of the team performance. Customizable dashboard, cross-analytics of metrics, sharing dashboard, knowledge base, automation, and integration are other top features of this platform.


Gorgias is the leading Helpdesk for Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce stores. It scales as you grow thanks to its machine learning capabilities, where 20-25% of commonly asked questions can be automated with accurate customer data & personalization. It also integrates with social media and top apps in the eco-system to centralize all your customer information.


Key features:

  • Centralize all your support tickets in one place: Manage all communication channels in one centralized dashboard, including email, social media, SMS, live chat, and phone.
  • Have all your customer’s data displayed when you’re talking to them. Edit orders, modify subscriptions, and refund payments without leaving your helpdesk.
  • From automating commonly asked questions to fully automating and closing out tickets, your support team will spend less time looking busy and more time talking to customers.
  • Turn your customer support into a profit center: Unlock sales from support via live chat, text, and social media and track all sales and performance of support agents.
  • Integrates with popular apps to deliver better support, such as Klaviyo, Yotpo, Attentive, LoyaltyLion, Aircall, and more.


You can handle your customer care and support requirements with the aid of Happyfox, a feature-rich help desk application. To make your job easier, it offers a wide range of functions.

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Happyfox has won the best help desk software for six years. Its user-friendly interface makes it simple for users to receive assistance and solve problems.

You may delegate work to your employees, track their progress, and connect with customers effectively. Additionally, it offers a support ticket system that enables you to monitor your customer’s problems in a single console.

It is perfect for a variety of industries, including education, retail, IT services, telecom, airlines, healthcare, and more, due to its broad range of use cases, including trouble ticket management, internal help desk software, IT help desk, mobile help desk, and many more.

Key Features

  • Workflow Automation
  • In-App Chat SDK
  • Integration with Slack, Microsoft teams, Salesforce, Shopify, etc
  • Multilingual Help desk
  • SLA Management
  • Agent and Task management

The platform is simple to manage and deploy, making it ideal for small businesses, SMBs, and major corporations to administer their help desks and interact with their clients from one location. It is a robust and simple-to-use tool that aids companies in enhancing their customer service.

Help Scout

Help Scout is a platform for customer interactions that enable businesses to manage effective client relationships with flexibility, strength, and affordability. Help Scout consistently receives awards for having the highest ROI.

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More than 80% of midsize businesses that start with Help Scout continue to exist for four or more years because Help Scout makes it easier to have better customer conversations. By responding to 52% more emails, Its shared inbox increases productivity and fosters teamwork.

To exceed client expectations or create an incredible customer experience without them having to contact you, Help Scout combines messaging with your shared mailbox, live chat, and help center. It also provides customer data, integrations, reporting, and collaboration tools at a reasonable cost.

Key Features

  • Collision detection prevents responding to identical messages
  • Automation of repetitive tasks
  • Collaborate with teammates to be on the same page to avoid slippages
  • Customers will be offered appropriate help content via a beacon widget
  • Advanced security with SSO/SAML and two-factor authentication

Companies would choose Help Scout if they wanted a complete communication platform with all the organization, automation, and collaboration options to produce a significant client experience. Before using it in your network, you have 15 days to test it out for free.


HelpCrunch is a comprehensive platform for customer communication that offers a centralized location for all your customer interactions. With HelpCrunch, you can manage every client interaction from a single dashboard in a personalized, seamless manner.

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It is an all-in-one solution that enables companies to strengthen consumer relationships. Tools like live chat, surveys, frequently asked questions, and knowledge base articles assist companies in raising customer retention rates.

The platform also provides gamified customer service with a commission structure for representatives. Its automated email templates, intelligent inbound and outbound phone routing, and SMS communications greatly enhance customer engagement.

To assist businesses in keeping track of all interactions, it also provides several integrations with CRM programs like Salesforce and Zendesk. Companies can get assistance from HelpCrunch’s team of professionals with product deployment and training.

Key Features

  • Email marketing to send campaigns specific emails
  • Popups to enhance conversions and produce more leads
  • Automating service and sales processes using chatbots
  • 5x faster brilliant help desk
  • SDK for customization to engage and retain customers

To conclude, HelpCrunch will provide better customer care and significantly raise customer satisfaction by utilizing reports and adjusting your communication strategy. The platform is available for a 14-day free trial.


The robust customer support tool has been helping businesses to deliver excellent services to their clients. Powered by collaborative email, the help desk ticketing system simplifies your agents’ job with easy issue tracking and faster ticket resolution.


Key Features:

  • Collaborative email
  • Issue tracking
  • Canned responses
  • Smart reports & ratings
  • Multichannel
  • Knowledgebase, chat, and survey maker

You can get started with their 15 days free trial version to see how ProProfs Help Desk can do wonders for your business.


HelpSpace combines your support, marketing, and sales for accelerated business growth on a single platform.

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A virtual assistant, an automation engine, and a monitoring dashboard are the three main parts of HelpSpace. The virtual assistant uses natural language processing to comprehend and respond to customer requests.

While the monitoring dashboard monitors parameters like response times and customer satisfaction levels, the automation engine controls interactions between consumers and agents.

Its chatbot offers online self-service and can be linked with products like the Help desk and CRM software.

Additionally, HelpSpace provides live chat assistance for e-commerce sites and mobile apps, assisting businesses in time and money savings while enhancing the quality of their client service.

HelpSpace can be tailored by businesses to meet their needs and the requirements of their industry or line of business.

Key Features

  • Chatbots aid customer support on social media sites
  • Dashboard centralized for all tickets and customer contact information
  • Unified email box to display all correspondence details in one place
  • Automates repetitive tasks
  • AI-driven chatbot handles essential communication

HelpSpace offers connectivity with many third-party tools, including Slack, Salesforce, Hubspot, and others, to enhance workflow, boost customer satisfaction, and free up clients’ time. The software has a 15-day free trial period.


Front has created customer relationship management software that enables companies to handle client interactions and relationships more successfully and efficiently. Businesses can use Front software to track customer interactions, preferences, and behavior to establish strong customer relations.

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This software can be a significant asset for businesses of all sizes because it is simple and makes it possible to respond to customer inquiries and complaints more rapidly.

You can manage customer relationships, maintain track of client information, and interact with customers in various ways.

Numerous features are available, including contact management, automated customer interactions, and routing. Its calendar helps in maintaining your calendar and organizing meetings from your inbox.

Key Features

  • Connects to all channels to ease communication, including email, SMS, WhatsApp, social media, live chat, etc.
  • Get a 360-degree view of all consumer data next to each message
  • Automate manual processes, and use analytics to help your team perform at its best
  • API Customization to fit the majority of Apps, messages, and workflows

Businesses can increase customer satisfaction and client retention owing to it. Companies can track and analyze consumer interactions with the software to find prospects for expansion and boost repeat business.

Managing customer support is always challenging but this above-mentioned cloud-based helpdesk solution helps you achieve customer success.

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