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One of the frequent questions I receive from the site owner like you is to what I am using on Geekflare or what I should be using to build and succeed in online business.

Choosing the right product is essential to run an online business. The following are some of the trusted resources that have helped Geekflare.
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Cloud Hosting Platform

  • Vultr

    This versatile cloud hosting platform is great for beginners and as well as for developers

    With high-performance SSD cloud servers and a global footprint, Vultr is a reliable option that’s tough to not acknowledge. It features the latest generation Intel CPUs and an intuitive control panel, along with 100% KVM virtualization.

    It is one of the largest worldwide networks with 17 different locations, helping you reduce latency by choosing servers that are the closest to your target audience.

    Besides that, you get:

    • Brilliant speed and uptime score
    • Dedicated IP addresses
    • Sturdy cloud infrastructure
    • Flexible plans and pricing suitable for every business

    Vultr has a bunch of amazing security features, such as DDoS protection. You’re also covered with 24/7 professional and technical support in case of any troubles.

    It follows a “pay as you go” pricing method, and your usage is billed and reported hourly. However, there is a 28 days/month cap, which means you won’t have to pay more than 672 hours in any month.

    Vultr is well received among customers and reviewers around the internet, so it should definitely be on your radar.

  • Kamatera

    You get flexible and abundant cloud resources with this reliable platform

    Kamatera provides enterprise-level cloud infrastructure products to businesses of all types. It lets you create servers in less than a minute and get up and running quickly. Once you get into it, it’s easy to scale up and above as your requirements increases, without much of wait time.

    Using the management panel is also a breeze. You get everything you need to control on a single, well-organized area. In fact, all your servers can be deployed and looked at under one roof.

    Talking about the elephant in the room, Kamatera has high performance servers with great level of speed and reliability. They’re continuously bringing up better and bigger hardware and cloud infrastructure to provide the best experience to their customers, and that tells a lot about their commitment.

    The servers run on advanced technologies that have SSD hard drives and the mighty Intel Platinum 8270 Processors, along with 600GB bandwidth.

    They have 13 purpose-built global data centers with 99.95% uptime guaranteed. Not to forget, you get premium human support all day, every day.

    Overall, this is a fast and reliable platform that can be put into action without wasting any time. Get started in seconds and potentially watch your growth shoot up.

  • Google Cloud

    This IaaS cloud hosting from the tech giant will easily solve your big data problems

    Fairly affordable and with a tight grip on security, Google Cloud can be an amazing upgrade from your traditional hosting if your requirement has increased. Their cloud computing services with brilliant usage spike handling can take care of your rising traffic and overall data.

    If you know Google well enough, then you’re no stranger to how big their network is. It’s the biggest in the world, and they’ve made it even better by introducing Private Global Fiber and Tiered Networks.

    You also get live migration of virtual machines, which is a feature not offered by many leading cloud hosting providers out there. It helps the engineers at Google to address and fix issues, such as patching, updating software, repairing, and other areas without you having to do anything about it.

    The performance and security are phenomenal as well. Your data is encrypted between you and Google data centers under 256-bit AES, and even each encryption key is encrypted with master keys that get regularly changed.

    Google Cloud’s hosting has always been expanding over the years, so you can only expect it to get better and better with time. It possesses a bunch of features that are hard to find on other providers, and that’s what makes this a great choice.

    GCP is not a managed platform which means you need to take care of necessary software installation and optimization for speed and security.

    If you are familiar with system administration tasks then give a try, you will love it. However, if you are not and looking for managed Google Cloud hosting for WordPress then try Kinsta or WP Engine.

  • AWS

    Utilize this reliable, scalable and flexible cloud solution to host from simple website to complex machine learning applications.

    Been in this market for over a decade, AWS still remains one of the dominant ones when it comes to cloud hosting. The features are very well thought out, which helps you in areas you wouldn’t have imagined.

    When it comes to cloud service, AWS offers almost everything you need to build and host applications, including the following.

    • Computing
    • Databases
    • Networking
    • Storage and content delivery
    • Developer tools
    • Management tools

    You get complete control of these services with the help of extensive admin controls that can be used within a secure web client.

    Its security meets the most demanding requirements and comes with rich controls. Since it’s scalable, you can choose to use only a certain amount of server resources and upgrade as you go, with very short notice time.

    AWS has a global network reach which spreads out in 24 geographic regions around the world. Overall, there’s no rocket science behind configuring AWS, and there’s an amazing support team to back things up.

  • DigitalOcean

    A great cloud hosting platform that is innovative and intuitive

    You can launch your website or application with DigitalOcean with ease and scale up as you grow. Though it’s available for everybody who wants to use it, you’re going to have a little edge over others if you’re a developer. It has tools, a control panel, and API that is designed for developers.

    You can create, automate, and manage a robust cloud server infrastructure and enjoy features such as SSD hard drives, team accounts, shared private networking, floating IP addresses, daily backups, and tier-1 bandwidth.

    It maintains an excellent level of security and makes sure your data is protected end-to-end, helping you prevent information loss. You’re also essentially guarded against DDoS and other various threats.

    Other than that, DigitalOcean records a lighting fast page load time and ensures 99.99% uptime on average. It’s one of the fastest ever cloud hosting platforms out there, so if speed has always been your primary concern, then you’ll love this host.

    DO has 13 different data centers around the world, including India, the UK, Canada, Germany, and the Netherlands. You can expect great support from their staff and as well as from their community area in which you can clear your queries in a jiffy without asking anybody.

    The pricing plans are quite flexible and straightforward, and you can choose to pay as you go.

Email Marketing

  • Bigmailer

    Extraordinary email marketing platform with impressive ROI

    Powered by Amazon SES, Bigmailer brings all your emails, assets, and brands into one place to help you save a ton of time and effort. It makes it so much easier to manage email marketing, especially with the use of access controls for your team(s) and client(s).

    You can send bulk, drip, automatic and transactional emails with this platform. It lets you create unlimited list segments and store existing contacts for no extra cost.

    You get real-time reports of your emails, whether they’re getting bounced, unsubscribed, or unopened. It makes it easy to determine which emails need to be removed and which needs to stay.

    While it’s totally worth picking a paid plan, but it’s important to mention that on the free plan itself you can store up to 5,000 contacts and send 10,000 emails every month. That’s pretty cool!

    With that being said, the paid plans have greater limits and better features, and one of them is the ability to add unlimited user accounts and brands.

    Other than that, you can utilize custom templates, drag and drop elements to build beautiful-looking emails and integrate with a bunch of third-party apps like Slack, PayPal, Shopify, and Google forms/sheets.

  • ConvertKit

    Built for professional bloggers, this email platform has features that’ll up your marketing game

    ConvertKit is relatively new but has quickly become one of the go-to choices for email marketing, and that’s entirely because of their service and set of features. The ease of use and deliverability rate plays a huge part in their success, and that’s great news for you too.

    You can create professional sign-up forms and landing pages using their pre-built templates. It’s all a matter of 5-10 minutes, and you don’t even need to be a coder. Other than that, you get a fantastic email designer to craft beautiful-looking emails that convert.

    You can run automation to save time and let the journey of your subscribers be pre-planned, without you having to do anything, right from subscription to taking action and converting them into happy and loyal customers.

    You can also organize your subscribers and put them in appropriate lists by using tags and segments. Besides that, you get detailed reporting of how your campaigns are performing and the behavior of your subscribers.

    There are so many third-party applications that you can integrate ConvertKit with, such as Gumroad, Shopify, and Instapage. And as if all of this wasn’t enough, you also get to enjoy a reliable support team to fix all your problems and doubts.

  • Sendy

    An incredible solution to send emails in bulk without breaking the bank

    If your subscriber list is growing and exceeding the limit of your email platform but you’re currently not in a position to pay that extra sum, then using a cost-effective solution like Sendy is a great option. It’s powered by Amazon SES, which makes it insanely affordable without really affecting your deliverability rates.

    You can view detailed reports of every campaign in an easy-to-understand dashboard, and automate your marketing by setting up autoresponders on fixed schedules and actions. Other than that, you can:

    • Segment your lists for maximum effectiveness
    • Add white label client accounts for a price you set
    • Easily manage mailing lists by deep filtering, so only the important ones stay
    • Fill in custom fields for each subscriber so you know more about them for personalization
    • Easily know when your emails get unsubscribed, marked as spam or bounce
    • Blacklist and block certain email addresses which you don’t want to add onto your list
    • One-click clean up your list

    Sendy supports all Amazon SES regions and is completed GDPR-compliant. You can integrate it with a bunch of popular apps like Joomla and WordPress, and also to over 1,000 other apps with the help of Zapier integration.


  • Kinsta

    A fully managed WP hosting with all the top-notch performance and security features.

    Kinsta is a managed premium WordPress hosting platform for anyone serious about site load time. They leverage Google Cloud infrastructure to host your WP sites for better performance and security.

    Whether you are small or enterprise, you will find a suitable plan for your traffic needs.


  • SEMrush

    All-in-one digital marketing suite with tools meant for SEO, PPC, Social Media and more

    SEMrush is a great solution to determine what your competitors are up to so that you can possibly create something better than what is already out there on the internet. There’s literally nothing that you can’t do with this solution, because it has tools for every marketing purpose. In short, if you have SEMrush, then you don’t need any other digital marketing tool.

    Whether you want to tap into SEO, paid traffic, content marketing, social media or market research, you’re all covered.

    You get over 15 SEO tools meant for keyword research, link building, on-page SEO and competitor analysis among others. Similarly, the advertising toolkit too has tools like keyword research, competitive research and ad research.

    Other than that, you get a bunch of content marketing help for running technical content audits, building SEO content templates, improving writing and readability with ease.

    But these are just the tip of the iceberg. There’s so much more to explore and utilize, such as social media tools and campaign management.

    No matter if you’re a startup or a well-established business, SEMrush has different plans suitable for all. Irrespective of whatever plan you pick, you’re definitely going to be on the driver’s seat to take control of your marketing with this kind of solution.

  • Ahrefs

    Spy on your competitors, do proper keyword research and inch closer to that first page ranking with this tool

    With several marketing tools under your belt, you’re bound to capture that first page spot in search engines. By using Ahrefs, you can achieve just that because it has all of the required tools you’ll need in the process. It can help you mine out profitable and easy to rank keywords, create great content, build backlinks and do everything in order to cling to that ranking.

    It helps you optimize your website, determine what your ideal customers are searching for, see what your competitors are doing right which you aren’t and also track your overall progress.

    While all this might sound like a super tedious task, it’s actually nowhere near being tedious with Ahrefs’s toolset.

    Whether you’re a new marketer or an experienced one, you’re going to benefit a lot from this solution because the requirement for good rankings never ends. You need to constantly try and stay at the very top for your growth and success.

    Along with your membership, you’re also given access to their exclusive Facebook community to ask questions and brainstorm ideas with over 10,000 likeminded marketers. Of course, there’s a support team available 24/5 to help you out as well.

  • SiteProfiler

    An advanced SEO analysis tool with all the required metrics and insights in one place

    Tracking progress and analyzing every bit of it, whether it’s for your website or your competitors’ is an essential practice when it comes to SEO. A tool like SiteProfiler can help you do that in the most appropriate manner. It gives you a quick profile of the URL that you enter, containing information like domain authority, page authority, trust flow, and citation flow.

    You also get data for the backlink graph, Alexa rank, social shares, and anchor text box. The anchor text box is a very interesting feature because it shows you what anchor text your competitors are using. It helps you strategize your approach towards something that is already working well enough for others in the niche.

    Apart from that, it tells you which content is gaining popularity, the type of links your competitors are using, dofollow links ratio, etc.

    SiteProfiler has been praised by some of the industry giants like PCmag and AuthorityHacker, and they have over 18,000 happy customers. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be one of them if your main focus is on SEO analysis.

    You can go ahead and try it out for free to get a good taste of it.

Stock Images

  • Shutterstock

    The biggest collection of stock assets fitted into simple pricing plans

    Get premium stock footage, images, and music at one place under one subscription with Shutterstock. It’s one of the most popular stock media resources that we have and they truly deliver in terms of quality.

    Apart from the generic categories, they have a “curated for you” section which presents only the trending stock files. You’ll find images, videos, and music related to the most in-demand topics.

    It has a mobile app that allows you to explore and download media on the go. Also, you get an editor to add overlays, logos, text, and other creative elements on top of your downloaded stock files. Not to forget the free plug-ins like Photoshop to add even more functionality.

    Shutterstock ticks every checkbox on why their stock assets are premium, and not free. You get so much more here as compared to the free ones, although the free ones aren’t bad at all too.

    If your requirement is more than the average, then Shutterstock might be the one you’re looking for.

  • Unsplash

    High-quality images available for free to download and use

    Unsplash has an ever-growing library of images ranging from travel, nature, events to technology, people, and whatnot. All the photos are of high-resolution and you can choose to download them in different sizes.

    You don’t necessarily need to attribute the photographers and you can download everything for free without having an account. However, having an account gives you a few benefits like adding photos to your collections for later use.

    One interesting feature of Unsplash is, it lets you also search for photographers’ names and view their portfolio. This is great when you have a favorite photographer and want to see only their works.

    Other than that, you can explore trending topics and images that are being downloaded a lot.

  • Pixabay

    A huge hub for royalty-free and public domain stock assets

    If you’ve always wanted completely free images and videos to use on your personal and commercial projects, then Pixabay is an amazing source for that. It has over 1.5 million stock assets and many of them are public domain, which means you’re given more flexibility for usage as compared to just “royalty-free” ones.

    Although a credit is always appreciated by the owner of the assets, but it’s really not necessary. You can straightaway download it and use it anywhere you want, as long as you’re within the rules of the license.

    You’re just a simple search away from finding a plethora of stock assets as per your keyword, and you can even refine your search by selecting from photos, videos, illustrations, vector graphics and music.

    You can also directly jump into what’s popular and trending on the platform. Before downloading any asset, you can select from various different sizes and file types for feasibility.

    Overall, you need to utilize this valuable website if you plan to use stock media on your projects.

Stock Music

  • Artlist

    Unlimited royalty-free music for your videos on a subscription basis

    If you’re someone who creates videos regularly, then you’ll love Airlist. It is a huge collection of royalty-free music and SFX that can be used in any type of video. You can choose from different moods, genres, instruments, themes, tempo, duration, and other filters to find the one you’re looking for.

    The great thing is, they keep adding new music tracks regularly and you get lifetime access to everything under your subscription. You can also download it unlimited times and use it for unlimited projects.

    On the homepage itself, you’ll find the best picks, so you can listen to them before jumping into the paid plans. Until then, it’s free to get started.

Stock Videos

  • Coverr

    100% free to use videos on various categories and topics

    You can straightaway hop onto the bunch of categories Coverr has and download stock videos from there to be used on your commercial and non-commercial projects. The categories include tech, animals, food, nature, and many others.

    All the videos can be downloaded easily and they come in high-quality resolutions, along with a pleasant vibe to it. You can sort the videos by “newest” or “most popular”, depending upon your requirements.

    A newly added element of this website is the Zoom Virtual backgrounds. It helps you cover your messy room with stock footage while video conferencing. I’d say that’s a huge lifesaver for a lot of people because we can never be enough ready to hop on a last-minute Zoom call.

    Their library of stock videos are always increasing with new additions, so you should definitely check it out to find something cool at no cost.

  • Envato Elements

    High-quality stock videos on a subscription basis, that totally serves the purpose

    If you want to go a step further and access over 900,000 stock videos on various topics, then Envato Elements is surely a front runner in that. It works on a simple subscription model that opens the doors to so many creative digital assets apart from just videos.

    The great thing about finding videos on this website is, it lets you refine your search to a very deep extent so you can always find your exact requirement.

    You can filter the search by:

    • Stock footage/motion graphics
    • Minimum resolution
    • Frame rate
    • Video length
    • Properties (Looped/Alpha Channel)

    For each video, you can download a free preview prior to committing to a subscription model. You can also view the details like file size, resolution, etc. Lastly, you can sort videos by popularity and date, which is helpful when you want to see only new videos or the ones that are trending.

  • Pexels

    Free library of stock videos for every event, occasion and topic

    You’re just a simple search away from discovering a huge collection of free stock videos that you can use for your personal and commercial projects. Pexels makes it so easy to find suitable footages without any necessary attribution.

    You can use the videos as they are, modify it or edit it as per your liking and still be well within the license rules. Whether it’s for your blog, social media handles, new product, or just about any purpose, the stock videos are suitable for all that.

    You can select different sizes, including original, HD, and standard. It also displays the resolution, frames per second, duration, aspect ratio, and popularity of each stock video so you know what you’re downloading.

Transactional Email

  • Amazon SES

    Widely used and highly scalable email service for flexibility

    Amazon SES is a very cost-effective and popular option when it comes to transactional emails. It is designed for digital marketers, application developers, and businesses of all sizes.

    You can either utilize their SMTP interface or integrate it into one of your applications with the help of AWS SDKs. Apart from that, you can literally borrow its email sending capabilities and run them into the software you already use.

    You can enjoy features like content filtering, dedicated IP addresses, and a dashboard to enhance the sender’s reputation. You’re also allowed to put certain rules using configuration sets for the emails you send and get a detailed analysis of your overall email marketing performance.

    Whether you wish to send transactional emails, promotional emails, or entirely build a multi-tenant solution for your customers, Amazon SES is great for all of that. Their customer portfolio is full of big companies like HBO, Vodafone, and Allergan, so you can hardly go wrong with them.

    The great thing is, they allow “pay as you go” pricing option so you only have to pay for what you use. No upfront fees or fixed expenses, just complete flexibility.

  • Mailgun

    Email solution that is transparent, reliable and made with developers in mind

    With global infrastructure and powerful APIs, Mailgun allows you to send, receive and track emails in the most appropriate manner, while being simple in nature. It’s totally reliable when you need it the most, and delivers a 99.99% uptime SLA.

    Their easy SMTP integration and the use of RESTful API takes away the pain of sending transactional emails. And the great thing is, you can scale up super quick no matter what the amount of emails you wish to send.

    You can also easily validate emails and filter out the bad ones, helping you focus on legitimacy. Talking about deliverability, irrespective of whether you send high amount of emails or low, your emails are going to get delivered seamlessly, all thanks to their experts.

    Mailgun has robust APIs but the setup and ease of use is crazily convenient. On top of that, their comprehensive documentation makes it even better. Just activate your account, set up your domain name and start sending emails.

    It has various programming language options, such as Python, PHP, Java and Rails.

  • SendGrid

    Reliable email service with delivery at scale and economical pricing

    Backed with a great support team and a solid foundation, SendGrid allows you to assemble and manage your email solution with time-saving features. It’s made specifically for developers in mind, so you can integrate and deliver in minutes with the help of RESTful APIs and SMTP. Not to forget the detailed documentation and libraries for your programming language.

    By using streamlined tools and their recommendations, you can obtain a much more effective program and deliverability rate. SendGrid has partnerships with mailbox providers like Gmail, so you’re always going to experience a satisfactory service.

    Interestingly, you can bring your whole team to the email platform and collaborate effectively for successful endeavors.

    You can also utilize control access by setting team member permissions, API keys, 2FA and other security measures. There is overall data protection as well, such as privacy shield, GDPR and enforced TLS encryption.

    Other than that, you get 30 days of email activity history, dedicated IP addresses for distribution, dynamic email templates and email validation API for accuracy. You can test out emails before sending them, so you’ll get an idea of how it’ll appear in your subscribers’ mailbox.

    If all that sounds interesting, you can get started for free and jump on board.

Website Hosting

  • SiteGround

    SiteGround is probably the best-shared hosting platform with excellent uptime and support.

    I’ve used SiteGround in the past and still use it from time to time for lab work.  Their cutting-edge technologies make your site faster and come with all the latest performance and security features.

    Widely popular and used by millions of businesses, Siteground comes naturally as the first choice when it comes to web hosting for many people. And why wouldn’t it? It provides one of the best hosting experiences with the help of their great features.

    You can choose from General, WordPress, WooCommerce, and Cloud hosting services that are fast and well secured, depending upon your requirement.

    With every plan, you also get a free Cloudflare CDN and SSL certificate to give you that perfect head start.

    The best thing about Siteground is that it has a beginner to advanced features, suitable for everybody. And if you ever get stuck at some point, then there’s always world-class support available at your fingertips to assist.

    Talking about the elephant in the room, Siteground’s security is top-notch. It puts a lot of emphasis on this area. It has an AI bot prevention tool to dodge any attacks before it even hits. With the help of this tool, Siteground is able to block over a million brute-force attempts seamlessly every single hour.

    I totally recommend checking this hosting provider out, irrespective of your business size. SiteGround now leverages Google Cloud to host some of its infrastructures. This is great news!

  • A2 Hosting

    A hosting with great speed and tailored for various needs

    With up to 20x faster speed than usual, A2 Hosting offers a ton of exciting features to fulfill your robust needs. No matter if you have a new blog or a well-established website, there are plans that cater to those needs pretty well.

    With every plan, you get:

    • Free SSL certificate
    • Free SSD
    • Free site migration
    • Free automatic backups
    • 99.90 uptime guaranteed
    • 24/7 priority support via chat, phone, and email

    It is important to mention that A2 Hosting takes extra measures to ensure your data and assets are kept well secured. It uses a service called HackScan, which monitors and scans your servers for malware and threats constantly.

    This hosting provider is also one of the fastest that is around, so one ranking factor of Google is already almost checked when you go for A2 Hosting.

    Besides that, it’s user-friendly and developer-friendly. You get server support for the latest versions of PHP, MySQL, Python, Ruby, Apache, and more.

    If you plan to use (or already use) WordPress like most of us, then things get so much easier for you. A2 Hosting’s plans come with optimized WordPress installations that are pre-equipped with the best settings for security and performance.

  • DreamHost

    Host your website with a company that prioritizes your performance and security more than anything

    DreamHost comes with super easy to use control panel and fully featured tool suite, giving you everything you need to build that dream project successfully. It keeps your website fast, secure, and up always, so you don’t miss even a tiny bit of users.

    You can choose from a variety of plans and solutions, such as WordPress, PHP-based, Joomla, Cloud, VPS, and more. All of these different plans are quite affordable too, so if you’re a little tight on your budget, then you might definitely want to go for DreamHost.

    They swear by strong anti-spam policies, including free WHOIS privacy for every account. Their security features include multi-factor authentication, Let’s Encrypt, and auto-enabled sFTP.

    You’re also guaranteed 100% uptime, which is super huge and helpful for your site. And as if all of that wasn’t enough, this hosting provider commits to 24/7 support standing right by your side whenever you need them.

    DreamHost has been PCMag’s Editor’s Choice Winner for five consecutive years, which tells a lot about their credibility.

Website Monitoring

  • Uptrends

    An all-in-one monitoring solution for website, API, and servers. Be the first to know when your web application has an issue.

    Uptrends is one of the most flexible and powerful monitoring tools available for monitoring websites, web applications, APIs, and servers.

    Great for any business but ideal for the ones with teams, Uptrends keeps you on top of your website, servers, and APIs with the help of extensive monitoring and optimization. It notifies you instantly whenever something goes wrong with your website, and those alerts are pretty accurate because it’s monitored from 220 different locations worldwide.

    You can seamlessly integrate Uptrends with tools like Slack and PagerDuty, or just about any tool using their custom option.

    Since you get notified every time your website encounters a problem, you can choose to get those alerts via SMS, email, or even better – voice. The voice alert is mainly reserved for times when the problem is a little more serious and needs your attention.

    Overall, it’s a wonderful solution, and there are Android and IOS apps of it as well for easier access. You can get started using their 30-day free trial.

  • Updown

    Simple, effective and cost-efficient tool for website monitoring

    You can monitor your websites in quite an uncomplicated manner with Updown. It presents the stats in a way that’s super straightforward, while not missing any of the essential details.

    Talking about the main features, it has zero configuration dual-stack monitoring to get the best reporting every time. You can set the check intervals to as late as 10 minutes and as quick as 15 seconds, depending upon what’s best for you.

    Whenever your website encounters a downtime, it is confirmed from 8 different locations before alerting you about it. This helps in avoiding false triggers that might be the case of errors, and this tool is great at keeping errors aside.

    Also, you’re notified whenever your SSL is found to be invalid or about to expire. This is a nice little feature that might not be that necessary, but it’s good to have it as a bonus.

    Other than that, it lets you connect with a bunch of third-party apps, display reports in multiple languages, and integrate it with REST & WebHook APIs.

    Updown is a really affordable solution for people who like simplicity and want to focus only on website monitoring.

Website Security

  • Netsparker

    Fully automated web application security scanner with inbuilt workflow and reporting tools.

    It is not possible to truly scale up and manage thousands of web applications if you have to manually verify the results of vulnerability assessments.

    Netsparker uses the Proof-Based Scanning™ to automatically verify the identified vulnerabilities with proof of exploit, thus making it possible to scan thousands of web applications and generate actionable results within just hours.

  • Cloudflare

    Supercharge your web applications with Cloudflare.

    Cloudflare helps to deliver the content from a user’s nearest data center. With more than 200 POPs, site load faster globally and help to secure from online vulnerabilities.

    You can get it started for FREE, but I use their PRO plan which includes WAF and advanced optimization.

  • AppTrana

    Fully Managed WAF + CDN

    AppTrana is an excellent cost-effective choice to get an enterprise-level CDN and WAF security for small to large organizations.

    They bundle CDN site acceleration into their WAF at no additional cost in partnership with Tata Communication which has coverage and POPs all over the world. Their WAF also includes unlimited security assessment with their automated scanner, on-demand manual Pen testing, instant virtual patching, unlimited custom rules policy updates with Zero False-positive guarantees backed with SLA and a 24×7 managed WAF support team of security experts.

    You can start free, and their paid plan starts from $99 per month. This could be the right choice for SMB’s with enterprise-level security needs without having the in-house resources to manage application security.

  • Sucuri

    A cost-effective solution to implement global CDN and Cloud-based WAF for small to big sites.

    A global CDN and cloud-based security for your website to supercharge the performance and secure from online threats.

    Sucuri is a cloud-based platform that can put an end to miserable amounts of threats and save your websites from the exploits of hackers. The internet is not a safe place at all for anybody and anything, so having a solution like this can totally put you at ease and save your assets at the same time.

    Even better, if your website is already hacked, you can use Sucuri to try and fix it. Quite unbelievable, but that’s just how their service is – extraordinary. Other than fixing a hacked website, it prevents future attacks as well, so you don’t have to face the same consequences again.

    It has WAF protection to defend against hackers, DDoS attacks, and so many more threats that you’re not even aware of. It also lets you monitor beforehand for any dangerous triggers with various options.

    Besides that, you get a thorough performance and speed boost with the help of their highly optimized CDN. There are also tools within the solution to repair SEO spam and completely remove malware from your websites.

    Their set of customers includes the likes of GoDaddy, Wpengine, Yoast, and Wpbeginner. That line is powerful enough to tell you how reliable this solution is.

  • Astra

    Intelligent firewall protects your website against hackers and maintains a secure space

    You can use Astra for a variety of purposes, whether it’s for WordPress, eCommerce, or to revive a hacked website. It’s also great for frequent security audits to make sure everything is going well within the system.

    It’s super easy to set up and starts protecting your website against malware from the word go. There’s no need for any coding skills or past experience, and it does all the work for you upon implementation.

    The great thing about this Astra is, it can literally replace all your free security plugins if using WordPress. It’s an all-in-one solution that takes care of all the areas of security.

    Here are some of the main elements of Astra:

    • Firewall for real-time protection against 100+ flaws, including brute force
    • Machine learning-powered malware scanner to take out every stubborn threat
    • Security audit with bug fix assistance, consultation call, and code analysis
    • Bug bounty to utilize security community and let ethical hackers strengthen your website

    Only a hacker knows a hacker well enough, so the security community feature is a huge help for website owners like you and me.

    To conclude, if you’ve been looking for an easy solution to take away all your security concerns and keep your system clean, then Astra is a great choice for that. It has a 99% TrustPilot rating backed with a brilliant support team of professionals.


  • Thrive Architect

    Create a stunning page for marketing, sales, affiliates, product, services, blogposts without code.

    Thrive Themes got a lot of conversion-focused plugins and themes. If you are serious about growing your mailing list, then try Thrive Leads. You can create any opt-in forms without writing code. There are hundreds of templates to get you started.

    We’ve also used Thrive Architect to create a landing page. You can get it started with their well-designed templates or start from scratch. You have complete control over the design to generate stunning sales, pricing, about or just a blog post.

    A very good alternative to Thrive would be Elementor.

  • Two-Factor

    Protect your WordPress login from brute-force attacks.

    A quick way to add two-factor authentication to your WordPress sites. You can configure email, Google Authenticator and U2F.

    Having two-factor enabled to minimize the brute-force attacks and improve login security.

  • Yoast SEO

    A must have WordPress plugin for better SEO

    Yoast power more than 5 million websites to improve SEO. Its free plugin which is sufficient for most but they also got a premium version for more advanced features.

    I am satisfied with their free version.

    A very good alternative to Yoast would be RankMath.

  • Genesis

    SEO-optimized and lightweight WordPress framework

    Go with the data. That’s what I did by choosing the WordPress framework theme. Genesis is the most used theme in the top 10k sites.

    What else prove is needed to use this?

    I’ve used the Authority Pro theme by StudioPress and love the design and flexibility. If you are a blogger, marketer or site owner and looking for SEO-optimized, the light-weight theme then gives a try to Genesis.

WordPress Security

  • iThemes Security Pro

    A plugin with various security measures to keep your website safe and secure.

    Take the guesswork out of WordPress security by installing iThemes Security Pro. It keeps threats, hackers, security breaches, and other nasty practices out of the door. You get to use over 30 different security features, such as:

    • WordPress Brute Force Protection to limit the number of login attempts
    • Detection of file change, in case somebody tries to exploit your data
    • Block users that seem suspicious
    • Set the bar high for password strength for new users
    • Turn on “Away mode” to lock the dashboard when you’re not using it
    • Change the default URL of your login page
    • Get notified instantly via email when someone tries to hack your sites
    • Schedule database backups to keep data and assets intact

    You can also turn on two-factor login which requires the credentials + a code sent to the mobile device, to make sure it’s only you who can log in and not someone else.

    iThemes Security Pro has a brilliant dashboard from which you can keep an eye on all of the activities that are taking place and make adjustments if needed. It’s super intuitive as well.

    You get regular security grade reports so you can identify how things are going on for your site in terms of keeping it secure.

    It’s safe to say these features make less than half of what they offer, so I’d definitely recommend getting on board with them and put every security feature into practice for a much safer environment.

  • MalCare

    Keep your WordPress website free from malware with this simple plugin.

    Being infected with various threats is quite easy these days with the growing amount of hackers and spammy sites, so it’s always good to be prepared. Fortunately, plugins such as MalCare instantly removes malware from your sites either manually or automatically, depending upon your preferences.

    The great thing about this plugin is, it gets up and running within a minute. And on top of that, it won’t slow down your website because it performs the scans on their servers.

    Even if your website is already hacked and infected, MalCare can fix it possibly in under a minute without manipulating any of your clean files. Since prevention is better than cure, their algorithm can detect even the most sophisticated threats that might grow up to be a huge danger to your data and assets. It goes on to block them in real-time as soon as the detection is done.

    Aside from these features, it also has extras that can turn out to be super useful for you, such as:

    • Bulk website update, which includes theme, plugins, and others
    • Hardening your website using best security practices
    • Collaboration with team members for better protection actions
    • Captcha-based smart login to prevent bad bots from attempting to barge in

    Add this reliable plugin to your WordPress website and sit back knowing hackers stand no chance to manipulate your property.

WordPress Themes

  • StudioPress

    Collection of professional WordPress themes that are powered by the Genesis Framework

    Over half a million users use the themes of StudioPress, and they come with the Genesis Framework, which is one of the best (if not the best) theme frameworks for WordPress. As you might already know, the Genesis Framework is the foundation of a solid theme structure, and the child themes available via StudioPress helps you design and style it to give it the best look.

    All of their themes are fast-loading and fully responsive with HTML5 design meant for mobile users. Also, they put a lot of focus on the security aspects of it, so you can be sure you hardly run into any setbacks.

    The themes are never bloated and come with clean codes. Not to forget, it’s a search engine optimized for better visibility and ranking.

    StudioPress doesn’t have themes that are all-in-one and serve the purpose for every niche, but preferably ones that are focused on specific needs and niches. If you’re a fan of simplicity and minimal elements, then you’re going to love their collection.

    The process of adding the child theme is super simple, and because you’ll be using a framework as well instead of just a standard theme, switching between different child themes becomes a breeze quite literally. You’re just a few clicks away from jumping into another child theme without breaking the structure. You keep all your elements intact but just change the appearance. As simple as that.

  • GeneratePress

    Multi-purpose and performance based WordPress theme that truly cares about your business’ reputation

    Used by over 100,000 sites around the Internet, GeneratePress is great for users who love control and flexibility (Who doesn’t?). Its secure, stable, and initial theme installation takes only 30KB of your bandwidth, which means it’s lightweight as well.

    You can pretty much build anything with this theme, and because its performance-based, you’ll always enjoy a faster page load speed as compared to themes that aren’t focused on performance. They maintain a tiny footprint and a super clean code structure.

    It’s also not dependent on unnecessary elements, such as jQuery. Other than that, it has validated the HTML and pre-built structure to make the theme search engine optimized.

    Coming to the appearance, it gives you complete control over your colors and typography, that too right from the customizer section. You can change the layout as per your needs and make it look crisp on desktop, mobile, and every device out there.

    GeneratePress is translated into 20 different languages, and they’re adding new ones regularly. It also supports RTL languages. You can be sure your favorite page builders and plugins will work flawlessly with this amazing theme, so rest easy on that.

    There are just so many more customization and feature-enhancing options that’ll surely make you fall in love with it. While the free version does a pretty good job itself, there’s also a premium version that totally changes the game with phenomenal additions. You’d definitely want to check that out as well.

Power Your Business

Choosing the right product and service is essential to run an online business. Here are some of the tools and services to help your business grow.
  • Netsparker

    Netsparker uses the Proof-Based Scanning™ to automatically verify the identified vulnerabilities with proof of exploit, thus making it possible to scan thousands of web applications and generate actionable results within just hours.
  • Kinsta

    Probably the best managed WordPress cloud platform to host small to enterprise sites. Kinsta leverages Google's low latency network infrastructure to deliver content faster. Free SSL, CDN, backup and a lot more with outstanding support. You'll love it.
  • Sucuri

    A global CDN and cloud-based web application firewall for your website to supercharge the performance and secure from online threats. SUCURI WAF protects from OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities, brute force, DDoS, malware, and more.