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10 Fantastic Tools to Find Smart Domain Name for Your Business

10 Fantastic Tools to Find Smart Domain Name for Your Business

One of the challenging tasks at planning phase for startup/business owner is to find the smart domain name. A domain name which is short, easy to pronounce, rememberable and SEO friendly.

Considering the growth in an online website, it might be frustrating to see the domain is registered which you are looking for.

There is more than 330 million domain registered, so it’s likely that whatever you think of short dictionary word are gone.

Thanks to the following tools which help you to find a relevant domain name to your business with multiple combinations.

Most of the listed tools let you buy it directly from the search result, but if you want to buy separately, then you may go to GoDaddy, Namecheap, etc.

And if you are planning to host your website on shared hosting then can try SiteGround or Bluehost who offer FREE domain.

Let’s take a look the domain search tools.

1. Name Mesh

Name mesh is one of my favorites to search awesome domain name. You can input two-three keywords and let name mesh generate from over 6 million words.

It uses more than 20 generators to produce the domain name and show the results from multiple categories.

  • Common – check against common TLD (top-level domain) like .com, .net, .org
  • SEO – Use the main keyword with popular suffix & prefix
  • New – check against newly launched  TLD
  • Extra – check against additional TLD
  • Short – create short name like
  • Similar – check with common alternative name
  • Fun – blend or mesh the words which are fun and highly brandable
  • Mix – generate by adding other word and mixing with popular suffix/prefix

2. Domains Bot

Convert your idea into names with Domains Bot. A domain name search engine which let you filter the search based on TLD, languages, prefix, suffix, and option to show only available domain or at a sale.

If you are running a hosting company, then you may be interested in their API to integrate with domain name search.

3. Domain-Hack

Running a SaaS company, API or shareable service? You will love Domain-Hack. It combines top level domain from worldwide and shows you the short name.

4. Lean Domain Search

A service by Automatic find thousands of possible domain name from the keywords.

You can sort the result by popularity, length or alphabetical.

5. Domainling

Domainling is simple to search tool let you know if a particular domain is taken and alternative option with prefix, typos & synonyms.

6. Instant Domain Search

Another fantastic responsive search tool shows the result as you type. It gives a result from popular extensions and some helpful suggestion.

If your desired domain is already registered then search result give you an option to check the owner and other details using WHOIS.

7. Business Name Generator

A business name generator by Shopify instantly search available domain and let you reserve your brand name on Shopify.

8. Flame Domain

Want to generate domain name based on location, niches, brandable, random, hack, one word, names? Try Flame Domain

9. Panabee

Panabee is one of the popular one there to suggest an alternative name, check app name availability, social media user name for your brand.

10. Name grep

name grep as the name suggest is perfectly designed for geeks to search using regular expression and sets.

I hope above online tools help you to find the domain name for your business. If you need more inspiration then check out the below as well.

Once you finalize the domain name, then check out these premium hosting if you decide to use WordPress.

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  1. Hey Chandan, do you think HostGator would make a good list addition? They have a domain checker tool available as well (I believe it’s free to use).

    Granted I’ve heard some prefer BlueHost but thought they might be another interesting option.

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