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List of products, services and tools powering Geekflare.

One of the frequent questions I receive from blogger, site owner like you is to what I am using on Geekflare or what I should be using to build and succeed in online business.

Choosing the right product is essential to run an online business. The following resources help Geekflare, and I hope you too!

Hosting, CDN & Security

Google Cloud Platform

Geekflare is hosted on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). One of the best hosting platforms to host your application from small to enterprise. 

GCP is not managed platform which means you need to take care of necessary software installation and optimisation for speed and security. 

If you are familiar with system administration tasks then give a try, you will love it. However, if you are not and looking for managed Google Cloud hosting for WordPress then try Kinsta or WP Engine.


I've used SiteGround in the past and still use from time to time for lab work. SiteGround is probably the best-shared hosting platforms with high uptime and support.

Their cutting-edge technologies make your site faster and come with all the latest features.

You can choose to host your site in Chicago, Singapore, London or Amsterdam.


Cloudflare helps to deliver the content from a user's nearest datacenter. With more than 150 POPs, site load faster globally and help to secure from online vulnerabilities.

You can get it started for FREE, but I use their PRO plan which includes WAF and advanced optimization.

Alternatively, you may also try SUCURI to speed up and secure your site.

SUCURI provide all-in-one web security protection to any site, and they also help to recover website if its hacked.


It is not possible to truly scale up and manage thousands of web applications if you have to manually verify the results of vulnerability assessments.

Netsparker uses the Proof-Based Scanning™ to automatically verify the identified vulnerabilities with a proof of exploit, thus making it possible to scan thousands of web applications and generate actionable results within just hours.


Uptrends provides one of the most flexible and powerful monitoring tools available for monitoring websites, web applications, APIs, and servers.

With 199 worldwide checkpoints, you can test from your user's location. Now with Private Checkpoints, you can protect your user experience behind the firewall as well.

Uptrends uses an advanced alerting system that gets notifications out fast on the communication platforms you already use including SMS, email, voice, and integrations like Slack and PagerDuty.

Try Uptrends free for thirty days. No credit card or obligation required.

WP Themes and Plugins


Go with the data. That's what I did by choosing the WordPress framework theme. Genesis is the most used theme in top 10k sites.

What else prove I need to use this?

I am using the Authority Pro theme by StudioPress and love the design and flexibility.

If you are a blogger, marketer or site owner and looking for SEO-optimized, light-weight theme then gives a try to Genesis.

Easy Social Share Buttons

With more than 55 templates, almost all the social media network, the light-weight code and hundreds of features make Easy Social Share Buttons (ESSB) is the powerful WordPress social sharing plugin.

You can customize the button, color, location, negative proof, etc. ESSB got all the features you need to let people share your post or page.

Thrive Architect and Leads

Thrive Themes got a lot of conversion-focused plugins. If you are serious about growing your mailing list, then try Thrive Leads. You can create any opt-in forms without writing code. There are hundreds of template to get you started.

I also use Thrive Architect to create a landing page. Again, you can get it started with their well-designed templates or start from scratch. You have complete control over the design to generate stunning sales, pricing, about or just a blog post.

Yoast SEO

Yoast power more than 5 million websites to improve SEO. Its free plugin which is sufficient for most but they also got premium version for more advanced features.

I am satisfied with their free version.


A quick way to add two-factor authentication to your WordPress sites. You can configure email, Google Authenticator and U2F.

Having two-factor enabled to minimize the brute-force attacks and improve the login security.


Compress your site's images to reduce the overall page size so it can load faster.

Imagify got three level of compression algorithms - normal, aggressive and ultra.

All images getting uploaded to Media Library is automatically compressed, and you also have an option to optimize in bulk.

SEO, Email, Images


An all-in-one cloud-based SEO software to improve search ranking, research keywords, site auditing, rank tracker, content explorer, domain comparison, SERP checker and more.

Ahrefs is one of the must tool for anyone who wants to have complete control of SEO.


A cost-effective solution to send a newsletter, marketing, and transactional emails. Mailjet offers FREE plan worth sending 6,000 emails per month. However, for ~$8 you can send 30,000 emails.

Affordable than many others in the market.


The cheapest solution to send emails. Sendy is self-hosted email software which connects to AWS SES to send emails at little cost.

It got all the features you get from a SaaS-based email marketing platform so if you are familiar with Linux and software installation, configuration then Sendy will save you a lot of money.

Just to give you an idea, sending 10,000 emails would cost you $1.


Create beautiful images for your blog post and social media. Stencil got more than 450 templates, 100,000 quotes, 2 million stock photos, 1 million icons.

Stencil integrate with popular stock photos site, so you don't have to spend time in going to multiple websites instead browse them within.

All images are in high-resolution and choice to download in PNG or JPG format. You can also share the visual content directly to social media.

Above listed resources are essential for Geekflare to run and I hope it helps you too.

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