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12 Best Screen Recording Chrome Extensions

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Handy recording tools and extensions packaged with Google Chrome can make your work life easier. Want to know how?

Google Chrome is one of the most widely used web browsers with a vast user community. One of the main reasons for its popularity is its ability to add third-party add-ons. This feature eliminates the need to download separate software for a particular task. You can access those third-party features and perform specific tasks with a few mouse clicks. This ease enhances the efficiency while working.

Chrome screen recorders

The recent shift to work from home culture has created a necessity for various collaboration tools. In all types of collaboration tools, screen recorders have emerged among the most popular ones. Earlier, it was pretty much hectic to do browser screen recordings. But now, with the dedicated Google Chrome extensions, this task has become quite simple.

If your work demands recording your browser screen too often, this article will be useful. We have come up with the best screen recorder extensions for Google Chrome. However, before we move to these options, let’s first understand what extensions are and why one may need to record screens.

Google Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome extensions are small programs that help add functionality to the Chrome browser. They are usually built using technologies such as CSS, HTML, JavaScript, etc. Each extension serves a single purpose. The main objective of extensions is to offer more functionality with the least overhead. Google Chrome extensions come in the zipped format in the .crx package, which a user downloads and installs.

What is the Need for Browser Screen Recording?

There are several instances when you may need to record your browser screen. The three main reasons are:


Screen recording is necessary when you want to present something sitting in a remote location as evidence. You can record video calls, conferences, and the browser content and later use that for evidence whenever required.


Another important usage of screen recording is in online education. The education does not only involve academic tutorials, but it involves offering information for the sake of problem-solving.

People around the world are using screen recording features to create useful how-to tutorials, educational content, and much more. Screen recording makes it easy to explain the solution of a problem with a visible demo.


Screen recording also serves an entertainment purpose. For example, people nowadays record videos of games and more apps. Although one can record gaming videos for one’s own reference, these can also help others as demonstrations and walkthroughs.

Let’s now look at some of the best Chrome screen recorder extensions.


Screencastify is an excellent Chrome screen recorder extension that lets you quickly record, edit, and share videos. This easy-to-use tool can capture your browser tab, desktop, and webcam. You can add narrations to your recordings using a microphone. Also, this tool can add annotations using stickers, a pen tool, or mouse effects.

YouTube video

Besides basic editing, the Screencastify extension lets you easily trim the beginning and end of your videos. You can merge two or more videos. This chrome extension is free with a recording limit of 5 minutes. You can upgrade to the premium version to record longer videos and enjoy advanced features.


Screencast-O-Matic Launcher is a free video editor and screen recorder tool that you can quickly launch from your chrome browser. You can easily record your desktop, browser, and webcam and create videos that are easy to edit and share.

YouTube video

Screencast-O-Matic Launcher extension comes with easy drawing tools during recordings and a voice narration facility. You can add stock music to your recordings and captions to create engaging videos. With this chrome extension’s amazing transition and video effects, you can easily enhance your video quality.


Droplr is an All-In-One screenshot and screen recording Chrome extension that offers the easiest way to capture recordings. The captured recordings with this extension save automatically to the cloud storage. It holds a link to your recording on the clipboard that you can share with anyone and anywhere.

YouTube video

You can download the screenshot in PNG format or recordings to your device directly as a WebM. It also features text annotations, color highlights, 30 emojis, and an image editor. It allows you to record selected areas, full screen, the entire page, or the application window.


CloudApp is a simple-to-use chrome screen recorder extension with no complexity at all. It enables you to create recordings from your desktop, screen, or webcam input. With this tool, you can also annotate videos during recording, which is a significant advantage for teachers and instructors.

YouTube video

CloudApp enables you to directly share the recording via email. Depending upon your requirements, it can automatically make them public or private. This extension is available for free with a recording limit. For extended recordings, you can purchase its premium plan. Download the CloudApp extension online from the chrome web store and start recording instantly.


Fluid is an easy-to-use screen recorder extension compatible with all the operating systems. Whether you have a webcam or not, you can still record your screen easily. It creates watermark-free videos in which you can even feature your brand logo.

YouTube video

Fluid, along with screen recording, also supports live streaming. It comes with a basic free plan which is available for a lifetime. In this free plan, you can record 50 videos of 1-hour duration that you can even trim or add title descriptions and more.

With its pro version, you can get access to unlimited recording and unlimited cloud storage as well. So download the Fluid screen recording chrome extension now.


Movavi screen recorder lets you capture any screen, tab, or window in just a single click. This browser extension is completely secure and safe to use. It does not scan the data of the browser while recording the screen. Its user-friendly interface makes this extension easy to use.

Movavi has no recording time limit; it means you can record as long videos as you want. The number of recordings is also unlimited. You can download the recorded videos for free anytime.

YouTube video

Movavi comes with a lifetime free plan, but the recordings will carry watermarks in this plan. You can have a paid subscription if you don’t want watermarks in your recordings.


To make the communication with your clients or employees productive and clear, you must invest in a tool like Vmaker. It combines the benefits of zoom and Gmail into a single platform. It is a screen recorder extension that lets you simultaneously record webcam, screen, or both with microphone audio.

YouTube video

Vmaker enables you to record HD recordings up to 4K with mouse emphasis, screen annotations, etc.

It offers a lifetime free plan for users. There is no limit on the number of videos you can record in a free plan. In case you need HQ recordings or collaboration with your team, you can utilize a paid plan.


With Loom, you can record your screen, camera, internal audio, and microphone. It stores the recorded videos automatically in the cloud. With Loom, you can control people by choosing who can see your video.

YouTube video

Loom also offers you notifications when someone sees, comments, or reacts to your video. There is no restriction on the number of screenshots you can capture using the free version of Loom. However, you can access only the first 100 among them. The rest can only be accessed when you upgrade to a premium plan.


Nimbus is the best option if you are looking for a screen recorder extension that can record the entire webpage without scrolling. No matter the web page’s length, it can conveniently capture the Screenshot without wasting time.

YouTube video

It comes with various features such as the ability to add own watermarks, annotations, cropping, trimming, etc. Nimbus offers in-built integrations with Google Drive and Dropbox. It provides free as well as paid plans with varying features. You can download the Nimbus extension from the chrome web store online.

Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot is also an excellent chrome screen recorder extension. It is quite a popular and widely used extension with over 2 million users. The most important feature is its ability to embed your webcam and add your face to the video. It allows you to choose either local or cloud storage for your captured content.

Awesome Screenshot comes with a free as well as a paid plan. In a free version, it allows you to record the screen for 5 minutes. Also, if you are using a free plan, you can’t download a video in MP4 format.


Vidyard is one of the simplest and easiest screen recorders for chrome. Even a free plan allows you to capture recordings of up to 1 hour. Additionally, there is no limit on the number of recordings you can capture and upload. Although the recordings that you capture using Vidyard consist of its watermark. By upgrading to a paid plan, you can remove the watermark present in the videos.

YouTube video

It enables you to record HD videos, and the process is relatively easy and fast. You can draw shapes while recording and also add voice notes. Vidyard chrome extension also provides information about who is watching your videos and the watch time.

Hippo Video

Hippo Videos chrome screen recorder extension comes with a unique set of features. It lets you track the insights of your videos published on other platforms. Besides various recording features, it comes with handy editing tools.

YouTube video

Hippo Videos can help you create GIFs using its built-in GIF generator. Free users can also have unlimited recordings.


This guide should help you find the best screen recorder extension for your Google Chrome browser. All of these options have different sets of features and plans. Go through the features of all these extensions carefully. Depending upon the quality and quantity of screen recording requirements you have, you can decide the ideal option for you.

You may also look at how to screen record on an iPhone.

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