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In Design Last updated: August 23, 2023
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Are you searching for effective, simple one-pager templates to pitch services to customers and business clients? These are the best tools and templates you should know of.

Today’s customers and business clients have less time to evaluate your products or services. They look for a powerful pitch that can be read in a flash to make informed decisions. Here comes one-pager pitch documents. 

Since one business offers many services, smart ventures have started creating ready-to-use formats to pitch products and services to their clients. Now, you do not essentially need to create your own one-pager pitch deck.

I have created a handpicked list of the best tools and templates for one-pager templates. Go through the following tools, take your pick, and save valuable time. 

What Is a One-Pager Template for Business?

What Is a One-Pager Template for Business?

A one-pager template is a single-page pitch deck. Mostly the sales and marketing team of a business use such promotional documents. It summarizes the specifications or benefits of your product or services in a small space. The language of the document is such that the audience does not face any challenge to understand the content.

Also, you do not need to explain the content. Further, it includes a scientific combination of graphics, color palettes, and font combinations so you can persuade the audience to go through the whole document. 

It could include anything you want. The idea is to include the whole content on one page without cramming the space. However, since its first use by marketing and advertising agency J. Walter Thompson in the early 1900s, the concept of creating this document has evolved a lot. Find below some of the standard content you must use: 

#1. Header

This section usually contains the name or logo of the company or project, along with a catchy tagline or slogan.

#2. Overview

A brief summary that captures the essence of your company, project, or proposal. It provides an introductory overview and grabs the reader’s attention.

#3. Problem Statement

Clearly state the problem or challenge that your company/project aims to address. This section highlights the pain points or gaps in the market that your solution intends to solve.

#4. Solution

Describe how your company/project solves the problem mentioned earlier. Focus on the unique features, benefits, or advantages that set your solution apart from others.

#5. Product Features

List the main features or benefits of your product, service, or solution. This section highlights what makes your offering valuable and attractive to potential customers.

#6. Team

Introduce the core members of your team. Highlight their relevant experience, expertise, or achievements that contribute to the success of your company/project.

#7. Contact Information

Contact Information

Include your contact details, such as email address, phone number, and website. Make it easy for interested parties to contact you for further inquiries or collaborations.    

Use Cases of One-Pager Pitch Templates

Find below the business and industry use cases for one-pager templates:

#1. Business Proposals

When you pitch a business idea, product, or service to a potential investor, partner, or client one-pager template helps to summarize the key things. For example, the business proposal, including the problem statement, solution, market analysis, and projected outcomes.

#2. Product or Service Overviews

Marketing teams frequently use one-pager pitches to deliver a bite-sized summary of the service or product they must promote. Using this document, marketing and sales teams can quickly convey the business message that persuades the customers to convert.

#3. Project Summaries

When you present a project to stakeholders, you could use a one-pager template to outline the project’s objectives, timeline, deliverables, and expected outcomes. It provides a clear snapshot of the project’s key details and helps stakeholders understand its scope and potential impact.

#4. Marketing Campaigns

Marketers often use one-pager templates to create campaign overviews, outlining the campaign’s goals, target audience, messaging, channels, and metrics. It enables sales and marketing teams to align efforts and present campaign strategies to clients, executives, or cross-functional teams.

#5. Event Promotions

Event Promotions

For conferences, workshops, or seminars, a one-pager template can effectively convey event details, including the date, location, agenda, speakers, and registration information. It helps generate interest and encourage participation.

Most entertainment events like theatrical productions, art gallery exhibitions, stand-up comedy shows, rock concerts, etc., also use one-pager templates to attract the audience. 

#6. Investor Relations

One-pager templates are also valuable in investor relations to provide a snapshot of a company’s financial performance, growth strategy, competitive advantage, and future outlook. They serve as concise reference materials during investor presentations or meetings.

#7. Partnership or Collaboration Pitches

When you seek partnerships or collaborations with other businesses, a one-pager template can showcase the potential benefits, synergies, and opportunities for mutual growth. It provides a succinct overview of the proposed partnership’s objectives and potential value.

#8. Non-profit Fundraising

Non-profit organizations often use one-pager templates to present their mission, impact, programs, and funding needs to potential donors or grant-making organizations. It helps convey the organization’s story and goals in a compelling manner. If you are a non-profit and scaling up the NGO, you could also check out these popular non-profit accounting software for easy bookkeeping.

Benefits of Using One-Pager Templates

The advertising, marketing, sales, and web publishing industry are enjoying multi-dimensional benefits from using one-pager pitch templates. Major advantages are:

#1. Convey Business Messaging Instantly

One-pagers help convert complex information into a concise and easily understandable format. They allow you to succinctly present key details and messages, making it easier for your audience to grasp the main points.

#2. Saves Time and Effort


Templates provide a pre-designed structure, saving you time and effort in creating a layout from scratch. They offer a ready-made framework you can customize with your content, eliminating the need to design and format the entire document.

#3. Constant Content and Brand Assets

Templates provide a consistent format for your one-pagers, ensuring a professional and cohesive look across different documents. Consistency in design and structure helps build brand recognition and professionalism.

#4. Appeals to the Lead Visually 


One-pager templates are often designed with visually appealing elements, such as attractive typography, colors, and graphics. They help make your content visually engaging and enhance its impact on the reader.

#5. Collaborate Efficiently

When working on projects with internal and external teams, using one-pager templates promotes a streamlined collaboration. All team members can work within the same template, making it easier to integrate their contributions and maintain a unified visual style.

#6. Adaptable Marketing Collaterals

You can adapt one-pager templates to various purposes and industries. Whether pitching a business idea, summarizing a project, or showcasing a product/service, templates can be customized to suit your specific needs.

#7. Update and Revise Easily

If you need to make updates or revisions to your content, using a template simplifies the process. You can easily modify the text, replace images, or adjust sections without starting from scratch.

Let’s find below some exciting one-pager templates and tools that champion marketers often use:   

One Page Love


One Page Love has a collection of 100+ free one-pager templates for various purposes. The templates contain editable tiles that can be customized as per the company’s requirements. This marketplace collects templates from different sources. 

Hence, to edit each of these templates, you need to log in to your account on its original platform. While some templates can be edited without any coding knowledge, many will require you to have expertise in a particular programming language.



Canva is known for its range of one-pager templates that businesses can use for various purposes. The best thing about these templates is every element of these templates is editable. So, you can choose any template and makes as many changes as you want.

You can use the existing photo editing features, like text formatting, changing the text size and color, adding photos and elements, drawing, and using the brand components of Canva to customize the template.



Nicepage hosts one of the vast libraries of business-grade one-pager templates for any industry. Currently, the template library showcases more than 10,000 one-pager pitch layouts that you can edit offline on its Windows and Mac application.

Major industries the Nicepage library covers are Art & Design, Business & Law, Technology, Fashion & Beauty, Travel & Hotels, Sports, Food & Restaurant, and so on. Its templates come with relevant and contemporary graphics that easily attracts the eyeballs of your audience.

Nicepage online library could definitely be your go-to destination for one-pager templates, but you can not edit the downloaded content without the Nicepage app. provides you with free one-pager professional templates that can be edited in a few minutes before using it for any dedicated purpose. The template design can be edited to sync with your brand color and design.

These also have options to change text, images, visual symbols, and hyperlinks. You can also download the templates in Word, Text, PSD, Apple Pages, and other file formats.



Freepik lets you have access to hundreds of editable one-pager templates. All you need to do is to browse through these and choose the template that suits your needs. You can set the filter to find templates of different formats, orientations, colors, license types, etc.

After selecting a template, you can download the PSD file and import it into Adobe Photoshop for editing. Or, you may choose to open the template in the Freepik Editor and use the internal tools for template editing.



If you are looking for an interactive and animated one-pager business template, go for Genially. Here, you get a beautiful free one-pager template to impress your clients and potential investors. 

The template contains various clickable hotspots where you can include financial data, company videos, business proposal details, startup funding data, and competitors. Being a 100% customizable template, it allows users to personalize it as per the brand identity.

It also has buttons for the company website and social handles. You can add images of the top executives of the company, along with links to their social profiles. Besides presenting and sharing, it can be downloaded in PDF and MP4 formats.


webflow marketplace

Webflow is a marketplace where you can get hold of responsive one-pager templates for your website. The templates are primarily made for SaaS products. However, the clear and straightforward design can be used for businesses belonging to a variety of industries.

Created using HTML5 language, the templates can be easily customized using code-free design tools of Webflow. Later, users can connect this one-pager website to their CMS and launch it for the audience.



On xTiles, you get one pager company template to present your company and tell the story of your team. This template can be used while communicating with investors and customers or during onboarding new recruits.

You can add the company logo and team photograph in this template to make it trustworthy. A place to embed YouTube video links is also available in it. You can add text to the text blocks, change their colors, copy, hide, and delete the blocks. There is a lot of empty space below the default tiles where you can create more tiles of your chosen size.

The xTiles template also allows you to add the official website URLs and links to the company’s social media accounts. For sharing, you can send the access invites using email addresses with different access permission. Moreover, there is an option to share it on the web using a link.

Wrapping Up

Presenting your business services in an attractive and efficient way is the key to marketing and promotion success. When dealing with clients on the go or visiting a client in their office, you do not get enough time to introduce your offerings. There, you must use the above-mentioned one-pager templates to pitch services and products. 

You can customize the pitch deck to include key product information, pricing, after-sales services, and warranty information to gain the eyeballs of the client.

Want to promote your services and products in the market using printed and digital flyers? Find here the best flyer-maker tools to create professional flyers in a few clicks.

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