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Screenshots are an effective way of saving and sharing information in an instant. Imagine for a second: you are casually browsing the web, and suddenly you see something interesting.

After reading it, your first instinct would be to save the info and let others know about it too. That is where screenshots come in.

But sometimes, it becomes a troublesome process to take a screenshot. There could be many valid reasons behind it: Maybe you cannot remember the shortcut key for the print screen function at the moment.

Maybe you find yourself struggling to properly crop a screenshot and edit it to suit your needs. Or it could be that you are using Google Chrome which does not have an inbuilt facility to capture screenshots.

If you are on Google Chrome and want to take screenshots easily, there is good news. There are multiple extensions available on the Chrome Web Store. These third-party screenshot-capturing extensions are a lifesaver. These apps are a great way to take screenshots right within your Chrome browser and save important info.

Currently, there are a plethora of such extensions out there, with each claiming to be the best. The availability of so many options often ends up making people puzzled regarding which to opt for. To eliminate such confusion, we have curated some of the finest Google Chrome Screenshot extensions to try this year.

How can taking screenshots on Chrome be helpful?

Screenshots are a fast way to save and share information. From gathering ideas for your project to letting an expert know the issue you are trying to troubleshoot to helping someone through a complex process – screenshots come in handy in lots of situations.

Plus, if you want to save a passage of an article for future use, a screenshot saves your precious time by eliminating the need to write it down word-for-word.

Why opt for third-party extensions to take screenshots on Chrome?

As we mentioned before, Google Chrome lacks any built-in feature to capture screenshots. Thus, to take screenshots on Chrome, you have to depend on external resources.

Luckily, there are a plethora of effective solutions to this issue that help you capture/record a webpage or your screen without any hassle.

Let us now see some of our top Google Chrome Extension choices that are bound to make your life easier:


GoFullPage is an effective way to take screenshots of your current pages in their entirety without having to leave the browser.

Taking screenshots using GoFullPage does not require any additional permissions. It allows you to capture screenshots with ease by either clicking on the extension icon or pressing the shortcut Alt+Shift+P.

Once you have done that, you can just sit back and watch the app effectively take a screenshot of each part of the page and opens a new tab containing that screenshot. You can even crop, add emojis, and export your screenshot in PNG/JPEF/PDF format.

Nimbus Capture

Nimbus Capture lets you screen to capture any web page in its entirety or part. In addition, you can also screencast or record any video from your screen.

Apart from taking screenshots, you can annotate, trim, crop, change background, change text color, and more which enriches your screenshot-capturing experience.

Interestingly, Nimbus empowers its users to convert recorded videos to GIFs in an instant. Once your screenshot or screen recording is ready, users can easily upload them on Google Drive, Dropbox, and Google Classroom.


Using Scrnli, capturing screenshots, or recording your screen becomes a cakewalk.

Scrnli allows users to take partial/full screenshots, save them, and share them using links instantly. You can even print your screenshots on paper if needed.

The minimalistic, intuitive UI makes Scrnli easy to navigate for even beginners. Besides, Scrnli empowers users to draw lines and add arrows, shapes, text, etc., to enhance their screenshots and get the most out of their screenshots.

To increase convenience even more, Scrnli allows users to go one step back or forward. This saves time and helps you make quick actions even when you err.

Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot is a great tool for capturing screenshots/recording screens for any purpose.

After capturing/recording your screen, you can easily save it and share it without trouble. You can annotate, resize, or crop your screen captures.

Plus, users can add text, arrows, rectangles, lines, and more for increased convenience. Interestingly, Awesome ChatGPT lets you either highlight significant portions or blur sensitive info on your screenshot.

The tool has a simple-looking interface that does not demand lots of technical knowledge to use. It also has a no-ad policy and gives your privacy the utmost importance.

And the best part? Awesome ChatGPT is known for continuous improvements.


With Lightshot at your disposal, taking customizable screenshots becomes an easy task. Being true to its name, Lightshot is a no-fancy, lightweight extension that allows users to capture screenshots with ease and share it in a few clicks.

After taking a screenshot, the user can either keep the screenshot as it is or they can edit it to suit their needs. They are also free to decide whether to save it on their local disk or upload it to the cloud.

Interestingly, Lightshot has the feature to copy screenshots into your clipboard and quickly paste it wherever you want. Lightshot lets users search for similar screenshots too. This is quite a handy feature and is available only in a few such tools.


Fireshot lets you take full screenshots of a webpage, save it as PDF/image, and instantly share it with others.

Plus, you can send your screen captures to Gmail or OneNote, copy them to a clipboard, add page info, and more to take your screenshot game to the next level. You can also crop, resize, blur, and add annotations and various other effects.

If you are not satisfied with Fireshot’s inbuilt editor, you are free to export your screenshots to an external editor and edit them there.

Movavi Screenshot

Capture full or partial webpage screenshots, save them in PDF, JPEG, PNG, or GIF format, and share them with ease with Movavi Screenshot.

For your info, Movavi does not require any extra permissions to work on your computer. Besides, you can use Movavi in incognito mode and download screen captures without spending even a penny.

Movavi permits users to print their screen in various sizes, be it full-page screenshots, particular necessary parts, or full-screen capture with all open tabs.

Note that scrolling down on a page from top to bottom makes Movavi auto-capture a page. Needless to say, this eases the process and saves time.


Using Droplr, you can capture or record your screen in an instant and save it to the cloud with a shareable link.

Whether you want to capture an entire page, your entire screen, or just a small part – everything is possible with Droplr. After taking a screenshot, you get the opportunity to mark it up as you want. Add text, color highlights, lines, arrows, boxes, circles, and so on. Also, you can add more than 30 fun emojis to spice up your screencaps.

FYI, all your screencaps and recordings get stored in one place, that is, your personal Droplr account. So, you can quickly find them whenever the need arises.


NinjaCapture is a simple, effective way of grabbing, annotating, and sharing screenshots on different platforms.

With the help of NinjaCapture, you can capture a whole page or part of it instantly. Similarly, you can take a screenshot of your entire screen or its specific portions.

Apart from taking screenshots, it allows users to record their screens in various dimensions and frame rates. You can share your recordings or screencaps to multiple cloud apps, including NinjaCapture Cloud, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.

Users can also crop, resize, annotate using different shapes, password protect their shared recordings, copy-paste a local image from the clipboard, blur sensitive info, and so on.


Now that you know about these incredible Google Chrome Screenshot Extensions don’t wait any longer. Refer to our article, compare the extensions, and choose the one that best suits your preferences.

As is clear, each of these extensions comes with a handy set of features that might cater to different users. So, it would be wise to carefully go through the features and see if they fit your needs before choosing a specific one. Good luck!

Now you may read about the best screen recording Chrome extensions.

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