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In Security Last updated: October 15, 2020
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It’s a scary world out there. You can’t turn on the news without seeing unrest and crime these days.

Luckily, we have law enforcement that keeps us safe. Whether it is police, sheriffs, troopers, or the FBI, in the U.S., we know that when crimes are committed, we can call on these law enforcement agencies for help.

What happens though when the law enforcement agencies themselves become the victim of a crime? Who do they call for help? When law enforcement falls victim to cybercrime, especially ransomware, they can call MonsterCloud.

MonsterCloud reviews ransomware cases from around the country for law enforcement and has helped police and sheriff departments when they become the victim of this vicious and debilitating cybercrime. Here we will discuss what happens when a law enforcement agency is hit by a ransomware attack and go through several examples of departments that have been helped by MonsterCloud.

What is a Ransomware Attack?

Ransomware is a particularly devastating type of cybercrime where hackers gain control of a computer or network and hold the files for ransom. When you are the victim of a ransomware attack, you will not be able to access any files and you will receive a ransom note demanding payment for your files to be unlocked.

This can cripple a business and lead to downtime, lost files, and in the worst cases, losing control of sensitive information. This is why it is so important to call a professional ransomware removal company in these situations. Getting it off your system of paying the ransom yourself is not advisable for most businesses.

MonsterCloud reviews thousands of ransomware attacks each year which illustrate several problems with trying to deal with a ransomware attack on your own. The ransomware viruses generally involve a very sophisticated code that is beyond even most in-house IT departments. If you pay the hackers the ransom yourself, there is no guarantee that they will actually release control of your systems and, even if they do, they could attack again at any time.

Who Ransomware Attackers Target Most

Ransomware hackers will attack almost any computer network but they know that the real money is in attacking large entities. A quick Google search of recent ransomware attacks will give you an idea of the types of institutions they target most. Ones with deep pockets, multiple entry points, and a lot of sensitive data to lose make the “best” targets.

This is why you will see giant corporations, cities, and local governments, schools,  hospitals, and law enforcement agencies as the most frequent targets. These organizations have a lot to lose and maybe motivated for many reasons to keep the attack quiet which makes them more likely to try and pay the ransom quickly and quietly and move on.

Why Ransomware Attackers Target Law Enforcement

In the last 20 to 30 years, so many law enforcement agencies around the country have made a concerted effort to go digital. Many departments have undertaken huge campaigns to digitize their paper files, reports, forms, and more to allow officers to do their job quicker more effectively.

Moving from pen and paper to become more digital has been great for law enforcement. It has saved money and allowed officers to be more agile and efficient in the field. It also allows for real-time information sharing which helps officers do their job better.

The main issue it has created though is that the incredibly valuable and sensitive data that law enforcement uses and produces is now online. This means that gangs of criminals who were never stupid enough to walk into a police station and try to hold their file cabinets for ransom can now attempt the cyber equivalent of that.

How MonsterCloud Works with Law Enforcement

When you look at the dozens of positive MonsterCloud reviews online, you will see that they work with businesses and organizations of all shapes and sizes. This includes Fortune 500 companies to small businesses to municipalities.

Many of the institutions are understandably nervous to put their company or city’s name on the review because they have investors, shareholders, and concerned citizens to think about. One group who usually has no problem though putting their name to MonsterCloud reviews are law enforcement agencies.

MonsterCloud has long worked with law enforcement, oftentimes at a discounted rate or for free. This mission to support law enforcement in the vital and good work they do comes from MonsterCloud CEO Zohar Pinhasi’s own time in the Israeli military, his work as a cybersecurity expert, and his long-standing partnerships with law enforcement around the globe to fight cyberterrorism.

On MonsterCloud’s website, you can view testimonials from a variety of police and sheriff’s departments that the company has helped over the years get rid of ransomware and recover their files quickly and without incident.


MonsterCloud reviews, fixes, and helps prevent future ransomware attacks for law enforcement agencies around the country. They do it fast, they do it fully, and they do it out of a sense of duty to help those who protect us.

While each of the law enforcement cases can be unique, the common theme is that when law enforcement falls victim to a ransomware attack, it is a major problem. It can put officers in danger in the field and it can lead to bad guys not being put away for their crimes.

When law enforcement agencies call on MonsterCloud, the skilled cybersecurity experts at the company spring into action. They make sure that these departments recover all their critical data and they do it fast. They know that every minute a department down means more danger for the entire community they serve.

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