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One of the challenging tasks for startup/business owners in the planning phase is finding the smart domain name. A domain name that is short, easy to pronounce, rememberable, and SEO friendly.

Considering the growth in an online website, it might be frustrating to see the registered domain you are looking for.

There are more than 330 million domains registered, so whatever you think of short dictionary words is likely gone.

Thanks to the following tools, which help you find a relevant domain name for your business with multiple combinations.

Most of the domain name generator tools let you buy it directly from the search result, but if you want to buy it separately, you may check out these platforms to buy a domain name cheaply.

And if you are planning to host your website on shared hosting, you can try SiteGround or Bluehost, which offers a FREE domain.

Let’s take a look at the domain search tools.

Domain Wheel

Not sure about your perfect domain name?

Don’t worry!

Domain Wheel has got you covered with their fantastic domain suggestion tool. The best part about Domain Wheel is that it gets you exciting and creative domains that feel handpicked. You also get sections of ‘Sounds Like’ and ‘Rhymes With’ that include keywords similar to the original keyword. Don’t miss the Random Suggestions section, as it features some great related to your keyword.

Name Smith

You can anticipate the level of creativity you’ll find in their suggestion from their domain name.

Well! Name Smith won’t disappoint you with their catchy domain name suggestions. Just enter a few keywords about your website, and you’ll get a list of domains with the exact keywords, some creatively blended domains, rhyming domains, and a ton of exciting modifications. You can even filter the domain names using the search modifier present on the left.


You can use the Domainr API to build brainstorming right onto your products. Domainr is the way to go if you want a quick and hassle-free domain search. Moreover, the API is highly customizable, which you can use as a drop-in replacement or supercharge the existing domain search. Domainr constantly refreshes its database to give real-time availability details about your potential domains.

The search suggestions are swift but generic in comparison to other domain search services.


The AI-powered business name generator by Looka is a useful tool that will put together a list of name ideas based on keywords and industries. You’ll be able to filter all of the potential business names by length and instantly check the domain and social availability.

There’s also a feature that allows you to pick from a list of abstract ideas if you are unsure what keywords to enter.

Domains Bot

Convert your idea into names with Domains Bot. A domain name search engine lets you filter the search based on TLD, languages, prefixes, suffixes, and an option to show only available domains or at a sale.

If you are running a hosting company, you may be interested in their API to integrate with domain name search.

A service by Automatic find thousands of possible domain name from the keywords.

You can sort the result by popularity, length, or alphabetical.


Domainling is simple to a search tool that lets you know if a particular domain is taken and an alternative option with prefixes, typos & synonyms.

Another fantastic responsive search tool shows the result as you type. It gives a result from popular extensions and some helpful suggestions.

If your desired domain is already registered, the search result gives you an option to check the owner and other details using WHOIS.


A business name generator by Shopify instantly search available domain and let you reserve your brand name on Shopify.


NameBounce is a new business name generator.  You can enter one to three separate keywords on the home page.  NameBounce then generates business name ideas with available domain names.

One cool feature is that you can search country-code TLDs, like,, and .in.

Once the results appear, you can use the filters on the left side of the page to narrow down your results.  You can click the star next to a domain name to add it to your favorites list.


Panabee is one of the popular ones to suggest an alternative name, check app name availability, and social media user names for your brand.

Name grep

name grep, as the name suggest, is perfectly designed for geeks to search using regular expression and sets.


Wordoid is an excellent tool if you’re looking for a “brandable” domain name.  All of the names that they provide are made-up words.  You can search in multiple languages and use the filters on the left side to generate new results.

I hope the above online domain name generator helps you to find the domain name for your business. Once you finalize the domain name, check out these premium hosting if you decide to use WordPress.

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