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In Networking Last updated: September 13, 2023
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If you spend considerable time online because you are a web scraper – and most businesses do these days – you understand the importance of online privacy. With all apps or websites you use monitoring your activity, you need a good proxy manager to prevent that from taking place.    

Depending on your level of web scraping, you could use multiple proxies to serve different purposes. Nonetheless, having other proxies will usually signal the beginning of losing settings things up, especially when you must switch between them to ensure everything is going as expected. Thankfully, you can solve this problem using a Bright Data Proxy Manager.

Proxy management can become a real thorn for most online workers like web scrapers. The absence of reliable proxy infrastructure will reveal itself in too many hours spent extinguishing proxy fires or dealing with numerous reliability issues – something no web scraper wants to deal with. 

If, in your experience, you’ve encountered blocked websites, help is only a few clicks away, and you can have a gateway to accessing any information you may need from blocked websites besides being able to browse the web securely and anonymously. Bright Data is one of the industry’s most trusted and secure proxy service providers, with a host of web unlockers that can easily bypass any blockage and help you retrieve public web data.   

This article discusses the Bright Data proxy manager, its features, benefits, and whether it’s a good investment.   

What is a Proxy Manager? 


A proxy manager is a software program designed to help you manage and organize a computer network’s proxy servers by writing and implementing policies and filtering all resource requests. 

Proxy managers provide user-friendly interfaces to your proxy servers – the gatekeepers of the firm’s internet or computer terminals – that enable you to edit, add, or delete proxies besides testing connection speeds and availability. 

When properly configured with correct policies, proxy servers limit access to marked materials or websites to manage your networking traffic efficiently. 

A good example would be granting supervisory control over the type of resources your users are allowed to access, and it may involve placing filters that block certain websites, like those containing objectionable materials like pornography, that administrators believe are causing distractions. 

Since proxy servers are designed to enhance your network’s security, blocking certain websites and resources could also help your company reduce the risk of virus infection or picking up malware

You may also apply a proxy manager to your incoming emails to limit users’ ability to open specific attachments and reduce the risk of email-based infection, sabotage, and espionage or blocking suspicious activity.    

What is Bright Data Proxy Manager?

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Bright Data is a state-of-the-art web data platform and proxy service provider that helps B2B companies securely and efficiently collect data. The firm is used by organizations globally, whether small businesses, Fortune 500 companies, or academic institutions. 

Bright Data is renowned for reliable and secure proxy offerings, besides being a go-to and cost-effective platform availing easily accessible public web data.   

Bright Data offers a suite of features and functionalities, and data collection and web un-lockers to proxy services to give them complete control of their data and network privacy. This rich portfolio of characteristics makes Bright Data ideal for businesses that must take extra care in dealing with their client’s data. 

Bright Data currently offers at least four types of proxy services: residential, data center, ISP, and mobile proxies. The service leverages an in-built smart IP rotation management layer to guarantee the safety and security of users’ online identities. 

The rotating proxies facilitate the changing of IP addresses after every subsequent connection. The ability to use more than just one IP address makes it less possible for a user to become blacklisted on a particular website.   

Bright Data’s residential proxy network is built upon millions of IPs from different locations across the globe, meaning that the data users collect is reliable and compliant with most data protection legal requirements. 

Bright Data complies with the latest European Union Data Regulatory Framework, the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018, and GDPR, among others. 

Benefits of Using Bright Data Proxy Manager

Bright Data offers an all-inclusive range of proxies across 195 countries – spread over many cities and countries, and has over 72 million exclusive and shared IPs. The firm’s IPs are sourced from numerous user devices, offering speed and reliability from at least 600,000 residential proxies they source directly from ISPs.

You can benefit from Bright Data Proxy’s 7-day free trial if interested. Potential users can test Bright Data’s residential proxies designed for registered businesses or data center proxies intended for registered and individual B2B companies.

Thanks to its extensive Geo Distribution, you can use Bright Data Proxy in just about any city or country globally. Moreover, the service works at high speeds, making it faster than most competitors since it comes with load-balancing servers whenever a user requests.  

Most importantly, Bright Data Manager bypasses coding but introduces advanced features, including intelligent routing, SSL decryption, and custom rules that reduce bandwidth.  

Bright Data Proxy Manager Features 

❇️ Web Unlocker: The Web Unlocker enables handling any site unlocking issues end-to-end, besides delivering parsed and structured data in your format of choice using a single URL.  

❇️ Proxy Manager: This advanced open-source tool improves data collection by routing requests using the most affordable alternatives. As a result, there are reduced bandwidth usage and changes between proxy networks to secure all requests.  

❇️ Data Collector: Bright Data Proxy has various automated collectors where you only need to enter a definite URL, keyword, or data item to give you all the data related to your search, no matter what size of collection you’re dealing with.   

❇️ Datasets: Bright Data comprises unparalleled pre-collected datasets relating to over ten million points on their websites. The datasets are ideal for identifying and analyzing trends and social media influences, finding people, and obtaining data for machine learning algorithms. 

❇️ Tremendous Success Rate: Bright Data Proxy is accessible from over 72 million IPs in over 195 countries with a success rate of around 99.99%. Moreover, you can browse the internet securely and anonymously without the risk of being banned or blocked, in addition to the freedom to choose from the four different proxy types.  

❇️ Wide Range of Data: Users can collect structured data or scrape anything from social media posts, product prices, reviews, ratings, or news articles from different websites. You can customize the tool’s scraping settings on format, frequency, or proxy location. 

❇️ Reliability and Security: Bright Data is among a few service providers claiming a 99.9% availability and uptime for its services and features. Moreover, they guarantee users’ web data safety through their encryption and compliance standards. 

❇️ Save Time and Money: Bright Data’s affordable and cost-effective pricing plans are designed to suit every user’s needs and budget. Users can decide between monthly or annual subscription plans. 

Bright Data Major Proxy Locations

Bright Data Major Proxy Locations

With Bright Data having 72 million IP addresses to boot and websites having location-based blocks designed to operate in specific countries, you can avoid any blocks by pretending to be a user from that particular country. 

For example, you can access Germany-based websites using any one of their over 1,003,263 German IPs to access local sites easily. Bright Data’s proxy locations are spread globally, with the most popular locations being the United States – 4,922,973 IPs, Britain – 1,865,443 IPs, Germany – 1,297,414 IPs, Brazil – 2,100,710 IPs, France – 547,365 IPs, and China – 1,102,834 IPs. 

Other popular locations are Canada – 436,319 IPs, Spain – 585,284 IPs, Russia – 3,196,555 IPs, Japan – 334,170 IPs, South Korea – 202,229 IPs and India – 5,425,168 IPs. Considering that Bright Data reports a 99.9% success rate, there’s every chance you can avoid blocks and access the data you need. 

Bright Data Proxy Manager Pricing

Bright Data offers different pricing options for its four distinct IP address types and has a simple pay-as-you-go plan available. The Residential IP plan costs $15 per GB, while the Mobile IPs cost $40. Other IP proxies are available for $0.15 per IP or $15 per GB of data, while the data center proxies cost $0.80 per IP and $.110 per GB of data.    

You can sign up for an annual subscription to garner some savings. Starting at $1,000 monthly for the advanced plan, it realizes $0.56 and $0.077 per data center IP, while the residential IP price comes down to $10.13. An Advanced + project costing $2,000 monthly asks for $0.50 per IP or $9.75 per GB of data for ISP proxies and $9.45 per GB for residential proxies. 

Lastly, you can choose the custom plan, which scales on an unlimited basis and requires users to develop based on their needs and specifications. You may also want to consider the 7-day free trial, but if you’re trying as a company, you must verify registration and commit to spending at least $500 monthly. 

How to Access Bright Data Proxy?

The procedure for getting access to Bright Data is as simple as ABC:

  1. Fill in your details to open an account – this takes a few seconds, and the website will redirect you to Bright Data’s dashboard. 
  2. Select the type of product you need.
  3. You’ll be asked to verify your identity. 

4. Fill in your preferred payment method – you can choose between a Credit Card, Payoneer, Alipay, or PayPal. It would be best to have a positive account balance to access Bright Data’s dashboard. 

5. Create a zone: This refers to a group of settings defining your project and includes the preferred IP type (exclusive or shared), IP country, state, city or carrier, etc. 

 6. Customize your zone to limit zones to specific domains or add the ones you don’t wish to target.  


Data Bright Proxy Use Cases 

Bright Data Proxy is a well-respected tool due to its impressive list of features and the device being ideal for general and specific use cases. Among the prominent use cases are collecting price monitoring data, lead generation, brand protection, SEO research, and sentiment analysis.

With the innate ability to ethically collect valuable data from the web for these many purposes to aid in competitive research and market analysis, Bright Data has become a super helpful tool that stands head over shoulders in the web scraping industry.   

Bright Data Proxy Competitors  

#1. Oxylabs

Oxylabs is an all-inclusive web intelligence collection tool and high-level proxy provider that enables different companies to exploit the power of big data fully. The Oxy Proxy Manager has a free-to-use app that allows users to manage their proxies via mobile devices.

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The tool also presents a Chrome browser extension for anyone who prefers to avoid the mobile app for their proxy management. Oxy Proxy users can easily configure the system and switch between multiple servers. 

Main Features 

  • A versatile app that’s compatible with different proxy providers.
  • No additional costs or hidden fees are associated with using the Oxy Proxy app.
  • Users can add as many proxy servers as they wish.

On the flip side, though, the mobile proxy manager doesn’t apply all system-level proxy settings or may have different proxy configurations.

#2. Nginx


Nginx Proxy Manager is a proxy management tool that facilitates connections between backend servers and clients. Note that for practical purposes, Nginx Proxy Manager is designed to manage relations between users and backend servers instead of all your proxies, as Bright Data Proxy Manager does.  

Main Features 

  • You can configure Nginx Proxy Manager to handle SSL/TLS encryption and decryption.
  • The tool supports HTTP/2 and facilitates speedy communication between users and servers.
  • The proxy manager offers a reverse proxy support system that forwards user connection requests by masking the user’s real IP addresses. 
  • Nginx Proxy Manager provides robust security features that guarantee the client’s server’s protection from traditional web-based attacks. The security features include access control that helps in protecting your sensitive data from unauthorized access. 
  • Nginx features an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that prominently displays access control functionalities such as adding, deleting, and modifying IP address-based restrictions.

On the downside, though, Nginx’s functionalities are limited to only reverse proxy and SSL/TLS management, which don’t make it an efficient proxy management tool compared to Bright Data proxy manager.  

Final Verdict 

From the preceding, it seems clear that Bright Data is one of the most comprehensive and reliable web data platforms you can use to extract value from public web data if you want to maintain a competitive edge within your niche. The platform’s effectiveness has won the hearts of many individuals and institutions from all parts of the world.  

Bright Data users can leverage its premium proxy services thanks to its all-inclusive functionalities and powerful capabilities. By availing of public web data, they can tap into different data points to help in research, monitoring, and analysis. 

While it may be more expensive than most competitors and has a limited free trial, users are assured of a proxy management service that ensures a safe transfer of data, files, and information to and from employees working in remote locations. 

As a result, users can access web data to help them make better and more informed decisions for personal or business use. Flexible billing, potent configuration, and 24/7 support make Bright Data a must-try for anyone dealing with serious projects. 

Next, check out reasons for using Bright Data for proxy and web scraping.

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